In modern world, AI tools are gaining popularity as everyone use them to automate tasks and increase their efficiency.

This database offers a thorough list of every AI tool currently offered on the market, enabling you to choose the best one for your requirements. This database offers every AI tool you could possibly need for marketing automation, data analysis, image creation, video editing or customer service. Find the ideal tool for your requirements.

Ai Tools Database List

Ai Tools Descriptions
10Web AI - Powered WordPress Platform.
Automated Website Builder, Hosting, and PageSpeed Booster, to say the least.
5-Out 5-Out automatically ingests data from internal (POS, labor scheduling, reservations, events) and external (weather, traffic, events) sources and uses next-gen machine learning to accurately predict upcoming sales (revenue, covers/guests, items), and provides guidance on labor scheduling and purchasing budgets.
A.V. Mapping Find your music from video, images, and text with AI in 3 steps.
Upload video, choose recommendations, and pay for contracts.
That’s all users need to do. Compared with the 6 months duration, A.V. Mapping hopes it can be the most helpful AI for creators.
AI Art Apps Database AI Art Resources, Tools & Inspiration For Designers And Prompt Engineers. Find All You Need For AI Art.
AI CLI Open Source GPT -3 Powered CLI
The current prompt length is ~840 tokens and the pricing for text-davinci-002 is $0.02 for 1K tokens which is ~$0.017/command. We’ll see if we can improve the response as well as reduce the per-command-cost with fine-tuning.
AI Cards Holiday Cards generated using AI. Can input your company name, the occasion, how you want your message to sound, and describe the image to be displayed.
AI Careers AI Job Search Made Easy.
Unlocking the potential of data to drive innovation.
AI Data Sidekick Write SQL, documentation and more 10x faster with our collection of powerful recipes.
‍Free for individuals and small teams.
AI Experiments AI Experiments is a showcase by Google for simple experiments that make it easier for anyone to start exploring machine learning, through pictures, drawings, language, music, and more. You can find tools like TalkToBooks and TeachableMachine here.
AI Office Bot Generate & Explain formulas with AI on Airtable, Google Sheets, or Excel. Also supports Creative Apps like Photoshop, Premier Pro etc.
AI Pencil AI-based software, Sketch AI, allows users to create stunning artwork with the help of powerful tools, import and export their favorite drawings, and transform their art into any medium or style.
AI Pet Avatar The AI avatar generator for your pet. Get 9 AI generated images, works with any pet and no account required!
AI Picasso Create Art with Powerful AI. It generates an image from the text you enter, just as you expect using an AI called Stable Diffusion.
AI completes the filled area. You can edit filled areas with prompts.
AI Pickup Lines AI-generated pickup lines based on just a keyword! You can also buy a database of all the pickup lines generated on the site.
AI Puzzles Ever wanted to build a puzzle of Vincent Van Gogh drawing of New York City? Now you can!
AI Reality AI Reality is a platform that enables you to generate simple augmented reality prototypes using text from AI. We use the power of Stable Diffusion and Open AI to generate an AR experience in a few seconds. Their mission is to massify the use and learning of Augmented Reality through a friendly process thanks to AI.
AI Roguelite World’s first RPG in which all entities are AI-generated and all game mechanics are AI-detected. It has AI-generated entities, crafting recipes, combat and illustrations.
AI Room Planner Interior Design by AI. Get hundreds of interior design ideas for your room - free with no limit.
AI Social Bio Your social media bio, created by artificial intelligence.
AI Trip Planner AI Trip Planner is a global travel planning app that automatically creates a detailed, day-by-day itinerary for users’ trips to any destination in the world. All users need to do is specify the length of their trip and their desired destination, and the app will handle the rest
AI-Writer AI-Writer is the most accurate content generation platform. Uses state-of-the-art AI writing models to generate articles from just a headline.
AI. Image Enlarger All-in-one AI toolkits help you enhance and upscale images. Increases image resolution without losing quality.
AI2image AI generates your custom image in just a few seconds. You can generate images for your website, blogs or social media from a simple description in English.
AIDuh Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 98% with AI-powered responses.
AIGraphics Create Beautiful, Bespoke Graphics in Seconds with AI.
You can use it to create social images, youtube thumbnails, logo ideas, photographs and illustrations.
