Play Store, serves as an all-in-one app store. You might be know that there are many apps that are not listed on that.

We’ll expose you to some of the top unappreciated apps that are not on the Play Store in this article. We’ll also explain why you should try out these apps and how to download them for use on an Android device.



While the app doesn’t come with any streamable content out of the box, you can add extensions and repositories to find these free movies and TV shows, making Cloud Stream another excellent option for those looking to reduce their streaming subscription costs. It allows you to stream and download a tonne of movies and TV shows for free, and for the most part, it functions really well.

To achieve this, simply click the “Repositories” link beside the “Like” button. Choose your language, click “Download,” then “Home,” “Filter,” and “Superstream,” and you should see all the trending movies and TV shows. It also works with Chromecast so you can watch it on a larger screen, and it also works with a tonne of other languages so you can fully appreciate your movies.

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ViMusic is a great substitute for the music on YouTube, plus it’s also free and entirely open source. To listen to music, you don’t need to create an account or provide any personal information, and there are no commercials. You can listen to any song on YouTube Music and make playlists with those tracks using this simple, clear YouTube music client. I’m a big lover of the lyric support that many songs provide.

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xManager for Spotify Apk

You can skip as many tracks as you’d like without ever seeing an ad on Spotify, and it also has a few extra features like letting you go private, which prevents your friends or followers from seeing what you’re listening to. You can also completely go offline to save some data. This great Spotify mod is called X manager, and it will make you want to cancel your premium subscription because it just gives you everything for free.

The only thing you won’t be able to do is download music for offline listening for premium users, but even so, it’s a requirement. Those are just two undergraduate apps that are not available on the Play Store.

Check XMamager


instander mod app

Although Instagram is fantastic, the many advertisements that appear in my feed and stories have begun to irritate me. Fortunately, I discovered the typical Instagram, a customized version with a tonne of extra features. First off, despite having no advertisements, it feels and looks exactly like the original Instagram app. Downloadable posts and stories are available, and when viewing Instagram reels, a stick bar is added to make it easier to navigate the films.

Unbelievable that Instagram still has to implement that feature, to sum up. Furthermore, you can take additional steps to remain more anonymous, such as disabling read receipts and live-typing solely from your end, to ensure that your friends never discover that you have actually read their messages. Additionally, you can view live broadcasts or stories in secret without anybody knowing you are there.

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youtube revanced app

In essence, the wildly successful but now defunct YouTube Vanced app is being replaced with the Re-Vanced app. If you’ve never heard of it, YouTube Vanced was essentially a modified version of the YouTube app that unlocked a tonne of extra features. Re-Vanced is here to fill the hole after the developers revealed earlier this year that the program had been stopped due to certain legal concerns.

Now, if you want the version that only involves downloading a basic apk, you’re in luck because that’ll unlock some basic yet incredibly useful features like picture-in-picture mode and ad-free streaming, bring back Youtube Dislike and listening in the background, which will please the majority of users. Nevertheless, you can also download the source code files from their repository and utilize them to obtain the more advanced versions of these programs, which will open nearly all of the options present on the first advanced applications.

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Fox’s Magisk Module Manager

fox magic module

Are you a fan of installing Magisk modules or rooting your device? The Fox Magisk Module Manager is something you should look at. Anyone who enjoys customizing their Android smartphones will adore this software because it offers you access to Magisk modules without requiring you to manually install each one.

Finding and installing modules is now simpler than ever thanks to this app. You may quickly browse the library of modules, choose the one that best meets your needs, and download it to your device.

Additionally, if a particular module is needed but isn’t listed in the repository, you can build it yourself and distribute it to the community. This not only makes selecting and utilizing the ideal module easy and hassle-free, but it also makes learning about new programs a snap!

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Ambient Music Mod

ambient music mod

This is an extremely nice software that contains now-playing capability and emulates capabilities that are typically available only on Pixel devices. If you’re not familiar with this feature, it uses the microphones on your phone to pick up sounds around you and displays the song name and artist on your lock screen when it detects music. On non-pixel devices, you can turn on the same feature with ambient music mod.

