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5 Best Medium Alternatives

Medium is one of the best content reading and publishing platforms. But, Medium is a freemium service.

Medium-free members only got some free articles and monthly 3 premium articles. So we make a list of the best 5 medium alternatives for article reading that you should absolutely try. some of them are absolutely free and some of them are freemium or paid.


Vocal media is one of the best medium alternatives. it is also a community drive platform, which means all the posts are created by passionate writers for readers of any age and genre. It has many genre catalogs like Health, Tech, Productivity, News, journal, etc.


All the articles are free to read in Vocal Media. For an article reader, it’s the best thing. Vocal is mainly a creator-oriented platform. So there’s a Vocal+ plan available for creators. It Cost about $3.80 for the Vocal and $6.00 for the Vocal+, which gives creators extra Perks and Tools.

Check Vocal

Daily Dev

Daily dev is also a good alternative to Medium but for Developers and Tech Enthusiasts. It’s mainly a content curation platform, meaning it collects news from many well-reputed news and blog sites. After this, it’s making a curated feed for your test.


For a developer, it’s a heaven of news for you. It collects news from the Web.Dev, Hacker Noon, Product Hunt, HashNode, etc. One of the best things about Daily Dev is that it’s absolutely free to use and it has Android, iOS apps also browser extensions to use on all major platforms.

Check daily.dev Developers Deserve


HubPages is an absolutely free alternative for Medium. It’s all posts created by passionate and also professional writers. It has a diverse community in each category. It has so many categories like Arts, Business, Entertainment, Politics, dating, Sports, etc.


HubPages is good for a reader but not a good option for a professional writer for an income source. It is the top free choice for Medium alternatives, which has a big collection of updated posts on every topic.

Check HubPages


Quora is not like the Medium platform. It’s mainly a question/answer and knowledge-sharing platform. Simply in quora, anyone asks any question and anyone who knows they gave the answer.


But recently quora introduced Quora spaces on their platform. it’s like a subreddit, where you join a community in a particular genre. Quora is a fully free ad-supported service. But there is also a Quora+ plan which cost $47.88/yr and it offers Ad-free Quora with more curated answers.

Check Quora


Substack is not like Medium but it is an email newsletter platform for publishers. So many publishers add their newsletter in Substack, so you easily see the news post from the substack newsletter. It also curated newsletters from your choice of publishers automatically.


Anyone also makes their newsletter and publishing post absolutely free. For readers, it’s absolutely free. Publishing is also free but it starts to take 10% in addition to credit card transaction fees when you charge for subscriptions.

Substack - A new model for publishing


Medium is absolutely the best platform for readers also publishers. In recent times no other website doesn’t compare with Medium. But in this list, all the services are also good and sometimes the taste needs to be changed. So I suggest you test all the platforms. Might be eventually any service is complete your need.

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