AIHelperBot Build SQL queries instantly with AI. Build SQL queries without prior SQL knowledge. Join 1000s of others and start boosting your SQL proficiency and productivity. Also supports NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
AISEO AISEO is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to supercharge their writing skills. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, AISEO makes it easier than ever to convert your ideas into compelling, well-written blogs. Simply input your thoughts and let AISEO do the rest. With a single click, AISEO will produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content that engages and informs your audience. Whether you’re a busy professional looking to save time, or someone seeking to improve your writing abilities, AISEO is the perfect tool for you.
Activazon Activazon is crime report analytic service, designed to keep both residents and visitors informed about activities that happen in their neighbourhoods and others.
Ad Auris Listen to articles on the go!
Create a playlist of articles and listen to them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Generate conversion focused ad and social media post creatives in a matter of seconds. Get better results while saving time.
Adept Adept is an ML research and product lab building general intelligence by enabling humans and computers to work together creatively.
Adobe Podcast Provides 2 free quick tools to enhance audio for your content. Enhance speech- Enhance speech by removing all background noise and echo.
Mic Check - Unlock quality sound from your microphone.
The main product promises to provide AI-powered audio recording and editing, all on the web and is under waitlist.
Adobe Sensei Creating and offering the ideal customer experience can be complicated tasks. Sensei uses AI and machine learning to make these tasks easier, helping you streamline the creative process, make informed decisions, and target marketing for better results. If you are currently managing Influencer Marketing campaigns manually over excel-files and DMs, Affable’s end-to-end influencer marketing platform can help you streamline your entire influencer marketing process.
Ai2sql With AI2sql, engineers and non-engineers can easily write efficient, error-free SQL queries without knowing SQL.
Aide Identify common issues and use AI suggested solutions for fast responses and happy users. It visualizes issues for you and provides models that improve over time.
Airbrush Generate AI-powered images - in 1 click. With Airbrush’s AI technology, you can create original stock photos, NFTs, art, and more - in just seconds.
Airgram Automatically record and transcribe meetings, take meeting notes, assign action items - all in Airgram. Works perfectly with Zoom, Google Meet & Teams.
Airtest Generate Unit Tests using AI. Supports several languages including Typescript and Python. Also supports various testing frameworks like Mocha and Jest
Aiva AIVA, the Artificial Intelligence music composer that creates original & personalized music for your projects.
Akkio Akkio is a no-code machine learning platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily leverage AI to make data-driven decisions and grow their business. The platform enables users to combine columns, summarize records, reformat dates, clean data and remove outliers, and make predictions from historic data.
Albus Albus is an AI assistant inside Slack.
You can ask Albus questions directly by messaging the application. Some examples include marketeers using Albus to create personalized and engaging content for their target audience, or designers could use Albus to generate ideas for new designs and to create unique and engaging visual content.
Alethea Alethea AI is working towards enabling the creation of interactive and intelligent NFTs (iNFTs).
Alfred Alfred is a GPT Chat Assistant for iOS. It is a new AI-powered search and content creation engine, combining ads-free search and content creation into one easy-to-use app experience. Powered by OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT-3, Alfred understands your natural language and provides accurate and relevant answers. With Alfred, searching and finding information has never been easier or more convenient. Try it now and experience the future of search and content creation.
Algolia The best Search and Discovery Platform for your business
Algolia empowers Builders with Search and Recommendation services to create world-class digital experiences.
All Search AI Search across the contents of 1000s of books. You can adjust the time span from where you want the results to be shown, the genres, the number of results you get as well as the speed and the quality.
Amazon CodeWhisperer Amazon CodeWhisperer is a machine learning (ML)–powered service that helps improve developer productivity by generating code recommendations based on their comments in natural language and code in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Amper Amper’s mission is to enable anyone to express themselves creatively through music regardless of their background, expertise, or access to resources. Amper builds tools powered by our Creative AI to help people create and customize original music. They also provide an API that you can use to create your own products.
Analogenie analogenie is a simple and intuitive tool to generate analogies, improve your arguments, explain complex concepts, and help readers get a better understanding of your content. Along with analogies, users also get relevant gifs. They can download the gifs or directly copy the embed link to add on content
Andi Andi is search for the next generation using generative AI. Instead of just links, Andi gives you answers - like talking with a smart friend.
