Gol D. Roger was known as the Pirate King of the New World, the strongest and most powerful pirate to have sailed the Grand Line.

The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the New World. His last words before his execution revealed the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece. It was this revelation that inspired the New Age of Pirates, men who dreamed of finding One Piece, and quite possibly the most powerful title for the person who found it, the title of the Pirate King.

Now, Monkey D. Luffy is a 17-year-old boy that defies one’s standard definition of a pirate. Rather than the popular persona of a wicked, hardened, bad pirate who destroyed villages for fun, Luffy’s reason for being a pirate is for most freedom people of the world; also the thought of an exciting adventure and meeting new people, along with finding One Piece for acquire the King of the Pirates title, are his reasons of becoming a pirate. Following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Shanks a Powerfull Yonko, Luffy and his crew travel across the Grand Line, experiencing crazy adventures, unveiling dark mysteries, and battling strong enemies, all in order to reach One Piece!

One Piece Sagas, Arcs, and Fillers List

The first half of One Piece is separated into six sagas:

1. East Blue Saga

2. Arabasta

3. Sky Island

4. Water 7

5. Thriller Bark

6. Summit War

East Blue Saga

Its intro saga is the East Blue Saga, named after one of the major oceans in the world. The East Blue Saga is divided into the following arcs:


  • Romance Dawn Arc
    • Chapters 1-7 (Volume 1)
    • Episodes 1-3
  • Orange Town Arc
    • Chapters 8-21 (Volumes 1-3)
    • Episodes 4-8
  • Syrup Village Arc
    • Chapters 22-41 (Volumes 3-5)
    • Episodes 9-18
  • Baratie Arc
    • Chapters 42-68 (Volumes 5-8)
    • Episodes 19-30
  • Arlong Park Arc
    • Chapters 69-95 (Volumes 8-11)
    • Episodes 31-44
  • Loguetown Arc
    • Chapters 96-100 (Volumes 11-12)
    • Episodes 45, 48-53
  • Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles Special
    • Covers Chapters 35-75 (Volumes 4-7)
    • Episodes 46-47
  • Warship Island Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 54-61

The saga has to do with the reason so many pirates have set sail in search of One Piece. It also introduces Monkey D. Luffy and the start of his building of his own crew. He meets and recruits four of his crewmates: including Zoro the swordsman, Usopp the gunner, Nami the navigator, and Sanji the cook. The Warship Island arc is the only filler.

Alabasta Saga

Following this is the ‘Alabasta Saga’, named after the country that the Straw Hats are trying to reach. The Alabasta Saga is divided into the following arcs:


  • Reverse Mountain Arc
    • Chapters 101-105 (Volume 12)
    • Episodes 62-63
  • Whisky Peak Arc
    • Chapters 106-114 (Volumes 12-13)
    • Episodes 64-67
  • Diary of Koby-Meppo Special
    • Covers Chapters 89-119 (Volumes 10-14)
    • Episodes 68-69
  • Little Garden Arc
    • Chapters 115-129 (Volumes 13-15)
    • Episodes 70-77
  • Drum Island Arc
    • Chapters 130-154 (Volumes 15-17)
    • Episodes 78-91
  • Alabasta Arc
    • Chapters 155-217 (Volumes 17-24)
    • Episodes 92 -130
  • Post-Alabasta Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 131-135

In the Alabasta Saga, the Straw Hat Pirates meet and pledge to help the princess of Alabasta make it home, to avert a disastrous plan by the nefarious Baroque Works. Tony Tony Chopper joins the crew as a doctor, while Nico Robin joins as an archaeologist. The only filler arc in this saga is the Post-Alabasta Arc.

Sky Island Saga

‘Sky Island Saga’ is the name of the third one, referring to the legendary floating island known as Skypiea. The Sky Island Saga is divided into the following arcs:


  • Goat Island Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 136-138
  • Ruluka Island Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 139-143
  • Jaya Arc
    • Chapters 218-236 (Volumes 24-25)
    • Episodes 144-152
  • Skypiea Arc
    • Chapters 237-302 (Volumes 26-32)
    • Episodes 153-195
  • G-8 Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 196-206

The Sky Island Saga follows the crew as they research the truth behind the legend of the floating island. Once they manage to make it there, they discover a plot that could destroy it. Events elsewhere introduce two members of the World Government-affiliated Shichibukai: Bartholomew Kuma and Donquixote Doflamingo. The Goat Island Arc, Ruluka Island Arc, and G-8 Arc are all fillers in this saga.

