WandaVision is finally coming to Disney+

Disney+ is finally getting another big tentpole release, as WandaVision is about to arrive on the service next January — delaying its original December release, but not enough to actually be angry about. Maybe now Baby Yoda can finally stop carrying everything on his tiny, green shoulders.
To catch you up, the surrealist sitcom will star Wanda Maximoff and therefore the Vision during a pastiche of each television program made between i really like Lucy and now — most notably The Dick Van Dyke Show.

It’s tied somehow into the larger MCU continuity, supposedly leading into subsequent Dr. Strange movie. Marvel’s been teasing it for over a year. this is able to be the primary of Marvel’s charm offensive on behalf of Disney+, a slot originally reserved for Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier. Assuming everything goes well, we’re getting to get that show next, followed by shows based around Loki, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, and allegedly Nick Fury.

Disney+ is in a stimulating position. While it’s nominally succeeding on the strength of Disney’s back catalog, the sole original property it’s that the majority will remember is that the Mandalorian. While that show has proven there’s massive amounts of interest in new material from one among Disney’s choice franchises, Disney has so far not done much thereupon information. the corporate could also do with a touch goodwill, considering it attempted to release the live-action Mulan on Disney+ at a premium price — and let’s just say the film didn’t live up to anyone’s expectations.

With all that in mind, the platform is starving for something to call its own besides Baby Yoda. As wonderful as he’s , he’s just one creature, and therefore the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains one among Disney’s hottest commodities. Disney and Marvel would need to need to commit the whiff of the century so as to not win with its slate of shows. Personally, as a lover of all older sitcoms, I’m looking forward to WandaVision the foremost out of the shows, so I’m not too upset about the very fact that it won’t make its original December release bracket. The show will debut on Disney+ on January 15.