The Google Pixel 5 Portrait Light feature rolls out to older Pixel phones

The Pixel 5 and therefore the Pixel 4a 5G were both recently announced as a part of Google’s Pixel lineup. We’ve already covered both smartphones also because the smaller, non-5G Pixel 4a in many detail before. needless to say , these Pixel phones have amazing cameras and are priced far more competitively compared to previous offerings from Google. Alongside these new Pixel devices, Google introduced new camera features. one among them is named Portrait Light, and it allows you to dynamically tweak and edit lighting, brightness round the faces, and lighting angle of portrait photos so you’ll have your selfie exactly how you imagined it to be. like most Pixel camera features, Portrait Light is all software-based, which suggests that older Pixel phones should be capable of using it.

Google previously confirmed this feature would be coming to other Pixel devices, and it’s like it’s now rolling bent older Pixel devices like the Pixel 2 series, the Pixel 3 series, the Pixel 3a series, the Pixel 4 series, and therefore the Pixel 4a. there’s no word on whether or not first-gen Pixel phones will catch on , but it’s unlikely as long as they’re not actively supported by new Android updates anymore. It also doesn’t matter whether an image was taken using Portrait Mode or not, as Google Photos can apply a bokeh effect to pictures that were already taken because of machine learning.

Here’s an indication from Google showing how Portrait Light works. To access the feature, open up Google Photos, select a photograph with a face, hit the edit button at rock bottom , and attend the “adjust” tab. If available, you ought to see a “Portrait Light” button. you’ll move the bubble to regulate the spotlight then scroll the slider at rock bottom to regulate the intensity of the lighting. you’ll also hit the “auto” button at rock bottom right to let Google do its magic.
Portrait Light actually resides as a feature inside the Google Photos app instead of the Google Camera, and consistent with Android Police, it’s rolling out via a server-side update. The publication did note that each one devices they tested were running Google Photos version, so check if you’re thereon version to ascertain if the feature is out there for you. If you’ve got an older Pixel device and you would like to ascertain if Portrait Light is out there , then it doesn’t hurt to travel to the Google Play Store and grab the newest update of Google Photos for your device.

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