AnimeAI AnimeAI generates you as the main hero from top-rated anime! You become characters from Attack On Titans, Naruto, Evangelion, Cyberpunk and Demon Slayer anime from your own photos. Get 120 personalized unique arts!
AnyPod AI search engines built for creators. Search through your favourite podcast like My First Million easily. You can also submit a form adding your podcast.
Anyword Anyword’s AI writing assistant generates effective copy for anyone. Take the guesswork out of your marketing text with an AI copywriting tool that converts.
AppIcons AI AI-generated mobile app icons for both Android and iOS platforms. No image editing software or technical skills are required. Can generate 6 different designs and can select one to crop and preview. You can then upscale and download it.
Apple Books Audiobooks narrated by a text-to-speech AI are now available via Apple’s Books.
Initially only available for romance and fiction books, where they list two available digital voices: Madison and Jackson.
Aragon AI Create HD professional headshots of yourself with AI. Our AI-generated photos look exactly like you and are indistinguishable from real photos. Look your best and increase the chances of recruiters reaching out to you on LinkedIn!
ArtHub Crowdsourced AI art. Explore AI generated designs, images, art and prompts by top community artists and designers. is AI-powered avatar maker. It allows you to upload a few photos of yourself and generates more than 200 cool-looking avatars in different styles.
Article Fiesta An AI writer to help you create articles for your website or blog. All you need to provide is your keyword, and we will take care of the rest. Our AI robot will create long-form, SEO-ready articles ready to be published on your site today. Don’t bother with other sites which just write content. Article Fiesta adds rich, royalty-free images, SEO in article ranking features, and can even auto-build internal links from within the article to your website content. Try us free. No credit card needed.
Article.Audio Too lazy to read an article? no problem, listen to it!
Convert Articles To Audio
ArticleForge From product descriptions to whole blog posts, Article Forge delivers unique, SEO optimized, high-quality content about any topic with a single click.
Artifact News A personalized news feed driven by artificial intelligence. Currently in a private beta and requires users to enter their phone number in order to receive a text invite link.
ArtroomAI Download the local GUI for Stable Diffusion. Make beautiful AI generated art without touching a single line of code.
Artssy Create unlimited images in 1 click with Artssy AI and discover a world of possibilities. Stop paying for royaty free photos when you can create the perfect image instantly.
Arxiv Feed An easily browsable feed of AI research papers taken from Arxiv. Updated regularly.
Ask My Book Ask My Book is an AI experiment by Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Gumroad to make his book more accessible. You can use Ask My Book to ask a question and get an answer in his voice.
Ask String String is a suite of analytic tools that listens and understands. It takes initiatives rather than just taking orders.
It goes beyond understanding structured data and can comprehend the nuances of unstructured data. Data analytics is charting a course through uncharted waters, and STRING is the captain of that journey. We’re sailing into a brave new world of exploration, where systems of understanding and intelligent collaboration lie waiting to be discovered.
Ask YC Get answers from YC’s content library using semantic search. Great for aspiring and curious entrepreneurs
Ask an AI Whether you have a simple question or a more complex request, is here to help.
AskCodi Write Syntax, Comments, and Tests. Faster. Easier. Better. AskCodi is made keeping in mind the needs of developers to avoid redundant tasks, therefore resulting in less time spent on development and more time to execute.
AskNow Ask famous personalities anything and get an AI summarised answer with references. Features personalities like Elon Musk, Naval Ravikant, Paul Graham, Serena Williams etc.
AskThee Ask a question to a big thinker, artist, or scientist. Currently features personalities like Aristotle, Asimov, Carl Sagan etc.
AssemblyAI Transcribe and understand audio with State-of-the-Art AI models. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and AI Speech-to-Text.
Astria Tailor-made AI image generation. Start creating your unique images.
Audio Strip Near Perfect Instrumental and Vocal Isolation for Free!
Audiolabs Platform to turn your podcast into short-form videos ideal for TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Reels. Reach new podcast listeners and drive business outcomes 🎙️Publishing video clips on short-form platforms acts as a “hook” for listeners to discover your inventory and tune in to the full episode or other marketing goals
Audioread Turn your reads into podcasts. Listen to any article, PDF, email, etc in your podcast app.
