Mozilla Discontinued Firefox Notes and Firefox Send

Mozilla has now announced that it’s shutting down Firefox Send and Firefox Notes. the company revealed that both Firefox Send and Firefox Notes “are being decommissioned and can not be a neighborhood of our product family.” For the unaware, Firefox Notes was launched back in 2018 as an easy alternative to Google Keep and Evernote for Firefox users. The service has been available to Firefox users on desktop and Android since its launch, but the Android Notes app and syncing service are going to be pack up in November this year.

The Firefox Notes desktop browser extension, however, will remain available for existing installs and therefore the company will add an choice to help users export all notes.On the opposite hand, Firefox Send was a free self-destructing file sharing service that was launched last year. But earlier this year, Mozilla learned that the service was a hotbed for malware distribution and it had been temporarily suspended.

Now, the corporate has decided against relaunching the service and since it’s already offline, no major changes in status are expected. Mozilla further added that the company’s decision to discontinue these services will “allow us to sharpen our specialise in experiences like Mozilla VPN, Firefox Monitor, and Firefox Private Network.”