7 Best Android Download Managers Apps
7 Best Android Download Managers Apps

7 Best Android Download Managers Apps

October 22, 2022
Surajit Mandal
In this fast internet era download speeds on any Android device are still slow. So what's the solution, well this today's article I'll tell you about 7 of the fastest and most useful android download managers that you can use for free to speed up your downloads.


Adm or advanced download manager is one of the most popular download managers for android and for good reason too. It has a clean UI plenty of functionality and support for all kinds of neat things. Some of the features include simultaneous download support for sd card speed management and support for very large files.
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You also get a widget along with some additional and more powerful user-friendly functionality. What's more, is that there is support for torrents inside the app as well it's also free and is basically supported by some light ads.


1DM basically a browser and a download manager merged into one. 1dm is one of the best browsers with the fastest and most advanced download managers for android. Now you have support for up to 16 parts to speed up downloads along with the ability to pause and resume downloads.
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As well similar to ADM you can also download torrents directly to your device using a magnet link a torrent URL or even a torrent file. What's more, is that since this is a browser that can open any link inside it and the app will automatically fetch the various files available to download on that page be it images videos, or music all with a couple of tabs making the whole process super easy and convenient.


If you use a download manager on your pc one of the best recommendations for that is a Free Download Manager or FDM. Thankfully they have an official app available for android as well free download manager that allows you to organize downloads adjust traffic usage control file priorities for torrents efficiently download large files and even resume broken downloads.
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FDM can boost all of your downloads up to 10 times at least that's what the developer claims and process media files of various popular formats as well as simultaneously download multiple files. Also speaking of FDM and download managers for your pc make sure to check out our list of the best free download managers that you can use on your windows 11 pc. With this app you easily download any free manga reader apps.


Download Accelerator Plus or DAP is one of the cleanest download managers available for android out there and works very well too. It has a built-in browser with multiple downloading files straight to a micro sd card and auto resume features for interrupted downloads.
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You can increase download speeds manually from within the app settings which allows you to set maximum download speeds. It's free to download and has in-app purchases. Yes, there are some slideouts now the in-app purchases remove ads and allow you to schedule downloads as well but then again the free version should be enough for most folks.

Loader Droid

I know there are users out there who value the UI of an app a lot but if you're someone who does not care about the UI. All they want is pure performance there is nothing and I mean nothing better than a loader droid. The app hasn't seen an update since 2016 so the UI here is definitely outdated sure. However, when it comes to speeds loader droid is about as fast as it gets also the low app size means that the download manager does not take a toll on your system resources.
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While offering you simultaneous downloads for max speeds now while there are no complaints with regard to stability even on android 13. Some folks might be concerned about the updated security of the app so use it at your own risk.


Plenty of you just wants a download manager that you can use to download torrent files. You don't really care about everything else. Just for torrents and in that scenario, my go-to recommendation is Flud a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for android. You have no speed limits on downloads or uploads and the app offers a clean UI to easily download your torrents you can choose which files to download and also specify the file or folder priorities.
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What's more, is that you can even download files sequentially and the app is also optimized for big screens making it super easy and fun to use.


Apart from Flud, if there is one app that I would recommend for android users to download torrents on their phone it has to be TorrDroid. TorrDroid is a torrent client with an in-built search engine now this allows you to easily search for torrents around the world and then seamlessly download them to your android device.
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There's no restriction on the download speeds and you can even move data while the download is in progress. The app also allows you to queue torrent downloads as per your liking and there's also an inbuilt file browser to make things easier for the user.


All the download managers I talked about in this post are absolutely free and easy to use. Every app has its own pros and cons. So the choice is yours which download manager app best suits you?