Water 7 Saga

The fourth saga is the ‘Water 7 Saga’, referring to the titular island famous for its shipwright workers. The Water 7 Saga includes the following arcs:


  • Long Ring Long Land Arc
    • Chapters 303-321 (Volumes 32-34)
    • Episodes 207-219)
  • Ocean’s Dream Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 220-224
  • Foxy’s Return Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 225-228
  • Water 7 Arc
    • Chapters 322-374 (Volumes 34-39)
    • Episodes 229-263
  • Enies Lobby Arc
    • Chapters 375-430 (Volumes 39-44)
    • Episodes 264-290, 293-302, 304-312
  • Boss Luffy Historical Special
    • Episodes 291-292, 303, 406-407
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc
    • Chapters 431-441 (Volumes 45-46)
    • Episodes 313-325

Some of the major developments in this saga include the joining of Franky the shipwright and the replacement of their ship, the Going Merry, with Thousand Sunny. The filler arcs within this saga are the Ocean’s Dream Arc and Foxy’s Return Arc.

Thriller Bark Saga

The penultimate saga in the first half is the ‘Thriller Bark Saga’, named after the island turned ship that the majority of the saga takes place in. The Thriller Bark Saga is divided into the following arcs:


  • Ice Hunter Arc (filler)
    • Episodes 326-335
  • Chopper Man Special
    • Episode 336
  • Thriller Bark Arc
    • Chapters 442-489 (Volumes 46-50)
    • Episodes 337-381
  • Spa Island Arc (filler)
    • Episodes 382-384

A contrasting saga from the others. It focuses on the crew’s arrival on a ghost island. It’s within this saga that the crew meets Brook and welcomes him as their musician. The Thriller Bark arc is the only canon arc in the saga, with both the Ice Hunter Arc and Spa Island Arc acting as filler.

Summit War Saga

The final saga for the first half is the ‘Summit War Saga’, which is the lead-up to a large-scale war that changes the world forever. The Summit War Saga is split up into these final arcs:


  • Sabaody Archipelago Arc
    • Chapters 490-513 (Volumes 50-53)
    • Episodes 385-405
  • Amazon Lily Arc
    • Chapters 514-524 (Volumes 53-54)
    • Episodes 408-417
  • Straw Hat’s Separation Serial
    • Chapters 543-560 (Volumes 56-57)
    • Chapters 418-421, 453-456
  • Impel Down Arc
    • Chapters 525-549 (Volumes 54-56)
    • Episodes 422-425, 430-452
  • Little East Blue Arc (Filler)
    • Episodes 426-429
  • Marineford Arc
    • Chapters 550-580 (Volumes- 56-59)
    • Episodes 457-489
  • Post-War Arc
    • Chapters 581-597 (Volumes 59-61)
    • Episodes 490-491, 493-516
  • Toriko Crossover Special Episode
    • Episode 492

Certainly, one of the most intense arcs as Luffy and crew are caught in the middle of an erupting war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government. Even as the final saga of this half, we’re still introduced to new fan-favorite characters such as Trafalgar Law. It ends with Luffy and his crewmates deciding to train themselves in preparation for traveling to the New World. The only filler arc within this saga is the Little East Blue Arc.

The Final Sea: The New World Saga

A two-year time skip separates the first half from the second half, with the world changed and the crew returning from their own training. The second half of One Piece has these arcs so far:


1. Fish-Man Island Saga

2. Dressrosa Saga

3. Four Emperors

Fish-Man Island Saga

The first saga is the ‘Fish-Man Island Saga’, titled after the underwater island that serves as the main setting for the saga. The Fish-Man Island Saga is split into two arcs:


  • Return to Sabaody Arc
    • Chapters 598-602 (Volume 61)
    • Episodes 517-522
  • Fish-Man Island Arc
    • Chapters 603-653 (Volumes 61-66)
    • Episodes 523-541, 543-574
  • Toriko Crossover
    • Episode 542

After each member goes through their own training, the crew reunites where they said they would two years prior and continues their travels. While they’ve gone to a sky island before, this saga focuses on the crew’s arrival on an underwater island. This saga contains no filler arcs in it.

