The Teaser Trailer for Netflix’s Resident Evil Web Series

Netflix is home to numerous good movies and television shows, recent releases like Enola Holmes and therefore the Social Dilemma are truly well-made pieces of content. aside from movies and television series based on books, Netflix has also shown interest in content associated with gaming, with The Witcher stealing hearts last year. And now, the streaming behemoth has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming CGI-animated series supported the favored game/ film series, Resident Evil.The announcement came from Netflix during a game show in Tokyo recently. At this event, the assembly house revealed the primary teaser (attached below) of the action-adventure series supported Resident Evil. The series, titled “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” are going to be supported the 2019-released computer game , Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2, developed by Capcom, released on January 25, 2019, and was actually a remake of the 1998 computer game of an equivalent name. Following within the footsteps of the sport , the CGI-series will feature rookie policeman , Leon S. Kennedy, and Clair Redfield who may be a university student .

Now, there’s no report on the most plot of the series. based on just the teaser, I can say that the CGI is pretty good and therefore the sound effects are mind-blowing. However, unlike the sport which focuses more on the action, the series seems to be focussing more on the horror aspect of Resident Evil.