Wikipedia Redesigned Desktop Interface After 10 Years

Wikipedia, the crowdsourced online knowledge repository that’s often the primary point of reference while researching anything and everything on the online , is finally getting a refreshed take care of ten long years. consistent with the Wikimedia Foundation – the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia – the desktop version of the website will soon revealed a replacement look which will enhance the experience for both readers and contributors.

In an official blog post Wikimedia said that it has been working for more than a year on the new desktop design. “Since May 2019, we have been working to strengthen the Wikipedia desktop interface — focusing on bringing our content to the forefront, and making the site easier to navigate. Our goal is to create a more welcoming experience for all who come to our projects, regardless of background or level of experience with Wikimedia sites … We want to create an experience that feels similar to our long-time users, yet straightforward and intuitive for new folks”, said Olga Vasileva, the Lead Product Manager for the Reading Web Team at Wikimedia.

As a part of the redesign, the Wikipedia website on desktop will get a reconfigured collapsible sidebar, table of contents and more. it’ll also get article tools, a replacement user menu and widgets incrementally over the approaching months to permit for ample user testing and feedback. If everything goes consistent with plan, the changes are going to be available across the whole website by the top of 2021 in time for the Wikipedia’s 20th birthday celebrations.

Wikipedia has become the first source of data on the online , with a whopping 53 million articles across 300+ languages. However, while the site’s content has grown rapidly, the website’s design hasn’t seen any substantive changes for the past 10 years, which is why the inspiration is finally getting right down to bringing the platform on par aesthetically and functionally with other, more modern-looking websites.

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