Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 To Get ‘Night Mode’

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update is confirmed to release next week with a bunch of latest content. Unlike other seasons, the developers didn’t release the test server for Season 11 because they wanted to stay everything a surprise.

However, because of several leaks, we already know an excellent deal about the upcoming COD Mobile season. as an example , it’s now almost confirmed that decision of Duty Mobile Season 11 will introduce the ‘Night Mode‘ for Battle Royale.

Initially, players thought that ‘Night Mode’ are going to be exclusive to the rumored ‘Alcatraz‘ map, which could launch in Season 11. However, Call of Duty Mobile Vietnam confirmed the ‘Night Mode’ for the ‘Isolated’ map through a Facebook post. you’ll clearly see that it’s already dark in your favorite COD Mobile map within the post.

Along with Battle Royale, the Multiplayer game mode is additionally getting a Halloween Standoff Night map. COD Mobile players are posing for the night mode since the game’s release. So, it’s great that developers are finally giving the community what it actually wants.

Other than the Night Mode, there are rumors that COD Mobile Season 11 may additionally bring back the fan-favorite Zombie mode. Also, Simon ‘Ghost‘ Riley, one among the foremost beloved COD character, is returning in Season 11.