Audioshake Get your Stems for sync licensing, sampling, remastering, remixing, and re-imagining and get the tech used by major labels, publishers, distributors, music supervisors and sync licensing companies
AuthorAI At AuthorAI we are reimagining the authoring experience powered by AI. We are exploring how state of the art in AI can enhance the creative authoring flow as it applies to creating apps, books, blogs, sites, data, designs, reports, etc.
AutoRegex This website uses AI to automate generating Regex. It can also translate a given Regex to English.
Autodraw Autodraw is an AI tool that allows you to draw faster by guessing what object or shape you intend on drawing.
Automata Automata uses AI to repurpose blogs, news, & videos into LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, and email content.
Autumn AI Measure burnout and prevent it, without surveys.

Autumn connects with the tools you already use, leveraging AI to help you identify early signs of burnout and pick up on patterns like increasing meetings, less frequent 1:1s, or more messages on weekends, across your team.

And it’s not just data – Autumn helps you take action too!

Get 1:1 question prompts delivered before every 1:1, tailored to your team so you don’t have to wonder if you’re asking the right questions.

Team insights are delivered to you weekly and help your team feel connected with no extra effort (or another Zoom social) through fun and interactive weekly summaries in Slack.
Avanty Never waste precious data analyst time on writing boring SQL queries again. Avanty is an AI-powered data query + Business Intelligence tool that allows everybody to get insights from data quicker and at less cost.
Avatar AI Create your own AI-generated avatars.
Avatarify Create personalized avatars using artificial intelligence. Their technology allows you to generate lifelike representations of people, animals, and even fictional characters. Just pay for the GPUs you rent. If you don’t like it, they re-render the avatars.
AweMyFace AweMyFace is a skincare app and AI-powered guide to perfect skin. Take a photo of your face and our artificial intelligence will find acne and show the percentage of the affected area of each zone: forehead, temples, T-zone, nose, cheeks and chin. Any micro change that is difficult to notice even with the closest eye will not pass by the attention of our skincare AI. You will always have an objective picture of the changes. Their AI detects acne with 99.1% accuracy.
Axiom Axiom is a browser extension that helps you save time by automating website actions and repetitive tasks on any website or web app. B12 is an AI-powered website builder that helps professional service providers create a professional website, streamline business operations, and improve client engagement. It offers a team of experts and an industry-specific website draft generated by AI technology.
BHuman Produce a single video and personalize it for thousands of recipients. Deliver over any channel and measure results instantly. You can do this by recording your template, connecting your data and then generating personalized videos.
Bardeen AI Bardeen uses AI to automate manual workflows, save you time, and empower your creativity.
Some examples of automations include:
- Get action items from the last meeting and add them to Notion.
- Summarize any website and save it to Notion.
- Respond to a question from the current page’s content.
- Create an image using AI with OpenAI’s Dall-E.
Batch GPT Perform daily tasks such as classification, transformation, parsing, translation, copywriting and learning 10x faster using advanced Artificial Intelligence.
Bearly A very useful AI tool for researchers - It can be used to create a summary, an outline or reword articles. uses advanced AI music generation techniques to compose unique mood-based music to suit every part of your video or podcast. A convenient way to create stunning presentations quickly and easily. Has a variety of templates, designs, and features to help you create professional presentations. Offers integrations with Slack, Dropbox, and PowerPoint.
BedtimeStory AI Create personalized, instant bedtime stories in seconds. Generate a story about your child, including some family members as characters, and add a genre, story style, moral, and much more – generated using artificial intelligence. Their open library has 5000+ stories. Explore all the stories created by the community. You can like stories, bookmark them into your collections, re-mix* them, share with friends, read to your kids.
Befunky BeFunky Photo Editor lets you apply photo effects, edit photos and create photo collages with collage maker. It has features like cropping, resizing, batch editing, background removal, retouch portraits, one click collage maker, several design templates, millions of stock images and thousands of vector graphics and icons.
Begone Spammer Generate personalized snappy replies to uninvited emails. You can paste the unsolicited message and choose a reply flavor to generate a reply, though personal information should be edited out. Begone Spammer does not process or save email content, and users should proceed with caution when using the platform. Donations are accepted to help keep the project alive.
