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Gmail Go is a Gmail app that’s now available for all


As per a recent 9to5Google report, the Gmail Go listing on the Play Store is almost just like that of the regular Gmail app, apart from the new icon with a “Go” badge at rock bottom . The listing specifies that Gmail Go offers the “Gmail you’re keen on , now lighter and just fast,” but it still features an equivalent screenshots because the regular version. However, the app itself is sort of different from the full-blown Gmail app.

Gmail Go is a Gmail app that’s now available for all

Gmail Go’s UI follows an equivalent structure because the regular app, but it doesn’t include quite few features. as an example , the app doesn’t feature a bottom bar because Google Meet has not been integrated into the app. The app’s UI elements also are flatter in comparison to the regular Gmail app, with no layering or shadows. Instead, it makes use of a white outline for the search bar and Compose button to assist them stand out.

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