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Huawei Petal Search turns into a Search Engine


Petal Search began as a workaround for Huawei customers to seek out and install apps within the absence of Google services just like the Play Store. But it’s quickly turning into a way bigger project. Scouring the online for official APKs has taught Huawei tons about web crawling and indexing, such a lot in order that it’s expanding Petal Search to act far more sort of a general program . Banning Huawei from using Google seems to possess only spurred the corporate to fill within the gaps itself.

Huawei Petal Search turns into a Search Engine

Petal Search now supports news, image and video, shopping, and flight searches directly from the search bar, a minimum of for a few users. Speaking at the Huawei Developer Conference, the corporate also announced variety of key search partners. These partners span four key search categories: news, shopping, local businesses, and travel. Companies can plug their results into Petal Search through a growing set of APIs.

Huawei, a bit like other search providers, relies on partners to supply aggregated results. These include direct feeds for shopping results or real-time data streams like flight seats and price information via plugin APIs. Having regional partners on board is additionally key for providing local business listings.

Huawei Petal Search turns into a Search Engine

Huawei is already using its own crawling and indexing engine to seek out leads to Spain and Turkey, therefore the company has the capabilities to work as a correct Google or Bing rival — a minimum of on mobile. Petal Search still relies on other program partners in other countries but plans to roll out its own service in gradual steps. There’s no timeline yet, as Huawei says quality comes first, and can keep using partners across different regions if their services produce the simplest results.You’re not alone if these features sound just like the kind of thing ripe for OS and smart assistant integration. Petal Search already features a few entry points into Huawei’s EMUI Android software. for instance , EMUI 11‘s pull-down web search integrates Petal Search, so you don’t need to use the app or search bar widget. Huawei is additionally looking to create in integrations with its Celia assistant within the future but hasn’t given a timeframe yet.Petal Search is merely four months old but has already quickly transformed from a stopgap solution into an increasingly functional general program . There’s still how to travel before Huawei features a search found out powerful enough to rival Google’s.

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