Apple’s Online Store Launches in India

Apple will launch its online store in India on September 23, bringing a variety of services on to customers within the world’s second largest smartphone marketplace for the primary time in over 20 years since it began operations within the country.

The company, which currently relies on third-party online and offline retailers to sell its products in India, said its online store will offer AppleCare+, which extends the warranty on its hardware products by up to 2 years, also as a trade-in program to let customers access discounts on purchase of latest iPhones by returning previous models. These programs were previously not available in India. Customers also will be ready to buy Macs with custom configuration.

Apple’s Online Store Launches in India

“We know our users are counting on technology to remain connected, engage in learning, and tap into their creativity, and by bringing the Apple Store online to India, we are offering our customers the absolute best of Apple at this important time,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice chairman of Retail + People, during a statement.

TechCrunch reported in January that the iPhone-maker was getting to launch its online store in India in Q3 this year. A month later, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the event , adding that Apple also will launch its first physical store within the country next year.

On its website, Apple says it also plans to supply financing options to customers in India, and students will receive additional discounts on Apple products and accessories. Starting next month, it’ll also let customers inspect free online sessions on music and photography from professional creatives. And if they want , they will engrave emoji or text on their AirPods in several Indian languages.

The launch of the web store will mark a replacement chapter in Apple’s business in India, where about 99% of the market is commanded by Android smartphones. The iPhone-maker has become visibly more aggressive in India in recent years. In July, the company’s contract manufacturing partner (Foxconn) began assembling the iPhone 11 in India. This was the primary time the corporate was locally assembling a current-generation iPhone model within the country.

Assembling handsets in India enables smartphone vendors — including Apple — to avoid roughly 20% duty that the Indian government levies on imported electronics products. Lowering the value of its products is crucial for Apple in India, which already sells several of its services including Apple Music and TV+ at record-low price within the country.

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