Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Ghost touch issues come to light

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 “Fan Edition” may be a hit because of a reasonable price and great feature set, but it seems some early buyers face problems. Apparently, the Galaxy S20 FE features a touchscreen issue, a minimum of on some units.

Reports on Reddit and Samsung’s Community Forums (PiunikaWeb) reveal that a minimum of some Galaxy S20 FE owners are having problems with the touchscreen. These reports vary from person to person when it involves what’s actually wrong, but in some cases, the problems are manifest as a scarcity of response to taps or swipes and, in others, as input that didn’t come from the user.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Ghost touch issues come to light

These touchscreen issues don’t seem especially widespread, but the phone has only been on the marketplace for a few of weeks at now , therefore the sample size isn’t exactly large.

Anecdotally, our own Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review unit is additionally experiencing these touchscreen issues. In my usage, the phone will regularly activate the “pocket” mode even when I’m holding it normally and infrequently messes up swiping actions. In chatting with Samsung, the corporate wasn’t conscious of the matter being widespread as of last week with a hardware replacement being shipped to my doorstep in the week . As a result, we opted to delay our review until giving the new unit a test run.

It’s unclear at now if this is often a software issue or an actual hardware problem with the Galaxy S20 FE, but it’s one we certainly hope Samsung can remedy soon. However, given that one affected user says the issue persists on a replacement unit, it could indeed be hardware-related. We’ll update this post with any longer details or comments from Samsung.