How to get Google’s widgets from iOS 14 on Android

iOS 14 arrived last week and it’s been a breath of fresh air to iPhone users. Finally! Widgets! Customization! Over within the Android world, though, we’ve had these options for years. Still, Google created a slick new set of widgets for iOS 14 that aren’t on Android.

The Google app on iOS 14 brings along side it two useful widgets. One, a smaller size, is simply an enquiry box. the opposite may be a larger box that features a search bar and shortcuts to Google Lens, voice search, and Incognito search also .

On Android, Google’s list of widgets may be a bit more expansive, with widgets for Gmail, News, Chrome, Calendar, Drive, and lots of others. Still, the iOS Google widget just features a design and polish that Android’s doesn’t. Luckily, the widget has already been re-created on Android!

Using the utility app KWGT Pro, you’ll have the iOS 14 Google widget on your Android device in only a couple of moments. Twitter user @josiah3123 created a totally free set of widgets that he’s hosting on Google Drive. a fast download of the folder gives you light and dark versions of the iOS 14-inspired Google widget that you simply can easily apply on your Android phone through KWGT.

First, download and extract the files. Then, put down a 4×2 KWGT widget on a blank area of your homescreen. Click it then import the preset (Pro is required). You’ll see the preset loaded up into the editor. Technically, you’re good to go from now , but there are a few of additional steps which will improve the widget.

First, you’ll download the Google Lens “app” from Google Play in order that button actually works properly. Next, you’ll redirect the “Incognito” shortcut to open Chrome or a privacy-focused browser. Since this isn’t a politician widget, it can’t properly open Google or Chrome’s incognito mode. To redirect any of the shortcuts, just click on the icon from within the editor and you’ll see an “edit” button appear at rock bottom of the screen.