Better Synonyms A convenient way to find better synonyms for words in a specific context. It enables you to search for synonyms that will fit more naturally in a sentence, making it easier to convey their desired meaning.
Bg.Eraser Powerful AI Inpainting and Picture Clean Up technology. Remove unwanted objects and watermark in seconds.
BlackBox AI BlackBox AI is a AI powered coding assistant so you can code 10x faster. It enables you to turn any question into code and features like extract code from any video and code autocompletion.
BlackInk Create your own unique flash tattoo in seconds.
Stop spending months searching Pinterest for your next tattoo. Generate custom, unique tattoos in seconds with BlackInk’s AI, designed to create tattoo-like designs just for you.
Blakify Text-to-speech software with over 800+ voices and 90 Languages. Bring static content, like ebooks, PDFs, and other training documents, to life.
BlogNLP BlogNLP is a free AI blog writing tool that helps you break your writer’s block to create original content in a fraction of a time.
BlueWillow A text to image AI tool that is ran on discord, it is similar to Midjourney. The AI generates crisp quality photos after receiving prompts from users.
Bookabout AI powered book search engine. Search for the idea of a book, not just the keywords.
Boomy Make instant music and share it with the world. Create original songs in seconds, even if you’ve never made music before. Get paid for every listen on platforms like Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and 40+ others worldwide. Generate a fun trivia game that you can play around an entered topic. You can play by yourself or with friends.
Booth AI Fast, inexpensive, high-quality images produced via AI with no physical samples required. Easily generate professional-grade product photos by uploading an image of your own product and creating your desired outcome by writing a simple prompt.
BoozyBlend The best cocktail recipes customized for you with AI. Generate a recipe based on ingredients and your preference for sweetness, type of glass, and theme.
Botika Botika harnesses the power of generative AI to help online apparel retailers and small businesses reduce the hassle, the cost and the time it takes to create fashion photos, while getting 10x more outputs on a large variety of models.’s focus music is made to help you work better, by blending into the background so you can focus distraction-free. All while stimulating the brain with gentle rhythmic pulses in the music that support sustained attention.
BrameWork Write Blog Posts 5X Faster. Bramework is an easy-to-use AI writer that helps bloggers, freelancers, and agencies save hours per blog post.
Brancher AI Making AI accessible to all by giving users the ability connect AI models together and produce unique AI-powered app. Monetize & share your creations with the world.
BrandBastion Lite Easily monitor and manage all your social media conversations with BrandBastion Lite! Our AI simplifies comment management by analyzing sentiment, detecting spam and hate speech, and identifying the messages that require a response from your brand.
Bria Integrate Bria’s AI-powered API to automate and scale the creation of video and images.
Bright Eye Bright Eye is a multipurpose AI app that has multiple tools to satisfy your your interests in AI as a mobile user. Among its tools are art/image generation, code generation, essay and poem generation, and text extraction and image captioning.
Browse AI The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website. Train a robot in 2 minutes. No coding required.
Build AI Build AI helps you build AI apps in minutes. You will be able to build an app and publish it completely by yourself. You will be able to update it as you see fit, including improving and refining your prompts to make your app the best it can be.
Buildt AI-powered search to find code by searching for what it does, not just what it is.
Once you find the part of the codebase their AI allows you to make changes simply by describing what you want
CAPTURELAB At CAPTURELAB, we auto-fetch your Twitch content as soon as you’ve signed up. When you’re done streaming, our AI will process your content using Computer Vision, detect your best gaming moments, and present them to you for editing. Use the platform to edit, download your video files, and post them on social media to grow your audience.
CTRify First AI-Powered SEO Action Platform
Create websites that rank on Google by just giving one keyword to our Artificial Intelligence. Boost your SERPs rankings, organic CTR, Dwell time and Pogo Sticking thanks to our organic traffic from millions of real Desktop and Mobile devices connected from residential IPs of top Mobile Carriers from all locations of the World.
Caktus AI solutions for students to write essays, discuss questions, general coding help and professional job application help.
Cala CALA makes it easy to design, produce, and deliver your own fully-custom fashion products. CALA provides everything you could need. Design assistance. Material sourcing. Sampling. With powerful features like in-app notifications, task management, and real-time commenting — so you can maximize productivity in the studio or on the go.
