Airtable is the best cloud collaboration-based project management tools. But it’s also used for note-taking, to-do list.

It is one of the best all-in-one team collaboration SAAS tools available in the market. But one of the biggest drawbacks is its high pricing and its closed-source nature. So we make a list of the best open-source Airtable alternatives that offer every feature that you need to switch from Airtable.


Obsidian is one of the best all-in-one Note-taking services. You can also be used that to create an interlinked network of all the notes similar to your needs and make it your second brain.

Obsidian is fully free and open-source software that you use on any platform like Mac, Windows, Linux, and also Android. It does not collect one piece of your data so your data is always safe in Obsidian. Also obsidian does not need any network connection to operate until you use multi-device sync.


Obsidians of the big drawback is it’s absolutely free until you need to use the multi-device sync feature. obsidian sync is the only paid feature available in the tool.

Obsidian sync cost about $10 per month or $96 per year.

Check Obsidian


AppFlowy is an open-source replacement to Airtable and Notion also. It provides better Privacy and Security. it offers 100% data control and also unlimited customization absolutely free of cost. AppFlowy is built with Flutter and Rust that’s why it’s extremely fast to use and also supports offline mode.


But this time when I write this post it’s in the beta phase so some of the major features like multi-device sync could be not available at this time. But after time goes it emerged as a full-fledged Airtable alternative. But I suggest you give a one try this beautiful SAAS product.

Check AppFlowy


Here we go! Another Airtable open-source alternative for you. It feels and works just like Airtable.


But Anytype offers some of the best features that so many users are expecting from Airtable: offline access and privacy. Airtable is a Notion-like Block based tool but it has no storage and no upload limits. For security purposes, it goes one step further by giving a no-server and no-log policy. You easily collaborate with others without sacrificing your security.

Also, it has no paid features. Everything is absolutely always free and open source. It also gave free support if any user need to know anything.

Anytype - operating system for life


Focalboard is an open-source free alternative to tools like Airtable, Notion, Trello, etc. Focalboard is a fully fledge Collaborative Project and team management piece of software. It works offline also you install your own server free of cost.


It’s basically a kanban board view project management SaaS product. you can also add members, priority, status, etc. It has mainly two versions Standalone desktop app and a Self-host server version.

But one drawback of Focalboard is that it does not good for note-taking purposes. It also does not have Android and Ios apps. Also, you need to have good knowledge about tech to set up a Focalboard sever.

Focalboard: Open source alternative to Trello


Joplin is an open source full-fledged note-taking and to-do app. The notes are in markdown format so it’s easy to search, edit, and export. All the notes are securely synchronized using end-to-end encryption by any free file-sharing sites like Nextcloud, Dropbox, Onedrive, and Joplin Cloud.


Joplin applications are available on every major platform like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and Ios also. There is also a full-fledged web clipper available.

Joplin’s major drawback is that it’s not so good for team collaboration at this time and it’s mainly best for note-taking purposes.

Joplin website


The outline is the best alternative to Airtable. If you want a platform that is good for larger teams without losing the roadmap, projects, campaigns, etc. It has many more features that boost your work. it also gives your documents structure with collections, nested documents, and automatic backlinks to build an information tree.


It has many advanced integrations like Slack, Figma, Loom, etc, and also has Open API for developers. Its pricing is the major drawback for new users. You easily use its self-hosting version which is absolutely free. But its managed cloud version costs a lot about $10 per month for the basic tier which goes up to $79 and $249 per month price.

Outline - Team knowledge base & wiki


Athens is a not-so-popular product but its do its work very well. It brings all your work to one place with a simple database view. You can use its unique feature and convert them into a database with a single click.


Athens helps every startup and product teams connect notes, tasks, and databases in a single simple workspace. Athens does this through a graph database that enables bottom-up structure workflows. It also has a discord community that helps you with anything you need. This time it has only a local only plan with absolutely free. Which supports unlimited pages, unlimited blocks, and also local first service.

Its hosted & multiplayer plan is now in closed beta. So we don’t know about its pricing. But this plan promises a lot to its users. So wait and see. We absolutely update the pricing when it’s available.

Collaborative Knowledge Graph for Startups Teams


NocoDB is an open-source #NoCode collaborative platform that turns any database into a smart spreadsheet.


It is absolutely free & self-hostable. you easily create unlimited grid view, gallery view, and form view from your own data Search, sort, and filter columns and rows with ease. You easily invite your team and easily share views with the public by password protection. It has many advanced automation integrations like Slack, Discord, Twilio, etc, and also has Headless API for developers. Like Airtable you easily see gallery view, kanban view, and also calendar view. So why not take a try one time?

NocoDB Free & Open Source.


SeaTable is one of the best self-hosted Airtable alternatives. It also has its cloud version which also is free for individual users. That gave the user 1GB of free data which equals to approx 2000 rows of content.


It also supports more than 100 plugins to automate the workflow easily. The self-host method supports more rows than Airtable absolutely free. It is also pretty fast to use.

SeaTable: notion alternative


It is the open source no code database and Airtable alternative. By this, you easily create your own online database without technical experience. It has the best user-friendly no-code tool which you easily use in the browser. it builds with Django and Nuxt.


You easily self-host Basebrow on your own server easily. It also supports so many third-party plugins and works with PostgreSQL.

Its free cloud plan supports 3000 rows per group and 2GB storage with regular updates.

Baserow - Open source no-code database


Airtable is one of the best project and team management tools without no question. but there also be some drawbacks that you don’t like. So you try to check other secure open-source alternatives. you easily use the above services. This service also has so many limitations. But I suggest you give this service a try.

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