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Tap, Tap app lets you do a triple tap gesture on the Android phone


New hidden feature within the Pixel’s SystemUI app called “Columbus” — a replacement gesture mechanism created by Google that utilizes sensor data from the gyroscope and therefore the accelerometer to detect taps on the rear of select Pixel phones. Google was performing on making it possible to perform actions like launching the Google Assistant or taking screenshots using this unique feature, but the corporate removed these gestures in Android 11 beta builds. XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899 then decided to reuse the under-the-hood machine learning code and TensorFlow models to make an app called “Tap, Tap” that permits the backtrack tap gesture on any Android device. You don’t got to be rooted to use the nifty little app, and it even has the potential to integrate with Tasker for greater customizability.

Tap, Tap app lets you do a triple tap gesture on the Android phone

Since our initial coverage, the developer has added a bunch of fixes also as new functionalities within the app. First of all, Tap, Tap is longer considered as alpha. the primary beta build (version 0.8) arrived two days ago, which is now succeeded by a fast hotfix build (version 0.8.1). Secondly, it’s now possible to configure triple tap gestures using the app. Note that enabling triple tap gesture may hamper double tap actions in some cases.
Apart from these changes, the primary Tap, Tap beta release brings in four new Android 11 accessibility global actions that include app drawer actions when supported launchers are installed. Support for legacy ARMv7 devices has also been added since version 0.4 alpha. there’s an experimental sensitivity option with a slider under the gesture settings (since version 0.5 alpha), which should be useful for end users to tune the power of the sensors to acknowledge tapping. Last but not least, the Gates module, i.e. the conditional execution routine, can now detect headsets, music playing, and when the device is placed down flat on a table.

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