Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app is testing “sent from phone” Features

The Microsoft company is now testing a couple of new features and design changes for the your phone app, some of which have already started rolling out to Windows Insiders.

New Sent from your phone:

Microsoft is testing a replacement ‘Sent from phone’ section within the Your Phone app, which can allow you to view all the links, images, and notes shared that you’ve shared from your phone in one convenient location. The feature has already started rolling bent some Windows Insiders on the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview build via a server-side update.

Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app is testing “sent from phone” Features

To quickly share links, images, and notes to a Windows 10 PC, users will need to tap on the share button then select the ‘Your Phone companion app’ option from the share menu. The shared files will then appear within the new section once the transfer is complete. However, the feature seems to be partially activated because it shows the new section but it doesn’t let users share files for now.

New Contacts section:

Microsoft is additionally adding a replacement Contacts section to the Your Phone app, work on which began as early as February. Several months after the initial sighting, the feature is now finally making its thanks to some users. As you’ll see within the attached screenshots, the Contacts section will allow you to browse all the contacts on your connected Android device within the app.

Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app is testing “sent from phone” Features

Once you decide on a contact within the section, the app will show you the associated telephone number and email ID, along side home and work addresses. The app also will offer you the choice to quickly send a text message or make a call to the chosen contact. The feature has started rolling bent some users with version 1.20091.79.0 of the Your Phone app.