How to Get iOS 14 Features on Android without Root

iOS and Android are long-standing competitors. There are times when Apple takes inspiration from Android. Similarly, Google brings new privacy features taking a cue from iOS. At now , both the ecosystems are quite polished and have matured by leaps and bounds, especially Android. However, there’s one aspect that creates iOS stand out which is privacy controls. per annum , Apple adds new privacy controls to iOS which makes Android users wanting for more. So during this article, we bring you a handy guide the way to get iOS 14 features on Android including privacy and other useful.

(1) Camera and Microphone Indicator:

During the release of iOS 14, Apple made some big announcements regarding privacy and one feature that stood out was camera and mic indicator. On iOS 14, whenever an app uses the camera or mic, a dot indicator appears at the top of the screen. this is often done to alert the user that an app is snooping on you.

How to Get iOS 14 Features on Android without Root

Further, you’ll find the app name the control center and uninstall it directly .So if you would like this iOS 14 feature on Android, you’ll use Access Dots. The app allows you to urge an identical indicator as iOS 14 for mic and camera usage. the simplest part is that you simply can even customize the colours and alter the dimensions and position of the dot. So plow ahead and obtain this awesome iOS 14 feature on Android by using the Access Dots app.

(2) Back Tap:

To make iPhones more accessible and easier to use, iOS 14 brings something called Back Tap that permits you to invoke an action by double-tapping on the rear of the phone. you’ll just double-tap on the rear and take a screenshot or ask Google Assistant some questions.

How to Get iOS 14 Features on Android without Root

To get this iOS 14 feature on Android, you would possibly need to wait a touch longer. Google is developing an identical feature for Pixel phones which could get released with Android 11. However if you would like it immediately , Quinny899 from XDA has come to the rescue. He has developed an app called “Tap, Tap” that permits you to double-tap on the rear and invoke actions of your choice.

(3) Temporary Permission:

Apple brought “Allow once” permission dialog last year with iOS 13 and now we are hearing that Android 11 will sport this feature. On top of that, Android users may additionally get auto-revoke permission feature. The way it works is, if you’ve got not used an app for a few time, sensitive permissions are going to be automatically revoked.

How to Get iOS 14 Features on Android without Root

However, not most are getting to receive the Android 11 update so if you would like this excellent privacy feature on your Android immediately , you’ll install Bouncer. It allows you to grant temporary permission to an app and therefore the moment you exit from the app, the permission is automatically revoked.

(4) In-App Search:

With iOS 14, Apple has overhauled how the search works. you’ll now perform in-app searches which basically means you’ll look for your library or songs in Apple Music right from the search bar. No got to open the app and appearance for the content.

How to Get iOS 14 Features on Android without Root

If you would like this iOS 14 feature on Android then you’ll install Sesame. The app is one tap faraway from checking out your music, contacts, system settings, Instagram stories, favorite apps, and more. Simply put, you’ll have access to everything in only one tap.

(5) App Privacy Information:

To make people conscious of privacy malpractices, on iOS 14, Apple are going to be displaying privacy information of every app on the App Store in easily understandable language. for instance , before you download an app, you’ll determine what data the app can use to trace you and what data the app will have access to. This goes an extended way in understanding what kind of privacy policy does the app practice in order that you’ll either prefer to install an app or discard it.

How to Get iOS 14 Features on Android without Root

While Android doesn’t have this feature natively, you’ll install an app called Exodus. It scans all of your installed apps and displays all the trackers that the app is using to trace you. aside from that, you’ll also determine all types of permissions that app has been granted by default. this may allow you to know what proportion data the app is seeking from you. So plow ahead and obtain this iOS 14 feature on Android to strengthen your privacy.