Top 9 Free File Sharing Sites You Should Use
Top 9 Free File Sharing Sites You Should Use

Top 9 Free File Sharing Sites You Should Use

September 11, 2022
Surajit Mandal
Online file sharing is a major needed service nowadays. Good file sharing is needed every time when you want to share your personal documents or send photos to anyone of high quality with high speed. There are many file-sharing platforms available on the internet. But the majority of them are Limited or Not secure to use. Worry no, there are still some secure and free file-sharing platforms available on the internet that you should use.


Mega is a secure cloud storage service that is absolutely free. In this cloud file-sharing service you get reliable storage, better security, and fast download or upload speed. You easily share files with anyone by a simple link. You can also lock the file for better security. Mega use end-to-end encryption with a zero-knowledge policy.
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The mega free plan offers 20GB storage which goes up to 50GB. Mega offers more cloud storage on a free plan than the other competitors. The mega-only downside is its file download bandwidth limitation in the free plan. But I think it's more than enough for a normal user. But if you need more download bandwidth then you can also go with their Pro plan which starts at €4.99/month.


IceDrive is a new child in the cloud file-sharing service. But it is one of the fastest and most secure cloud storage for free file sharing. Its free plan gave you 10GB of cloud storage. You easily stream your uploaded videos and audio file without downloading them.
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Ice drive also offers raw image preview and two-factor authentication features. You can make public links to share and also invite any person to download them. It offers so many things in free service. You also check their Lite plan for extra storage and features at a $1.67/month cost.


ToffeeShare is not like a typical cloud file-sharing service. ToffeeShare uses free Peer to Peer or P2P technology for sharing files which makes it one of the most secure file-sharing tools. The major upside of this tool is that it has no file size limit meaning you send any size file absolutely free. In security, there must be no question because they don't store anything and they use DTLS so your data is fully end-to-end encrypted.
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The only major downside of this tool is that you need to turn on your ToffeeShare page and the internet all the time. Because it does not have any data center to store your data. So they use your device as a server for that you need a stable wifi connection. This is a fully free service but if you like the tool I suggest you donate something to run and improve the tool effortlessly.

Google Drive

Who doesn't know about Google Drive? Any free file-sharing list doesn't compete with Google Drive. Google Drives gave free 15GB of cloud storage absolutely free. You can upload your single file or your full folder in Google Drive easily. Then you create a share link or invite anyone to download or view the file. It comes with built-in protection against spam, malware, or ransomware.
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It gave you unlimited upload and download bandwidth. So you send any files under 15GB file storage absolutely free.


WeTransfer is a file-sharing tool that solves the problem of a designer's file sharing. It offers a free plan that gave up to a 2Gb file transfer limit at a time. You also send files freely without any Signup. You also send password protection and custom download expiration date files.
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We transfer provide a forever free 2GB storage plan. To send big files you also use their premium plans which costs $12/month.


The box is a secure collaboration platform. Also, you can use it for file-sharing purposes absolutely free. Their individual free plan provides up to 10Gb free storage and 250 MB maximum one file upload limit.
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It is also a most secure service. It provides free 2-factor authentication, notes taking, and also project management tools.


Internxt is a secure, encrypted, and easy-to-use cloud storage service. It is an open-source, decentralized platform that also provides zero-knowledge end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. It provides absolutely 10GB of free cloud storage.
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If you want to share files without Signup then they also provide an Internxt send service. Which gave you free 5GB instant file share storage. You easily upload and create a downloadable file link for sharing.


This is the most secure cloud storage service. It does not give you so much free storage but it is so much more secure to use for your personal files. They gave only 5Gb of free storage.
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You also get free storage by referring anyone who signs up. If you are a security freak or you want to share confidential files then I suggest using that.


Media fire is a free ad-supported cloud storage and file synchronization service. it is perfect for people who want to distribute files with a large group of users. You can store up to 10Gb files for free.
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It offers unlimited download bandwidth absolutely free. You also can create a one-time download link. For large group sharing purposes, you can use that.


This is the most secure and free file-sharing service that you use without worry. Some offer greater features and some gave better free features. You can also make your own file-sharing tool with some free Hosting platforms like Heroku. You also Check out some of the best free Heroku alternatives. So the choice is yours which is best for your need.