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How to use PG Sharp for Pokemon GO!

you’ve probably heard about PG Sharp. It is the best free app for play Pokemon GO, most easiest and expert way.

What Is PG Sharp and How Does It Work?

An app called PG Sharp was created specifically for Pokemon GO. It was developed to aid gamers in capturing more superior Pokemon. The software shows you where the closest Pokemons are as well as their rarity and level using your location data.

Additionally, PG Sharp may be used to locate gyms and Pokestops. The app will provide a map of the region with markers for all of the important landmarks. It also has a function that indicates your proximity to a Pokemon or Pokestop.

Install and Set Up PG Sharp

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First of all, let’s get into the basics so this application is for Android only and you can only use the pokémon trainer login. This may be a downside for some people if you want to use Google and Facebook. I also recommend using Pogo and hints and Pogo enhancer is cheaper than PG sharp. I’ll be going over the features of the app so as you can see once you’ve downloaded the app. Pgsharp supports the auto walk feature which is one of my favorite features with PG sharp. Because I can use it to hatch all my eggs which is nice.

Download PG Sharp

Using PG Sharp to Play Pokemon GO

The ideal tool for playing Pokemon GO is PG Sharp.

You also do all the different things, first of all just like any other spoofing app there is the map now the map can be used to teleport and of course, it’s pretty intuitive. it’s just a map right you click where you want to go you press teleport and what’s nice about this is it shows the coordinates that you’re teleporting to it shows.

The cooldown that it will take and it also shows the distance currently it’s kind of lagging out because I’m using the auto walk feature if I stopped walking or if I stood too close that properly if I stopped Auto walking and then I went to map and then I pressed another place.


It will show the cooldown the distance and the coordinates without lightning out which is nice and is especially useful if you’re spoofing. Because you can check soft band remembers soft band is two hours right so if you’re teleporting somewhere you need to make sure that the cooldown is over before you catch anything or you will be a soft band and Niantic will realize you’re spoofing. Which is not good so very intuitive design for this application.

PG sharp another thing I like about this obviously if is if you have the coordinates you don’t have to find them. You can just input them at the top over there you can just copy-paste this is this was these are the coordinates to a 100 IV route. That I call it like two seconds ago um using the app obviously and that was where I teleported to. With it, you can track your progress and see what’s nearby in addition to finding and catching rare pokemon with ease. PG Sharp can also be used to fight in gyms and to hatch eggs. Any real player must have it.

Safety and Security Guidelines for Using PG Sharp

We know you’re eager to begin using PG Sharp, but let’s first take a moment to discuss safety and security. After all, you want to ensure your safety while catching everyone.

Make sure you don’t consume too much data by first monitoring it. For further protection, you can optionally switch off GPS when not in use. Additionally, it’s a good idea to log out of your account after finishing a game or even just pausing it.

Additionally, be sure to periodically update the app and keep an eye out for any upgrades from the creators. In this manner, you may be sure that when using PG Sharp, your data is protected.

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Features of the Latest Version of PG Sharp

The most recent edition of PG Sharp is brimming with features to aid in catching everything! What to anticipate from the most recent update is summarised below:

  • Tracking: This function enables you to monitor a Pokemon’s Individual Values (IVs) and assess how they stack up against those of your friends. This can assist you in choosing the Pokemon that will perform best in battle.
  • Automatic Calculator: By eliminating the need for manual stat entry, this function makes it simpler to calculate a Pokemon’s stats. Enter only the CP, HP, Dust Needed, and Stardust Cost; PG Sharp will take care of the rest!
  • Quick respawn rate: No time to wait around for your preferred Pokemon? When used, this feature makes sure that rewards are replenished more quickly at PokeStops and gyms.

These are just a few of the features that are included in the most recent PG Sharp release. Having such strong tools at your disposal makes it easier than ever to capture everyone!

Troubleshooting a Problem With PG Sharp

Don’t worry if you experience any problems using PG Sharp; most problems can be resolved quickly. As earlier versions of the programme are more likely to cause problems, start by making sure you have the most recent version. Here are some extra troubleshooting methods to try if that doesn’t fix your issue:

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  • Make sure your phone’s Date and Time settings are correct.
  • Double check that all of the settings in PG Sharp are properly configured for your device.
  • Check your internet connection or WiFi signal strength and make sure it isn’t unstable.
  • Try restarting your phone and PG Sharp program before running it again.

The creators of PG Sharp offer exceptional help on their own website, which includes a thorough guide with specific solutions to all kinds of problems, for even more technical fixes.


You can turn off spoofing so you can use the application legit or you can use the application with PG sharp installed there’s a button to deactivate your account. There was feedback where you can give feedback to the developers if you find a bug. this is one of the best and popular pokemon go spoofing mod apps available without root this time. install and enjoy the pokemon go game without walking. Staf Home Stay Safe.

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