Photoshop Camera v1.10 update adds support for multiple lenses

The Photoshop Camera v1.10 update manages to deal with a number of the restrictions of the primary build, thereupon of multiple lens support probably being the foremost notable. Until this update, albeit your supported handset included multiple lenses, you’d be stuck with one focal distance . you’ll now quickly switch between your lenses as you’d using your smartphone’s default camera application.

On top of that, Photoshop Camera v1.10 brings improvements to the “Sensei” auto-detection function. this suggests that subjects should be more accurately detected, and thus , effects and presets are going to be better as a result. you’ll now also set a countdown timer for the shutter. This might prove useful if you would like to form some framing adjustments from afar, but want to be in shot. Photoshop camera have improved the power for Sensei to detect subjects more accurately and precisely. For compatible devices, now allow you to modify between available physical lenses on the device and added the Timer function. Photoshop camera now support 5 more languages: Korean, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

In-app, the timer are often set to at least one of three presets: 0, 3, and 10 seconds. that’s probably quite enough options for many people — especially as we’re not too sure how often you’d want to use Photoshop Camera as your “main” camera app anyway.