How to run Super Mario 64 on Android without Emulator

Emulation has its justifiable share of shortcomings. Nothing can beat the performance and scalability of a native executable, which is that the drive behind the long-standing effort to reverse engineer the Super Mario 64 ROM into the same C codebase. As long as you’ve got access to the human readable C code, you’ve got the power to port the sport to any platform, including Android.

As a matter of fact, XDA Member VDavid003 has already stepped up and ready a repo containing a ready-to-compile Super Mario 64 port for Android using Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) with OpenGL ES 2.0. you’ll clone the repo to your PC running Microsoft Windows or Linux, prepare the build environment, and eventually get the APK after compilation which may be easily sideloaded on an Android device. However, what makes the porting process more interesting is that the incontrovertible fact that it also can be compiled directly on your Android phone!

How compile and run Super Mario 64 on Android:

follow these steps to configure the build environment in Android and compile the classic Nintendo platformer from scratch:

  1. Install Termux from Google Play Store.
  2. Install the required dependencies inside the Termux environment:pkg install git wget make python getconf zip apksigner clang
  3. Clone the appropriate repository using git:git clone cd sm64-port-android
  4. Copy the baserom of the game using Termux. termux-setup-storage cp /sdcard/path/to/your/baserom.z64 ./
  5. Get SDL includes:./
  6. Start the build:make --jobs 4You can increase the value of the “jobs” parameter depending on how many CPU cores you can devote to the building process.
  7. If things go well, the resulting Super Mario 64 APK should be found inside the “build” folder:ls -al build/us_pc/

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