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BBC Sounds app now available globally


The BBC produces a number of the best audio and visual content on the earth . The iPlayer was yet one more groundbreaking streaming service, but here within the UK, the audio element was spun off into the BBC Sounds app a few of years ago to form finding BBC radio and podcasts far more consistent.
Those within the remainder of the planet still had access to the iPlayer Radio app, but now, it’s time for you to modify to the BBC Sounds app fully (via Android Police). Now this might initially appear to be an annoying and pointless endeavor, but once you give the new app a try you’ll actually feel right reception . For starters, it’s much easier to navigate and hear radio, podcast, interviews and more.

BBC Sounds app now available globally

If you’ve got a sensible speaker, asking to concentrate to BBC radio shows and podcasts should already be pulling or launching the Sounds app. this is often just a move to contain all BBC-produced audio content in one consistent place. The app is pretty standard, with the power to download shows for offline listening, live broadcast , plus the standard search and favorites options.
When launching iPlayer Radio round the globe, you ought to see a pop-up gesturing you to download and use the BBC Sounds app over the approaching days and weeks. Eventually, you’ll be forced over — as we’ve here within the UK — but as someone initially staunchly against the switch, it’s pretty painless. In fact, the BBC Sounds app looks far better in every aspect.
the BBC won’t ever invite payment information. goodbye as there are not any geo-restrictions on content, listening is totally free. you’ll download the BBC Sounds app on the Google Play Store now.

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