Dressrosa Saga

Following is one of the longest sagas, the ‘Dressrosa Saga’, which is named after the second island the Straw Hats visit after entering the New World. The Dressrosa Saga is divided into the following arcs:


  • Z’s Ambition Arc (filler)
    • Episodes 575-578
  • Punk Hazard Arc
    • Chapters 654-699 (Volumes 66-70)
    • Episodes 779-589, 591-625
  • Toriko & Dragon Ball Crossover Special
    • Episode 591
  • Caesar Retrieval Arc (filler)
    • Episodes 626-628
  • Dressrosa Arc
    • Chapters 700-801 (Volumes 70-80)
    • Episodes 629-746

This saga represents the crew’s entrance into the New World. The new region proves to be as dangerous as it’s always said to have been as the crew finds themselves against some of the most notorious pirates. Within this saga are two filler arcs: Z’s Ambition Arc and the Caesar Retrieval Arc.

Four Emperors Saga

The most current running saga is the ‘Four Emperors Saga’, the name attributed to the current four most powerful pirate captains, each of which dwelling in the New World. The Four Emperors Saga is currently split into the following arcs:


  • Silver Mine Arc (filler)
    • Episodes 747-750
  • Zou Arc
    • Chapters 802-824 (Volumes 80-82)
    • Episodes 751-779
  • Marine Rookie Arc (filler)
    • Episodes 780-782
  • Whole Cake Island Arc
    • Chapters 825-902 (Volumes 82-90)
    • Episodes 783-877
  • Levely Arc
    • Chapters 903-908 (Volume 90)
    • Episodes 878-889
  • Wano Country Arc
    • Chapters 909 -TBA (Volumes 90-TBA)
    • Episodes 890-894, 897-906, 908-TBA
  • Cidre Guild Arc (filler)
    • Episodes 895-896
  • Anime 20th Anniversary Special
    • Episode 907

Currently running and the longest saga to date, it follows the crew as they fight against Big Mom and Kaido, two members of the Yonko. Jinbe joins the crew as a helmsman in the Whole Cake Island Arc. The fillers in this arc so far are the Silver Mine Arc, Marine Rookie Arc, and the Cidre Guild Arc.

One Piece All Movies List

1. One Piece Film: Red (2022)


Uta — is the most beloved singer in the world. Her voice, which she sings with while concealing her true identity, has been described as “otherworldly.” She will appear in public for the first time at a live concert. As the venue fills with all kinds of Uta fans — excited pirates, the Navy watching closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance — the voice that the whole world has been waiting for is about to resound. The story begins with the shocking fact that she is “Shanks’ daughter.”

2. One Piece: Stampede (2019)


One Piece: Stampede is a stand-alone film that celebrates the anime’s 20th Anniversary and takes place outside the canon of the “One Piece” TV series. Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat pirate crew are invited to a massive Pirate Festival that brings many of the most iconic characters from throughout the franchise to participate in the competition with the Straw Hats to find Roger’s treasure. It also pits the Straw Hats against a new enemy named Bullet, a former member of Roger’s crew.

3. One Piece Film: GOLD (2016)


The glittering Gran Tesoro, a city of entertainment beyond the laws of the government, is a sanctuary for the world’s most infamous pirates, Marines, and filthy-rich millionaires. Drawn by dreams of hitting the jackpot, Captain Luffy and his crew sail straight for the gold. But behind the gilded curtains lies a powerful king whose deep pockets and deeper ambitions spell disaster for the Straw Hats and the New World alike.

4. One Piece Film: Z (2012)


Zephyr, now known as Z, rides the seas with only one goal: Destroy all pirates and their dreams at becoming King of Pirates. When Luffy and his crew encounter him at sea, not only are they utterly defeated by the man with an arm made of Seastone, Nami, Robin, and Chopper are turned 10 years younger due to Z’s minion Ain. Luffy is so determined to win against him that he does not even notice Z’s master plan that could sacrifice thousands of lives.

5. One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase (2011)


One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase is the 11th One Piece film of the series, and is set before the time skip. This is One Piece’s first movie release to be in 3D CGI. The movie is also the first One Piece film since Movie 3 to be a double-feature. This time, the film was featured with “Toriko 3D: Gourmet Adventure”, both being billed as the “Jump Heroes Film”. The double feature was released on March 19, 2011.

6. One Piece: Strong World (2009)


20 years after his escape from Impel Down, the legendary pirate Shiki, the Golden Lion, reappears causing massive upheaval to the Marines. During his long seclusion, he was able to come up with a scheme to bring the World Government to his knees. On his way to execute the plan, Shiki crosses paths with the Straw Hat Pirates and becomes so impressed with Nami’s knowledge of meteorology that he abducts her to forcedly enlist her into his crew. Luffy and the gang end up on a strange land populated with monstrous beasts as they desperately search for Shiki and Nami.

7. One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Cherry Blossom (2008)


A retelling of the Drum Island storyline from the manga. It features Franky, Nico Robin, and the Thousand Sunny, who weren’t present in the original version.

