The Life-Size Gundam Robot Will Be Open To Public on December 19, 2020

Sunrise has finally announced the grand opening date for the general public to observe the movable life-size RX-78 Gundam robot at Gundam Factory Yokohama on the japanese official site. Originally slated to launch in October 2020, the grand opening was postponed and therefore the pre-opening event was also canceled thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The venue are going to be opened for a limited time, from December 19, 2020, until March 31, 2022.

Tickets are going to be available to get ranging from October 2, 2020. Those age 13 and up will got to purchase an Adult ticket at 1,650 yen, while minors between 7 to 12 can purchase the ticket for 1,100 yen. Ticket holders are going to be allowed to enter the Gundam-Lab building to find out about robot technology, buy Gundam-related merchandise at The Gundam Base shop, or relax at the Gundam Café. variety of early visitors also will tend a 1/200 Gunpla of the RX-78F00 Gundam for free of charge .

The Life-Size Gundam Robot Will Be Open To Public on December 19, 2020

The main attraction place at the venue is that the Gundam-Dock Tower, where the life-size Gundam is really located at. Each visitor will got to purchase another ticket at 3,300 yen so as to ascertain the Gundam at close range. An adult visitor can mention to three children aged 6 or less for free of charge . The Gundam will show movement performances every half an hour from 10:30 to 20:30. it’ll even have different performances supported the season and time of day. for instance , it’ll illuminate a Beam Saber in the dark .


However, because the global coronavirus pandemic has still yet to point out any signs of subsiding, strict measures to stop infection spread are going to be enacted within the facility. Visitors are going to be encouraged to practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, and wear face masks and one-time-use gloves. those that measured over 37.5℃ or showed any symptoms are going to be denied entry. the rules specifically discourage visitors from other countries and regions that are still denied entry or have a 14-day quarantine required upon entry by the japanese government.

Gundam Factory Yokohama are going to be hospitable the general public from December 19, 2020, to March 31, 2022.