Xbox app brings free Xbox One game library streaming to Android for free

If you’re keen on video games, now’s an excellent time to have an Android phone. That’s because Xbox remote play (previously called Xbox Console Streaming) is now available to Android users for free of charge within the new Xbox app beta, making it easy to stream games from your Xbox One console to your Android device. Microsoft announced the news on Monday, saying the feature is out there within the beta version of the revamped Xbox app. Since Xbox remote play is now free, you not got to be an Xbox Insider to require advantage of the feature.

xbox app

Microsoft said the new app has been rewritten from the bottom up within the newest update, and it features a fresh design, a unified notification inbox, and a revamped share feature. With a unified notification inbox, you’ll get notifications for parties, chats, and more. once you clear your notifications within the app, they’ll sync across all of your Xbox accounts.

The Xbox app is additionally making changes to how you share content. The app will provide you with a warning once a screenshot or game clip is completed uploading to the cloud. Once a screenshot or game clip has been saved, you’ll then share it with a lover or via your social media platform of choice, alright from the app. The Xbox app also will allow users to line up profile highlights, including the power to share screenshots and clips directly on your profile.

Speaking of sharing, the Xbox app makes it very easy to start out a celebration with friends. you’ll type messages and voice chat with anyone on an Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, or Windows PC. this is often an excellent thanks to chat about games during a group regardless of where you’re .

Microsoft is additionally allowing users to line up their Xbox Series X or Series S using the Xbox app. You’ll be ready to use the mobile app to log in and choose your settings while your console updates. The app also can be wont to install games to your console and manage your game library to release space. Microsoft said search results have also been unified, making the app the “go-to place” to seek out what you’re trying to find on Xbox.

You can download the new Xbox app now for Android. The app arrives before the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S in November, and also comes on the heels of Microsoft’s new Game Streaming, a monthly subscription service that permits users to stream quite 150 titles.

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