CaliberAI CaliberAI helps minimise your risk of defamation with AI.
It flags high-risk content in near real-time and is designed specifically to assist editors and augment human oversight. An API with custom thresholds tailored to your organisation’s risk tolerance.
CandyIcons Find beautiful app icons for your product.
Access our massive collection of stunning app icons and choose the ones you like best.
You get full copyright ownership and unique high-quality icons that support iOS, macOS, and Android projects. There is also a customized favicon generator.
Canva Text to Image Brand-new technology that generates whatever image you describe.
Cargo An automated platform that helps businesses make the most of their data. Its features include advanced analytics, automated reports, machine learning, A/B testing, and integrations. It helps sales and marketing teams align and build custom workflows to drive revenue faster.
Casetext Modern search technology that finds cases Lexis and Westlaw miss. Don’t run the risk of missing precedent. Get faster, more accurate legal research at an affordable price.
Censius Censius is an AI Observability Platform that helps organizations of all scales confidently make their machine learning models work in production. The company launched its flagship AI observability platform that helps bring accountability and explainability to data science projects. A comprehensive ML monitoring solution helps proactively monitor entire ML pipelines to detect and fix ML issues such as drift, skew, data integrity, and data quality issues.
Channel Ask a question in English (natural language) and automatically generate the SQL, answers and visualisations you need. Collaborate with team mates to quickly create dashboards and then explore your data further with Channel’s suggested questions.
Character AI Where intelligent agents live!
Charm Charm can generate, transform, and analyze any text data in Google Sheets. Use it for data cleaning, content generation, feedback categorization and other use cases.
ChatGPT Chrome Extension Display ChatGPT response alongside Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo search results. It gives you surprisingly detailed solutions to your queries - from writing a prom proposal to fixing your code.
ChatGPT For Search Engines Access the ChatGPT language model directly from your search engine results to ask any question and get a natural language response.
ChatGPT Writer Free Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT AI to generate emails or replies based on a few keywords you input. Currently supported for Gmail. Supports all popular languages, simply mention it in the text prompt.
ChatGPT ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue.
The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.
ChatGenius Experience the future of conversation with Chat Genius - the GPT-based AI chatbot app that provides smart and seamless conversations to create your own virtual assistant, personalized to your liking. Choose a name and gender, and let your assistant help you with various tasks, answer your questions and even converse with you.
Chatbase Just upload a pdf and get a link to a GPT based chatbot that can answer any question on it.
Chatbotkit The simplest way to build advanced AI chat bots.
Our platform makes it easy for developers and non-developers alike to build chatbots that can communicate with users in natural language.
Chatty Cat Ask any question, chat with voice messages & request images from AI on WhatsApp.
Cheat Layer No-Code Business Automation. Cheat layer solves impossible business automation problems using a combination of no-code tools and machine learning to function as your personal software engineer.
CheckForAI Detect AI Written Text in Essays and Emails. Their analysis leverages the combination of Open AI’s existing Roberta-base model for GPT detection, and our own proprietary models. is an AI-driven checklists, processes and SOPs management tool designed to help organizations to get things done right every time.
ChefGPT provides AI-powered recipe recommendations based on the ingredients that are available. You can select the ingredients you have, the kitchen tools you have, how much time is available to you, your level of cooking skills and different “Chef Modes” such as Gourmet Mode and All-In Mode, which allow users to customize their recipes.
Circle Labs We make AI that you would actually want to spend time talking to. AI with personality, edges, and corners.
Civitai Civitai is the only Model-sharing hub for the AI art generation community! Free to use, open source, and continually improving.
Cleanup Pictures of any size can be imported and edited in, artificial intelligence advanced editing tools, background removal, image upgrading, etc.
Cleanvoice AI Stop wasting hours editing your podcast.
Cleanvoice is an artificial intelligence which removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording.
Clipdrop The ultimate ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources for all creators, powered by artificial intelligence. Create stunning visuals in seconds.
