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Developers can now use Flutter to building Windows apps


Flutter is an open-source app development framework made by Google. one among its main goals is to form developing for multiple platforms easier, by allowing developers to share one codebase across multiple targets. Up so far you’ll use Flutter to create a unified application for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and therefore the web. If you look closely, you’ll notice there’s a reasonably important OS missing from that list. That omission is now being remedied, as Google has announced that Flutter for Windows is now available in alpha. With that, Flutter has become possibly the foremost cross-platform framework available for developers.

Developers can now use Flutter to building Windows apps

Windows support means tons of things, but arguably the most important effect is that it’s now possible to develop an app for six different platforms, without the necessity for six different codebases. On top of encouraging developers to start out using Flutter, it also means existing Flutter-based apps can now natively come to Windows.
This is proper support, too. Google has updated the Flutter toolchain to properly support the Windows CLI, along side adding the required Win32 shell app that contains the particular Flutter app. And a bit like with the remainder of the platforms, if there’s something you would like to try to to in native code, you’ll do this too, because of Flutter’s plugin system.

If you’re curious how Flutter looks on Windows, Google also has you covered. You won’t got to download the whole SDK and build your own app. Instead, you’ll take a glance at a few of Windows-compatible Flutter apps, like Flokk by gskinner and Flutter Gallery.

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