GitHub improves mobile code review feature

GitHub launched its mobile app that make it possible for developers to look at and review their project’s code on the go. Now, it’s bringing multiple enhancements like the file switcher button and therefore the ability to discuss multiple lines of code to the app that creates the task much easier.

In today’s update, it’s rolling out a toggle for comment wrapping. After the app was launched in March, tons of developers asked for an choice to stop line warping by default.
GitHub added the power for multi-line referencing and commenting last year on the online . Now, it’s bringing this feature to mobile and you’ll use it by just long pressing on lines you would like to go away a discuss .

In addition to the present , the corporate has also added a handy file switcher button on the app, so you’ll easily switch between files when you’re handling multiple reviews.

GitHub said that since shipping the app in March, it’s seen over 700,000 code reviews, and it hopes that these new updates will boost the amount further. You can learn about all the new updates to the app here.