8. One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventure in Alabasta (2007)


A re-telling of the Alabaster Arc from One Piece (TV). Luffy and his crew come to rescue a land in the midst of a civil war, due to a powerful devil fruit user.

9. One Piece: Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006)


The Straw Hats visits an island, known as Mecha Island, where a fisherman sings an old folk song about a Golden Crown. Searching for that mysterious treasure, they find a hidden entrance into the island. The island’s leader, Ratchet, impressed with the find and in search of the Golden Crown himself, invites the crew to join him in his search and the crew along with Ratchet and his henchmen enter the cave. As it turns out, the island’s true form is that of a giant turtle. Ratchet, who had known this all along, uses his mechanical castle to take control of the turtle, in order to use it, to take over the world. Now the Straw Hats have to stop not only Ratchet but also the helpless turtle, from crashing into a nearby island.

10. One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)


The Straw Hats visit a recreational island, run by Baron Omatsuri, the former captain of a pirate crew, who were all killed years ago. Being the only survivor, he then started hating all close-knit groups of pirates and wishing to separate them. He and his henchmen seed distrust among the Straw Hats and capture them one by one, leaving only Luffy to free his crew from the Baron’s hold.

11. One Piece: Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004)


The Straw Hat Pirates landed at Asuka Island, home of the most valuable sword in the world: The Seven Star Sword. Which was said to curse anyone who takes it in possession. When they got back to the Going Merry, they discovered that Zoro is missing from his guard duty. Before they could plan out a search party to relocate him. Luffy and friends escape from the port as Marines were on their tail. They found a new place to dock, which is near a village. Whose job is to keep the Seven Star Sword sealed. Soon it was attacked by the Marines, and among them is Zoro. Luffy and the others don’t know why he’s helping out the Marines. But it all comes to conclusion when Luffy encounters Saga: Zoro’s childhood friend from Swordsman training.

12. One Piece: Dead End Adventure (2003)


Desperate for cash, the Straw Hat Pirates enter a secret race between pirate crews known as the Dead End Competition. There, they must battle against powerful people, including the bounty hunter who wants to kill Gasparde and a climactic battle with Marine-turned-pirate Captain Gasparde.

13. One Piece: Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002)


As the Straw Hat Pirates sail through the Grand Line. A line of geysers erupted from under the Going Merry. And the whole crew finds themselves flying over the island. Unfortunately, Chopper fell off the ship and was separated from his friends. Luffy and the others landed on the other side of the island. Chopper meanwhile finds himself being worshiped as the island’s new king by the animals. To make matters worse, a trio of human “horn” hunters is on the island. The leader, Count Butler is a violin-playing/horn-eating human who wants to eat the island’s treasure to inherit immense power. Will Luffy & the rest be able to prevent the count from terrorizing the island? And will they be able to convince Momambi that not all pirates are bad?

14. One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure (2001)


Relaxing on a cozy beach, the Straw Hat Pirates are taking a rest from their quest. Right until Luffy noticed the Going Merry has been hijacked and sailed off from the beach. This leads them to search the ship and find the thief who took it from them. They ran into a duo named the Theif Brothers, who informed them that their ship was stolen by a group of pirates called the Trump Kyoudai.

When they encountered the Trump Pirates, Nami ended up getting kidnapped as well as Luffy’s hat. They tracked down the pirates to their base on Clockwork Island. Now Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, and the Theif Brothers must reclaim the Going Merry, Save Nami, and get back Shank’s straw hat.

15. One Piece: The Movie (2000)


There once was a pirate known as the Great Gold Pirate Woonan, who obtained almost one-third of the world’s gold. Over the course of a few years, the pirate’s existence faded, and a legend grew that he disappeared with his gold to a remote island, an island pirates continue to search for. Aboard the Going Merry, Luffy, and his crew, starved and reckless, are robbed of their treasure. In an attempt to get it back, they wreck the getaway ship, guided by a young boy named Tobio, who’s a captured part of El Drago’s pirate crew. El Drago’s love for gold has driven him to look for Woonan’s island, and thanks to Woonan’s treasure map, he finds it. During this time, Luffy’s crew has been split up, and despite their own circumstances, they must find a way to stop El Drago from obtaining Woonan’s gold.

Where to Watch One Piece

If you’re interested in watching the anime for free then you have a couple of options: The first is to watch the series on Crunchyroll with the Japanese dub or English sub. There are so many other free anime streaming sites on the internet also. Watch and enjoy One Piece Anime.

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