Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, S7+ Users Can Now Play Fortnite at 90FPS

While the probabilities of playing Fortnite on Apple devices are pretty weak thanks to the epic legal battle between the industry giants, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, S7+ users will now be ready to enjoy the sport in high frame rates. consistent with a politician post by Samsung, Fortniters who play the sport on the company’s latest tablets will now get 90 frames per second (FPS) for ultra-smooth gameplay and immersive experience.
The Seoul-based electronic giant recently “unlocked” the support for 90FPS in Fortnite on its latest iPad competitors with 120 Hz display. The support for the high frame rates was unlocked on October 13 for all Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ users.

According to Samsung, “this improved frame rate will provide Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Fortnite players their smoothest mobile gaming performance yet.”

To start playing the sport at 90FPS, all the Galaxy Tab S7 users got to do is update their game from the Samsung Galaxy Store. Samsung also took this chance to say that Samsung Galaxy Store is “the only mobile app store within the US where users can download and luxuriate in the present season of Fortnite.”

Now, with Fortnite gone from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Samsung is that the pis aller for Epic to remind players that the sport still exists on mobile platforms. Moreover, Samsung is pushing the sport not only to assist Epic save their flagship title but also to extend the sales of its new tablets.