Raji: An Ancient Epic has been causing ripples across the planet for its stunning visuals, use of Indian mythology, and an excellent storyline. The console-worthy game from India was delayed for a few of years. Now, It is with great joy that Raji game developer announcement that RAJI: AN ANCIENT EPIC HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED in Steam for Pc and now also available on Epic Game store, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Game Story:

Raji: An Ancient Epic takes place right at the beginning of subsequent great war, where demons and their ambitions will drive humanity to the threat of extinction. The demons challenge the gods with the decide to avenge their embarrassing defeat, thousands of years ago within the last great war.


Living in peace and harmony for thousand years, we humans became content and have isolated ourselves from wars and battles fought thousand years back. With strong efforts and therefore the ambition of avenging their defeat against the gods within the last Great War.

The demons invade the human realm destroying cities and forts, and causing immutable chaos. This is where Raji plays her part. Chosen by the gods because the sole defender of the humanity and blessed by various gods, Raji wields weapons and powers of the gods.

The story takes a turn once we come to understand about Raji’s own sufferings. During the siege of Jaipur, her own brother was abducted by the Demons as a neighborhood of their chaotic invasion. Raji, at the time of the invasion, fell unconscious and upon waking days later, she realizes that she’s been gifted with godlike powers, yet her brother is nowhere to be found.

Confronting all the troubles and facing every hurdle on her way, Raji triggers on a journey of self-discovery, ultimately to seek out her younger brother. within the end, after facing and slaying innumerable demons and demonic bosses, exploring the magical cities of Jaipur, and finding her answer to rescue her brother, Raji finds herself within the battlegrounds of the evil with the Asur Lord Mahabalasura on the opposite end, who plans to capture the human realm, all for himself.


Raji: An Ancient Epic is predicated on the boundless Indian & Balinese mythology and is that the first grand game to narrate the story of an Ancient India. The developers are focused on their desire to present a game to the planet enabling gamers to witness the grandeur and bizarreness of a game coming from India, which has never been seen within the gaming industry so far .

Game Features:

Raji: An Ancient Epic won’t fail to impress you with their breathtaking hand-painted environment and atmosphere. Inspired by the architecture of medieval India, Raji: An Ancient Epic will enable players to witness the sweetness of medieval Rajasthan, which was the top of architectural achievement during the traditional times.

The combat of the sport is pretty fluid. From the movement of the player to the attacks, the combat system completely blends with the sport style. The combat system is empowering, and it could make the player desire a demigod, but human vulnerability should be kept in mind. Players are going to be ready to choose between a spread of weapons also as god powers gifted to Raji.

Raji: An Ancient Epic will take you thru various levels inspired by gigantic forts of the medieval era, built by Rajput kings of Rajasthan. These forts will act as tightly packed arenas for combat and also take the player through the huge scale and breathtaking views the forts provide.


The one among the founding father of this game Shruti Ghosh says the story wasn’t made keeping in mind that the feminine protagonist are going to be more appealing. “It wasn’t a conscious decision and it had been a sibling story anyway. It just felt right. It just looks like the proper thing to try to to .”

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