If you’re using Android 12, you can just use the Shizuku app to make the app work. You’ll need root access if you’re using Android 9 through 11. Even though it is now smaller than Google’s music library, the fact that we can practically get there entirely with simply third-party software is still quite astounding.

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GCam Mod


Have you ever heard of GCam Mod? It’s an app designed to give you the most out of your camera. This app is an enhanced version of the Google Camera app for non-Pixel phones and it’s not on the Play Store.

GCam Mod takes stunning photographs, thanks to features like RAW image capture, better HDR+, intelligent noise reduction, and multi-frame processing. You can also take portrait shots with a blurred background—like in DSLR cameras—and count on improved stabilization for videos.

It works with a huge range of devices and you don’t need root privileges either. If you want to get creative with your smartphone photography, GCam Mod is definitely worth checking out. You can find the APK file at the XDA forum or Celso Azevedo.


spotiflyer mod app

If you enjoy listening to music, Spotiflyer is for you. This unlisted app is a terrific method to discover new music even though it isn’t in the Play Store. You may search for music on Spotiflyer by genre, artist, and location. It also has curated playlists that are updated frequently. You may also follow friends, artists, and labels to stay up to date on their most recent releases. Additionally, this is the ideal tool if you enjoy making your own mixes to share with others. Why not try Spotiflyer then?

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Seal Downloader

seal downloader app

The seal is a simple yet excellent program for saving any video from any website. You simply paste the film’s URL into the program, choose your download preferences—such as the video format, quality, etc.—then sit back and wait for it to finish. If you want to listen to a song from a music video, you may even convert the video into an audio file.

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bromite browser app

An open-source Android browser based on Chromium is called Bromite. It is a feature-rich, safe, and privacy-focused Chrome alternative browser with lots of customization possibilities. Users will have the finest browsing experience possible with it, and it will also shield them from nefarious websites and tracking. The Google Play Store does not have Bromite as an app. Bromite is quickly growing in popularity among Android users looking for an alternative browser because of its quick loading times, improved security features, and capacity for accessing apps that are not present on the Play Store.

Check Bromite

Stealth Reddit Mod


You may explore all that Reddit has to offer using the Stealth app without worrying about losing connection in the event that your phone dies. Because the Stealth team is dedicated to user privacy and security and has taken great care to guarantee that the program doesn’t collect or steal any of your data, all of this is possible. The app includes a contemporary new design language as well as being fully open-sourced, allowing users to share the source code with their developers.

Additionally, you may alter the app’s appearance with a huge variety of themes and color schemes to prevent it from looking like another uninteresting Reddit clone. Naturally, the fact that it is completely free makes it even better!

Check Stealth

Blokada 5

blokada 5 app

There are many incredible apps available that aren’t listed on the Play Store. Blokada is one of my favorites. I’ve noticed a substantial improvement in my battery life and data use since I started using it, making it an ad blocker that genuinely delivers.

It’s also quite simple to set up. You simply need to download the program, launch it, and click “Start Blocking.” Blokada 5 will then begin to do its magic. I can’t suggest this software highly enough; it’s one of those you don’t know you need until you start using it.

Check Blokada 5

Harpy Twitter Mod

harpy twitter mod

Harpy is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a Twitter mod that goes above and beyond the fundamentals. It’s a comprehensive Twitter tool that’s worth looking at, with features like an integrated image editor and the capacity to save tweets for offline reading.

You can get Harpy from the developer’s website instead of the Play Store.

Check Harpy


saikou app

Saikou, an all-in-one app with a collection of all online Manga & Anime streams, is something you should check out. It’s a fantastic app for manga reading and anime viewing. The drawback is that you must download it from their website because it isn’t listed on the Play Store.

Saikou Manga reader app has excellent usability. You can search by genre, alphabetical order, or most recent releases. Additionally, you may watch anime within the app. Simply click “play” after choosing the anime you wish to watch.

You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll like because of their wide assortment of manga and anime. Test it out!

Check Saikou


Therefore, look outside of the Play Store the next time you want to try a new app; you never know what you’ll find. Just make sure to check the reviews first to make sure it’s a reliable software and that downloading it won’t jeopardize your device.

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