Recently youtube has disabled the dislike counter. That means you can dislike a video, but won’t see the total dislikes.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of this change you know it makes it harder for the viewer to decide the credibility of a video. The only way to do that is to just go through the comments to see whether a video is actually helpful or not. Well, there is a way to bring back the dislike counter and that’s what this article is all about. So whether it’s your pc or mobile I’ll show you how you can quickly bring back the dislike counter on youtube.

Chromium Browsers

chromium browser

All right so first up let’s talk about the easy part if you’re using a chromium-based web browser so something like Googles Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or even Brave Browser the process is super simple. Just head over to the Return Youtube Dislike Chrome Extension and install this extension from the Chrome Web Store onto your chromium-based web browser and that’s it. There are no settings that you need to configure anything just refresh the youtube video page and you should see the dislike counter there.

Return YouTube Dislike

Firefox Browsers

firefox browser

Similarly, if you’re using Mozilla Firefox you can download the add-on for that the link for the same is again down in the link box just click on add to firefox button to begin the installation process. Well that’s it the add-on will be added and activated you just need to reload the youtube video page one time.

Return YouTube Dislike

Safari Browser

The youtube page to view the dislikes count now was very straightforward if you are a mac os user who prefers using the Safari Web Browser. Well, there are some extra steps involved for you guys first head over to the tamper monkey extension and install tamper monkey on your Safari web browser.

safari browser

Once installed open the return youtube dislikes home page and click on the user script option now this will direct you to the tapper monkey website where you can install the user script by clicking on the install option. Once done the page will close itself and that’s it you have successfully installed the extension on Safari or any other unsupported browser. All you need to do now is just to reload the youtube page one time.

Tampermonkey for Chrome

Android Device

The Youtube Page to view the dislike count is okay on Pcs and Mac Os users but what about if you’re using a smartphone device well for android devices here’s how to do that. You can download the KIWI Browser on your android device from the google play store. This works similarly to the Google Chrome Browser and also lets you install extensions on mobile devices. So once you’ve downloaded and installed the KIWI browser on your android device just install the extension on it as we’ve shown previously and you should be good to go.

android youtube

There was another way that you also can use to bring back the Youtube dislike count on Android devices. For that, you only need to install the Newpipe Android App on your device. It works like Youtube but on steroids. It has an inbuilt ad blocker, background player, video or audio downloader, etc. That means you get Youtube Premium features without costing a penny and it also has a Dislike counter.

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet - Apps on Google Play

iOS Device

lastly for iOS users, unfortunately, there’s no official method for it now the developer does have a method for jailbroken devices which I won’t really be talking about you can check it out from the website as well.

ios device

But, there is another way you easily bring back Youtube Dislike Counter on ios devices. VueTube is a new app in the market that work like Newpipe. VueTube is available for both iOS and Android devices. But this app is in the early beta so you may face some crashes or black screens. Apart from that, it’s an absolutely free app that comes with Youtube Adblocker, background play, etc.

Download Vuetube


Youtube Dislike count is necessary for many people to check the video’s credibility. The official Youtube count is hidden for everyone except the video owner. But there is some way you also check the youtube video, dislike count. You follow any upper mentioned tips to bring back the youtube dislike count on youtube shorts also.

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