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20 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

You’re a blogger. You know the importance of a good tool for blogging. And you know that the right tool can make all the difference.

When it comes to blogging, browser is your best tool. With the right extensions, you can make your blog posts look seo friendly, get more traffic, and stay organized.

In this post, we’ll share 20 of the best Chrome extensions for bloggers. Whether you’re looking for a better way to format your posts or want to get more out of your social media strategy, we’ve got you covered.


ubersuggest tool

If you’re looking to up your SEO game, then you need to check out UberSuggest. This nifty little extension gives you detailed information on what keywords your blog post should be ranking for.

Simply type in your topic and the extension will give you a list of related keywords, along with the estimated monthly search volume and competition level. You can even add these keywords to your post for extra SEO power.

Ubersuggest - SEO and Keyword Discovery


grammarly chrome extension

One of the best grammar & spelling-checking tools out there is Grammarly. It’s a best Chrome extension that you can install in a few minutes, and it will help you to catch errors in your writing.

Not only does it check for grammar mistakes, but it also looks for problems with sentence structure and plagiarism. It’s a great tool to have if you want to make sure your writing is error-free.

Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App


mozbar chrome extension

MozBar is a Chrome extension that can help you audit your website and increase your SEO. It has a bunch of helpful features, like link analysis, keyword research, and SERP overlays.

With MozBar, you can quickly identify and track your website’s progress in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can also use it to gather insights about your competitors and see how they’re performing in the SERPs.



hunter chrome extension

Hunter is an amazing Chrome Extension that helps you find emails, names, and other contact information for people you’re trying to network with. This comes in really handy when you’re looking for guest posters for your blog, trying to do some outreach, or connecting with influencers.

Hunter will not only help you find emails quickly and easily, but it also shows you the confidence score to let you know how likely the email is valid. Plus, it even lets you know if the emails are being monitored by a third-party service.

If that wasn’t enough of a selling point already, Hunter also integrates with various CRM software like HubSpot, Zapier, Pipedrive, and Salesforce so that contact information can be automatically imported into the CRMs. Pretty awesome!

Hunter - Email Finder Extension

Keywords Everywhere

keywordseverywhere chrome extension

If you’re a blogger, then you know the importance of using targeted keywords throughout your posts. This is where Keywords Everywhere comes in. This Chrome extension collects related keyword data from search engines and services like Google Autocomplete and Related Searches to give you an idea of which words and phrases are being used in a given search query, making it easy to find relevant keywords for your blog post.

Once installed, Keywords Everywhere shows up as a small sidebar on the right side of your web browser. It will also provide you with Search Volume, CPC, and Competition data for any keyword you enter into the search bar. This makes it easier to focus your efforts on finding keywords that are more likely to bring organic traffic to your post—which should be a top priority for any serious blogger.

Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool

Save to Pocket

savetopocket chrome extension

If you’re constantly discovering great blogs and articles during your website research, you’ll want to save them for later. That’s where Pocket comes in. You can save articles from any website with just one click and access them from any device. This extension adds a Pocket button directly to the Chrome toolbar so you can easily save what you’re reading with one click.

Once you’ve saved an article, Pocket will sync it across all of your devices for offline viewing, annotating and so much more. Plus, Pocket curates personalized recommendations for you based on your interests, so you can find even more great content. Not only is this a great way to keep track of the latest blog posts, but it helps you stay in the know about new tools and resources related to blogging that you may have been missing out on until now!

Save to Pocket

Awesome Screenshot

awesomescreenshot chrome extension

Do you constantly find yourself in need of taking screenshots while writing a post? Awesome Screenshot is just the extension you need! It comes in both a free and premium version so if you’d like added features, such as blur-sensitive info, that’s no problem.

The free version is great too as it allows you to add annotations, and comments, blur certain sections of your screenshot, and more. It also saves all screenshots automatically to Google Drive, so you can quickly access them whenever needed.

Plus, it integrates with all devices easily and will even work on your phone if needed. Awesome Screenshot is a quick and easy way to include images in your blog posts or articles without having to go through a ton of hoops first.

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

uBlock Origin

ublockorigin chrome extension

uBlock Origin is a great tool for bloggers to use when testing or optimizing their blogs. It’s an extension that blocks ads and other trackers so that you can be sure the content on your blog is loading as fast as possible. It also has the added bonus of improving your privacy and security online.

Unlike other extensions, uBlock Origin is easy to customize, so you can choose which elements to block and which ones to allow. It also has a whitelist feature that lets you add sites or domains that you don’t want to be blocked. Plus, it doesn’t consume as much memory as its competitors, so it won’t slow down your browser while still giving you powerful ad-blocking power.

uBlock Origin


similarweb chrome extension

SimilarWeb is an incredibly useful tool that allows you to compare your website traffic with competitive websites. This is a great way to get insights into which platforms are bringing in more traffic, as well as see which content types are performing the best.

SimilarWeb also gives you a detailed breakdown of your website’s organic and paid traffic sources, which can help inform decisions about what type of content to prioritize and where to invest in advertising. It’s a great resource for any blogger looking to better understand their audience and their online presence.

