How to get an invisible name in Discord

Discord is one among the foremost popular ways gamers communicate when they plays game online. Discord lets friends communicate directly via voice, video, or text, and join servers where larger communities can interact together. Some of the gamers want to get an invisible name in Discord. But, There is no 100% foolproof trick to make your name invisible in Discord, but there are some ways in which work across most devices.

(1) Custom Colour On Discord

The first option works for servers that you simply have admin control in. you’ll set a custom role with a coloured name that creates you appear invisible, because it matches the Discord background. Start by right clicking on your server, getting to Server Settings then Roles.

How to get an invisible name in Discord

Once you’re here you’ll create a replacement custom role using the plus icon. Name the role whatever you would like but the important bit here is that the colour option.

How to get an invisible name in Discord

Once you’ve created your new role and you’ve got it selected, click the Custom Colour option (the one with the Eyedropper icon).

With that open you’ll set your custom colour. to form anyone with this role appear invisible, you would like to line the color to #ffffff for Discord in Light Mode, or #2f3136 if you apply Discord in Dark Mode, because it is with these screenshots.

With this done, head back to your server, right click on your username on the right-hand side and choose your new role.

How to get an invisible name in Discord

(2) Use characters that Discord can’t recognise

The alternative is to vary your name to at least one consisting of characters that Discord can’t recognise. you’ll easily google “blank characters” to seek out one to use, but may be a good option. Once you’ve copied this, just head to the User Settings.

How to get an invisible name in Discord

In here you’ll edit your username. Replace it with the unrecognizable character and your name will appear to be invisible, since Discord can’t show that character. You can’t just leave the username blank, but adding in something that Discord can’t display may be a way around it.

Neither of those options will work across Discord web, desktop app and mobile but they’re the simplest solution to an invisible name.

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