7 Best Google Fonts Alternatives7 Best Google Fonts Alternatives
7 Best Google Fonts Alternatives7 Best Google Fonts Alternatives

7 Best Google Fonts Alternatives

Published September 17, 2022
Surajit Mandal
Google fonts are one of the best free font providers. Google font has a huge font library that contains almost 1442 open-source font families. You also used that font for any commercial or personal use without any cost. You also use Google font API or also Host your own google fonts. Without any doubt, Google fonts are one of the best web font providers but are not the only option. There are many sites like Google Fonts which provide beautiful fonts. That's why we make the 7 best Google Fonts alternative that you can use for your next web project.

Best Google Fonts Alternatives



Fontshare is a 100% free font website that runs by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF). It's fully free for Personal And Professional use. It provides beautiful web fonts which are fast to use.
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Fontshare provides fonts from ITF and also from other third-party font providers. Fontshare provides Khand, Rajdhani, Hind, Teko, etc beautiful fonts. ITF is a professional font provider service and every fourth Latin font family that ITF owns will be released in Fontshare absolutely free.


Uncut is a good free Google Font alternative. But Uncut font has a limited no of fonts in its collection. Uncut provides 118 typefaces. Uncut mainly provides libre typeface fonts.
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I know their fonts are limited but their fonts are high quality and fast. you easily host your own fonts. I suggest you use Uncut, If you want something unique fonts for your website or magazine

Adobe Fonts

Adobe is the world's largest designed-based Saas service. So without a doubt, Adobe provides beautiful and unique fonts. Adobe has the largest collection of premium fonts. But adobe fonts are not free to use.
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You need to pay for the fonts. Adobe offers so many pricing and plans for your need. Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps is one of the best value-for-money plans. This plan for Individual user cost $54.99/Month and for Students this cost only $19.99/Month.


The League of Moveable Type is the first open-source font foundry. They provide original fonts for your use. The League of Moveable Types is established in 2009 and used by many big brands like Discovery, DC, Subway, Instagram, Lady Gaga, etc.
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This community's main motive is to raise design standards for the web. The whole catalog is full of carefully picked fonts which is free to use.


Monotype offers the world’s largest collection of fonts. Which includes MyFonts, Fonts, Linotype, and Fontshop. Monotype serves a wide range of fonts across a large range of categories, like sans serifs, serifs, scripts, displays, handwritten designs, etc.
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Monotype is a premium font provider. It's not a free service. It’s a bit costly, that's why it doesn't suit beginner or hobby users. Its individual Pro plan costs $199/Year and its Individual Standard cost $99/Year.


Tunera is a free web font foundry. Which aims to provide original typefaces for everyone absolutely free. Its fonts are sharp, beautiful, curvy, and free.
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Tuneras collection is so unique and funky. There are so many funky fonts you easily find in Tunera. So lets a try Tunera fonts.

Womxn Font

Womxn font is a free site that provides so many free fonts. It is provided by the Design research team. it is absolutely free to use. you easily Host it in your project.
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Womxn provides so many unique and beautiful fonts. you easily use these fonts for your Personal or Comercial use purpose. womxn design for the simple and beautiful webs.


Google Fonts is one of the best and most vast font providers. which backend by Google. So obviously no other service doesn't compete with Google Fonts. but if you want to use some unique fonts then you absolutely see the above mentions services. All the services are good in their own areas. So test yourself and check which is best suited for yourself.