How to use PG Sharp for Pokemon GO!

PG sharp the new pokemon go spoofing app well not a new spoofing app it’s been out for a while. But the spoofing app that I currently use to spoof for Pokemon go the app is smooth it’s fluid the only downside is that you have to pay for it but if you want to use some extra features.

It’s a cheap $5 for a month which I think is incredibly worth it especially if you play this game a lot so I’ll be going through the features of this app. I’ll be going over how to download and what you can do with this application.

Pg sharp Feature Comparison

PG Sharp Download

First of all, let’s get into the basics so this application is for Android only and you can only use the pokémon trainer login. This may be a downside for some people if you want to use Google and Facebook. I also recommend using Pogo and hints and Pogo enhancer is cheaper than PG sharp. I’ll be going over the features of the app so as you can see once you’ve downloaded the app. Pgsharp supports the auto walk feature which is one of my favorite features with PG sharp. Because I can use it to hatch all my eggs which is nice.

PG Sharp Features

pokemon go pg sharp features

You also do all the different things, first of all just like any other spoofing app there is the map now the map can be used to teleport and of course, it’s pretty intuitive. it’s just a map right you click where you want to go you press teleport and what’s nice about this is it shows the coordinates that you’re teleporting to it shows.

The cooldown that it will take and it also shows the distance currently it’s kind of lagging out because I’m using the auto walk feature if I stopped walking or if I stood too close that properly if I stopped Auto walking and then I went to map and then I pressed another place.

It will show the cooldown the distance and the coordinates without lightning out which is nice and is especially useful if you’re spoofing. Because you can check soft band remembers soft band is two hours right so if you’re teleporting somewhere you need to make sure that the cooldown is over before you catch anything or you will be a soft band and Niantic will realize you’re spoofing. Which is not good so very intuitive design for this application.

PG sharp another thing I like about this obviously if is if you have the coordinates you don’t have to find them. You can just input them at the top over there you can just copy-paste this is this was these are the coordinates to a 100 IV route. That I call it like two seconds ago um using the app obviously and that was where I teleported to.

If you want some awesome there it is that’s the hundred IVR mount psychologists now using this application. Very happy with this application I’ve been using this application by the way guys for like a month now I bought it so I got a free code the first time I used it so for 14 days I got free code and then after that, I bought the subscription because I was just really really happy with how things turned out.

I highly recommend this the second thing we have on this application is the speed feature now the speed feature is pretty obvious. it’s just your walking speed so whenever you move the joystick as you can see. I’m doing right there it will just move your character in the direction with the speed that you’re currently at now the best walking speed.


I usually use it around 11 kilometers per hour to 12 kilometers per hour. This is for opening eggs usually walk at the speed while Auto walking because anything higher and Niantic will think you’re just like in a car or something which is not good right. After all, you want it could be to think you’re walking right.

So this is what I would use the oughta walk feature on as well you would use the auto walk feature and you’d set your speed limit. If you need to go any higher you can go to 60 kilometers if you’re chasing a Pokemon anime character if you’re going to a bogey stop you can just use this and then you can just walk forward you can go south and unlike peach unlike FGL Pro it this is this come to this not compass.

This joystick isn’t worth it isn’t locked to the north south east and west it’s locked to which way your camera’s facing which is nice actually. So you can always just move your camera and then just go north you don’t have to memorize where like which side is north which I to south before you go so you don’t have to do this every time you don’t have to change your alteration every time you try to move your joystick.

The application can see so if I input seven what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna walk at speed 60 kilometers per hour towards seven of these pokey stops. So it’s gonna go to these two over here obviously as you can see it’s walking right there already then it’s gonna go to those two pokey stops over there now usually. I put my speed back down to 11 because I want to hatch those eggs that would be nice okay so when now the speeds are at 11 it’s gonna go much much slower and maybe I can put a Pokemon in that gym that’d be nice.

I don’t see the other folks okay there’s one in the distance over there I think and yeah so of course while you’re walking you can fast catch all your Pokemon. This is convenient if of course like there’s the Pogo enhancer as an auto catch feature Pg sharp has yet to add an auto-catch feature but maybe it’ll be something they’ll be added in the future. So next up we have fed now feeds is one of my favorite things.

It’s really useful and you’re like I use I pair I usually pair it with the discord so the discord that I use is Pokedex 100 they have just a bunch of coordinates if you need to go talk come on go they’re Pokedex 100.

Pokémon Go game

I should not be allowed to put their discord link in my description but you can just google it and you can find tons and tons of tons and tons of coordinates for good Pokemon as well as raids like anything you need an honest thing but if you’re just looking for some quick stuff you can do feeds so as you can see the here these are a bunch of 100 IV Pokemon go game this is the default one.

I don’t know if there’s gonna be any to get it near me probably not so I have some of these features for Gibble for routes and I think for Dino or Crenn a do smother and shield on so this so the way to use this is very simple you put yourself in. You add a new filter right you’re checking levels well level anything this is right now it’s currently set to everything over level one the IV will be 0 to 100.

I mean if you’re looking for shunned oh you probably put it to IV would put it to a hundred distance unlimited if you’re not on cooldown use put distance to unlimited catch anything in the world right. Then essentially what you can do is you can just select what type of Pokemon you want to find so if I want to find the gen five starters we’ll put done and then we’ll go click Save we name this Gen 5 starters boom and then if you click search boom you got a bunch of coordinates to Gen 5 starters which is nice.

You know and of course, if you need a hundred IVs you can change things to I don’t know if this will show one hundred to one hundred me there might not be any currently available but we’ll see yeah ok so currently there’s no 100 IV that the application run track right so this is the feeds application or feeds part of the app.


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You can turn off spoofing so you can use the application legit or you can use the application with PG sharp installed there’s a button to deactivate your account. There was feedback where you can give feedback to the developers if you find a bug. this is one of the best and popular pokemon go spoofing mod apps available without root this time. install and enjoy the pokemon go game without walking. Staf Home Stay Safe.