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Microsoft Edge comes to Linux


Microsoft has increasingly embraced of Linux over the past few years, going thus far on make it easy to run a correct Linux terminal and applications in Windows 10. Now Microsoft is extending another peace offering to Linux by offering its new Chromium-powered version of Edge on the OS.

Microsoft Edge comes to Linux

Starting next month, Microsoft will make Edge available on Linux as a developer preview build. Users are going to be ready to download it right from the sting Insider’s site or pick it up from Linux‘s package manager.

Given Chromium’s existing popularity, Edge should, for the foremost part, work just an equivalent on Linux as on other platforms. Microsoft‘s new browser can run the Chrome extensions you’re already wont to and is altogether a pleasing browser in my experience. I’ve been running Edge for several months now and it’s similar enough to Chrome that I miss few minutes appreciating a number of its benefits — far improved memory management and privacy controls especially .

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