Clippah With Clippah, you can:
• Easily convert YouTube videos to vertical TikToks
• Convert longform videos to shortform candidates with one click
• Automatically timestamp your YouTube videos
• More features coming soon
Clippy AI Clippy AI (VS Code Extension) is a simple wrapper around OpenAI Codex. It allows you to send Codex your current file as well as some instructions in plain-text English. It then opens a diff view in your editor so you can easily see the suggested changes and accept or reject them.
Clips AI Clips AI automatically creates social media clips from long-form videos like podcasts, webinars, and vlogs. This allows content marketing teams to save time and easily increases metrics on socials.
Closers Copy Boost Your Sales with SEO Optimized Blogs and Irresistible Marketing Copy.
Leverage the secrets of the most powerful copy in the world …and let your copywriting robot bring them to life!
Coach Marlee Coach Marlee by Fingerprint For Success is an AI coach that uses science-based coaching methods.
Everyone with internet access can now afford life-changing coaching that the world’s top performers, CEOs, celebrities and leaders have used as the secret fuel for their success for decades.
Code GPT Code GPT is a VS Code Extension with excellent features like StackOverflow support, Explanation, Refactoring, Documentation, Finding Problems, and Unit Testing.
CodeAssist CodeAssist (for Intellij) is an AI assistant / chatbot / copilot for programming. It generates or changes the code, given a description of the changes that you want to make.

After installing, you can open it by clicking “CodeAssist” tab in the bottom-left corner.

CodeAssist works with all popular programming languages.
CodeGeeX CodeGeeX is a large-scale multilingual code generation model with 13 billion parameters, pre-trained on a large code corpus of more than 20 programming languages. CodeGeeX supports 15+ programming languages for both code generation and translation
Codeium Codeium is the modern coding superpower, a code acceleration toolkit built on cutting edge AI technology. With easy integration into editors, you can focus on being the best software developer, not the best code monkey.
Cody Cody is our solution to the limitations of ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, we needed an AI to work a little bit more like an employee - with the ability to be trained on your specific business, industry, and processes.

✅ Upload any document as source material
✅ Automate tasks to boost productivity
✅ See which sources were used for every answer
✅ Use it for tech support or employee training
✅ Ask it to brainstorm & give ideas
Cogniflow The easiest way to build AI from text, image, or audio. In minutes. No code required.
Cohere See and control your users’ screens, with zero setup. Resolve issues faster than ever before, protect and grow revenue, and make customers fall in love with your product
Coin Identifier Coin Snap Coin Identifier Coin Snap is a powerful mobile application that utilizes AI-driven image recognition technology to accurately identify any coin within seconds.
Colossyan Colossyan Creator makes video creation simple and stress-free. Discover our AI video creator with real actors. Create videos in less than 5 minutes. Start for free here.
Colourlab Hollywood meets AI.
Colourlab AI makes color grading fast, easy and simple by automating color-matching and balancing thanks to new and groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence-powered tools.
Compar AI Powered Content Analyses.
Consensus Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to instantly extract, aggregate, and distill findings directly from scientific research.
Contenda A unified content repository that repurposes technical content better and faster than an agency
Contents Power up your content strategy. The Generative AI platform makes content creation easy and built for performance.
Context Your favorite content. Transcribed and searchable.
Context is an AI-powered search engine that can find any moment you’re looking for within large collections of audio and video content. You can search content of creators like Mr Beast and MKBHD.
Continual Operational AI for the Modern Data Stack.
Continual is the leading operational AI platform for the modern data stack. Build predictive models that never stop improving without complex engineering. Try it for free. is a one of its kind AI marketer that provides a conversational UI for controlling all marketing activities via chat. It assists in end-to-end campaign management, offers simple customer segmentation, provides deep insights, enables ad management and social media posting, and facilitates writing of SEO-optimized blogs and marketing copies.
Convai Easy to use, Conversational AI APIs for Speech Recognition, Language Understanding and generation, and Text to Speech. Design your games and speech enabled applications. Design your conversation based Characters and Speech based games.
ConversAI ConversAI is the personal AI chat assistant that helps you respond to anything with just one click. Let AI carry the conversation and never run out of interesting things to say!
Cool Gift Ideas Give the perfect gift!
Discover creative gift ideas for anyone based on who they are.
CoolAIid Interior design ideas using AI. Whether you’re looking to decorate or just need a little inspiration, we’ll generate unique ideas using AI.
