Top 5 Note-Tak­ing Apps

Note-taking apps are the web equivalent of notebooks, and since they’re digital, they will do more for you than paper ever could. Most can store your notes within the cloud and sync them across multiple devices. Note-taking apps also include text search, so in a matter of seconds, you’ll find whatever notes you would like. the simplest note-taking apps also allow you to snap pictures, upload files, record audio, and clip pages online. Today we are talking about the top 5 note-taking apps for Android and iPhone.


notion Top 5 Note-Tak­ing Apps

The notion is that the all-in-one workspace for notes, project management, documents, and collaboration. Tens of thousands of teams and corporations around the world use it to stay their employees informed and deal together in one place. By bringing all work and knowledge together and making it highly customizable, Notion creates focus and transparency, while consolidating tools, saving time, and driving more productivity for teams of all sizes. You use notion for any tasks like team management, doing work notes, and also making your own English learning vocabulary collection.


evernote note-taking app

Evernote helps you capture and manage ideas, projects, memories, and to-do lists, so nothing gets missed. Write notes, attach documents, scan images, take voice memos or clips from online. Organize everything from big projects to non-public moments during a single place, accessible on your computer, tablet, or phone—even when offline. Quickly find the knowledge you would like with a strong search that recognizes words in handwriting, images, and attachments. With Evernote, you’ll specialize in what matters. Evernote can be used for both short notes and long documents. You can organize them inside Notebooks and using labels. You can even create checklists, add text formatting, attach photos, videos, PDFs, web clippings, and drawings

Google Keep

google keep website for note taking

Google Keep is one of the simplest alternatives to the Apple Notes app. It’s fast, simple, and works on Android, iOS, and therefore the web. The app offers a card-style layout where the dimensions of the cardboard change consistent with the quantity of knowledge in it. to arrange your notes in Google Keep, you get features like color-coding of notes and labels.

Google Keep features include checklists, add photos, voice memos, drawings, location, and time-based reminders. you’ll even collaborate with others using Google Keep and archive your notes once you don’t need them. With a strong search, notes are often found instantly in Google Keep.


microsoft one note a wenbsite

Microsoft OneNote may be a digital note-taking app that will be accessed via Android, Chrome, Windows, iOS, and Mac devices. the answer is well-suited for people attending numerous meetings per week and dealing with multiple collaborative projects. OneNote offers deep search functionality for all notes stored in its database. Users also can store and organize audio recordings that are during a searchable format and may be integrated with other Microsoft Office products.

OneNote allows users to require handwritten notes with the assistance of a stylus or fingertip and may also convert these notes to digital text. Important ideas or points are often highlighted by using various shapes and colors. Onenote has the power to embed other Microsoft Office files into a note. they will then be easily edited by other OneNote users.


simplenote free note taking apps

Another interesting note-taking app that works on Android and iOS is Simplenote. The app allows you to create to-do lists besides regular text notes where you’ll add formatting using markdown. it’s a text-only app that doesn’t support adding images, audio, or similar attachments. The notes are often organized with the assistance of tags and note-pinning features. Besides being a cross-platform app, it offers collaboration features. you’ll even publish your notes on a WordPress site.


Here we list up the best 5 free note-taking apps and websites for free. You use any of these apps to fulfill your requirements.

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