If you’re seeking for the best video players for Chromebooks. We’ll list the best some best players for chromebooks.

With the correct player, Chromebooks are excellent for watching videos, and you can make the most of them. We have the player you need, whether you’re looking for one that can play a variety of file types or one with built-in support for subtitles.

Let’s look at the top video players for Chromebooks now, without further ado!

Why You Need a Video Player for Your Chromebook

You probably use your Chromebook for a variety of purposes if you’re like most people. You presumably use it for job, school, and email checking. But did you know that viewing movies and TV shows on your Chromebook may be a terrific experience?

Yes, you can watch all your favourite stuff on your Chromebook if you use the correct video player. So why not give one of the players listed below a shot?

VLC Media Player

There are many alternative video players available, but VLC Media Player is the top choice for Chromebooks in our opinion. It contains a tonne of features, is free and open source, and supports a wide range of file formats.

vlc media player

Some of our favourite features are the built-in subtitle support, the ability to stream videos from your computer to your phone or tablet, and the fact that it works on just about any device.

We suggest giving VLC Media Player a try if you’re seeking for a diverse and potent video player.

Download vlc

MediaPlayer - Video and Audio Player**

Even though there are many different video players available, we believe the InBasic MediaPlayer Google Chrome Extension to be among the best. It doesn’t take up much room on your Chromebook and is simple to use.

media player

The best part is that it works with a variety of video formats, allowing you to watch almost anything on your device. You may use InBasic MediaPlayer with all of your devices because it is also available for Windows and Mac.

MediaPlayer - Video and Audio Player

MX Player

Check out MX Player if you’re looking for a top-notch video player for your Chromebook.

You can play almost any video you throw at it because it supports a wide variety of formats. The best thing, though? It is unpaid!

mx player

A number of useful features are also included with MX Player, including the option to select between hardware and software decoding and multiple audio tracks. MX Player is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a versatile video player that isn’t too expensive.

Download Mx Player

GOM Player

GOM Player is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a video player that’s loaded with features. You can play just about anything because it supports a broad variety of file formats. Additionally, it comes with a tonne of fantastic options, including playback speed adjustment, skins, and subtitles.

gom player

But the GOM Player’s built-in codec finder is my favourite feature. GOM Player will assist you in locating the appropriate codecs if your Chromebook lacks them for playing a certain file format. Therefore, it’s ideal if you wish to watch something that your Chromebook does not currently support.

Download Gom Player


On your Chromebook, you can watch videos using Kodi as a media player. You may download and use it for free because it is open source, and it has a tonne of fantastic features.


The UI of Kodi is really slick and user-friendly, to start. You can quickly discover the film you’re looking for because it’s simple to navigate. However, Kodi is much more than a simple media player; it includes a tonne of features that help you personalise your viewing pleasure.

For instance, you can customise Kodi’s appearance by adding your own skins and themes. To watch any kind of video you desire, you can also instal several audio and video codecs. Additionally, Kodi has you covered if you want to watch live TV.

Download Kodi


There are many different video players available, but KMPlayer is unquestionably the finest. It is adaptable, simple to use, and supports a variety of formats.


The fact that KMPlayer is so lightweight is its best feature, though. On your Chromebook, it doesn’t take up much room, and it doesn’t affect how quickly your computer runs. In reality, KMPlayer won’t slow you down at all if you run it in the background while you work on other tasks.

KMPlayer is thus the way to go if you’re seeking for a good video player that is resource-efficient.

Download Km Player

NOVA Video Player

You want a top-notch video player for your Chromebook, then. NOVA Video Player is the only option.

nova player

The NOVA player is a small, simple-to-use programme that plays most popular video formats. It also boasts some fantastic capabilities, like as the capacity to run videos at up to 4K resolution.

Additionally, since Google Drive is integrated, you can simply access your films from anywhere. Try it out for yourself to see how wonderful NOVA is!

Download Nova Player


You want to watch some movies or TV series on your Chromebook, right? What choices do you have?

Although it’s not the finest player available, you could utilise the built-in video player. We advise going at Plex if you’re searching for something with additional features.


A media player called Plex enables you to stream both your own content and content from other sources. It offers a tonne of features you’ll love and is incredibly simple to set up and use.

For example, with Plex you can:

  • create your own personal library of movies and TV shows
  • view photos and listen to music
  • cast content to your TV or other devices
  • watch live and recorded TV
  • and so much more!

Download Plex


Although there are many excellent video players available, not all of them are compatible with Chromebooks. Here are our top selections for the most dependable, user-friendly, and file format-compatible video players for Chromebooks.

What are you still holding out for? Play the videos you love right now!

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