Similarweb - Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

Forest StayFocused

foreststayfocused chrome extension

If you find yourself getting easily distracted while writing blog posts, then Forest StayFocused is the perfect tool for you. This extension helps you stay focused by blocking websites or apps that distract you while you work. You can set time limits for specific websites and when the time is up, it will be blocked automatically.

The great thing about StayFocused is that it’s really customizable—you can decide exactly which sites to block and when to block them. You can also set a daily limit for how long you want to stay productive, so no more procrastinating! It’s a great way to take control of your digital life and make sure you focus on your work.

Forest: stay focused, be present


buffer chrome extension

Buffer is one of the most popular Chrome extensions for bloggers. It’s a social media management tool that lets you create and share posts on multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Buffer makes it super simple to schedule your posts and track how they’re performing. Plus, it’s free to use with limited features, or you can upgrade to a paid plan for more features.


Project Naptha

projectnaptha chrome extension

One of the best extensions for bloggers is Project Naptha. This extension allows you to highlight, copy and translate text from any image. It’s perfect for pulling quotes from images or translating text that is in a foreign language. Plus, it’s super easy to use. You just select the text you want to translate and it pops up in a new window.

Project Naptha

WP Hive

wphive chrome extension

WP Hive is a Chrome extension that can be used to help you write better content.

It does this by giving you access to a thesaurus and a dictionary, as well as tools that allow you to check the readability of your content and find related images.

With WP Hive, you can also track your word count, which can be helpful in ensuring that you stay on target with your content goals.

[WP HiveA Better WordPress Plugin Repo](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wp-hive-a-better-wordpres/hbbcblcogociooaeodndcimehhchadka?hl=en)


windscribe vpn chrome extension

No matter how safe you think your online activity is, there’s always the risk of being tracked or monitored. With Windscribe, you can browse the web safely with a secure VPN connection and hide your location – all for free.

To get started, just download Windscribe and launch the app. When it’s enabled, you can browse the web without worry. It also features automatic ad-blocking (which is great for productivity) and an integrated firewall to protect your IP address.

Plus, Windscribe also integrates with other apps that you may already be using – like Google Chrome – so you don’t have to worry about switching back and forth between different programs. Just set it up once and that’s it!

You can also upgrade to a premium plan if you need more features, like unlimited speed and bandwidth. That said, the free version should be enough for most bloggers looking for an extra layer of security.

Windscribe - Free Proxy and Ad Blocker

ColorPick Eyedropper

colorpicker chrome extension

Are you looking for the perfect color for your blog post? You can be precise with ColorPick Eyedropper—an extension that allows you to pick the exact color of any pixel anywhere on the web.

This handy tool helps you find the precise hex code of any color. Just hover over any part of a webpage with your cursor and ColorPick Eyedropper will provide information regarding the RGB/HEX code and other color variations.

The extension also features a built-in picker so you can select and store whatever shades you like, and an eyedropper icon at the top right that lets you toggle it on and off easily.

Overall, ColorPick Eyedropper is an uber-helpful extension that gives bloggers easy access to the exact colors they need for their projects without guessing or spending too much time finding them.

Live color picker


loom chrome extension

Loom is a great Chrome Extension to have if you’re looking to create videos quickly and easily. This extension lets you record your screen, webcam, or both simultaneously, giving you full control over how your video content looks and sounds.

Video content is becoming increasingly important for bloggers looking to expand their reach. With Loom, you can record tutorials on how to use certain features or even give step-by-step instructions for a blog post. Besides that, you can also use Loom for internal communications such as training new hires or participating in virtual meetings with ease.

The best part about Loom? All your recorded videos can be uploaded directly from the Chrome Extension—no need to worry about downloading bulky files or syncing up audio and video separately. Plus, encryption is built into the platform for added security measures. Plus, it’s free! So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try today!

Loom - Screen Recorder & Screen Capture


buzzsumo chrome extension

Now let’s talk about BuzzSumo, which is a great tool to help you see what type of content is performing well on social media. With this Chrome extension, you’ll be able to get real-time insights into the most shared content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

BuzzSumo can also help you find influencers in your space with its powerful search engine. Once you’ve identified someone who you may want to collaborate with, you can get in touch with them through their provided contact information.

Plus, using BuzzSumo’s “Trending Now” section, you can keep up with the latest hot topics in your industry and craft content ideas based on that information. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the curve and produce relevant content for your audience.



seometa chrome extension

Are you looking to make sure your posts are optimized for SEO? You can do so quickly with SEO META in 1 CLICK extension. This nifty tool allows you to quickly fill in all the fields associated with the popular Yoast SEO plugin, so you can focus on the quality of your content instead.

To use it, just click the SEO META in 1 CLICK tab in the Chrome browser, type in your desired meta title, meta description, and focus keyword for the post and click “Generate” – voila! All fields are automatically filled out for you. It even lets you preview what your post will look like on Google search results, so you can always make sure everything looks great.



So, there you have it: 20 Chrome extensions that’ll help you up your blogging game. They’ll help you with everything from creating beautiful images, to make your posts more readable, to improving your SEO.

But remember, the key to using extensions is to be selective. Choose the ones that will work best for you and your blog, and ditch the ones that you don’t find useful. With these tools at your disposal, you’re sure to be a blogging powerhouse in no time!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.