Copilot Your AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor. Get great copy that sells. is an AI-powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business. Get started for free, no credit card required! Marketing simplified!
CopyMonkey CopyMonkey generates and optimizes Amazon listings in seconds. AI helps place all of the important keywords in your Amazon listing to get you ranking organically on the first page.
Copymatic Generate Content & Copy In Seconds with AI
Use AI to boost your traffic and save hours of work. Automatically write unique, engaging and high-quality copy or content: from long-form blog posts or landing pages to digital ads in seconds.
Copypage AI content generator where you can generate blogs, resumes, emails, sales copies, digital ad copies, startup ideas, questions, and answers.
Copysmith The chosen AI Copywriting Software for eCommerce teams & agencies. Generate more revenue than ever before. Sign up for your free trial today.
Coqui Coqui, Freeing Speech.
Corpora Dont just organize your documents. Understand it.
We uses AI language models to help you automate research workflows, like parts of document review. We can search for relevant documents without perfect keyword match, summarize takeaways from the document specific to your question, and extract key information from the document.
We can help with brainstorming and summarization.
Corrector App Check your text with this online spell checker. Any mistakes you have made or grammar suggestions for altering the writing to flow better will be highlighted. Just click on any of the corrections to transform them into something different. They will also explain the grammar mistakes so that you understand where you have gone wrong.
Cowriter Cowriter is an AI writing tool that can help you speed up and inspire your writing by generating content for you. All you need to do is ask, and Cowriter will take care of the rest.

With Cowriter’s editor, you can generate creative blog posts, essays, headlines, images, or any other content in minutes, all optimized, especially for marketing and creative use. In addition, Cowriter can help you improve your content by rewriting it to be more engaging, shortening it to be more simplified, etc.
Cradle Cradle helps biologists design improved proteins in record time using powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions.
Craiyon AI model drawing images from any prompt! Create “Brand Love” with Your Audience. CrawlQ delivers high-emotional, high-empathy, high-ROI, audience-centric creative work with global reach.
Creaitor AI Creaitor helps you write content in a more powerful, emotionally expressive way.
Creatext Creatext assists you in researching your prospects and writing hyper-personalized emails & LinkedIn messages in no time.
Creative Reality Studio (D-ID) The world’s first platform to combine GPT-3, Stable Diffusion, and D-ID’s unique face animation technology. Our generative AI will turn your vision into a talking avatar within seconds.
Cresta Self-service, live coaching, and post call insights. AI that uncovers expertise so teams can make every customer conversation count.
Cron AI Generate cron jobs by just describing how often you want them to run.
CrowdView AI search engine that searches through various forums and communities such as Reddit, HackerNews and more. Write and publish with the magic of AI!
Join the waitlist now.
DaVinciFace The only AI that creates a DaVinci-styled portrait from your photo.
Daft Art AI album art generator.
Create the album cover you’ve always dreamed of!
DallE-2 DALL·E 2 can create original, realistic images and art from a text description. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles.
Dallelist Dallelist allows you to generate prompts easily using images and styles as references. (keywords)
They offer a chrome extension that integrates with DallE website too.
Darrow AI Darrow’s AI-Powered Justice Intelligence Platform scans real world data to detect harmful events, determine the number of victims, predict the legislative outcome, and assess the financial value of a case. Top litigators partner with Darrow to access high-value, meritorious cases. AI tool for creative advertising ideas.
Concepts-on-demand for creatives and agencies. A large language model trained on human-written creative advertising campaigns.
Deep Nostalgia Animate the faces in your family photos with an incredible technology. The tool has done over 106 million animations and counting!
The remarkable technology for animating photos was licensed by MyHeritage from D-ID, a company specializing in video reenactment using deep learning. Deep Nostalgia™ can very accurately apply the drivers to a face in your still photo, creating a short video that you can share with your friends and family.
DeepMotion Animate 3D lets you turn videos into 3D animations by using real-time body tracking for use in games, augmented/virtual reality, and other applications.
Delibr Harness the endless potential of AI.
Supercharge your productivity with guidance and help writing. Features include dynamic templates, writing help, feedback revision and writeups. AI tool for product and project managers
Delve Create personas automatically for your business and for your competitor businesses
Descript Create a text to speech model of There’s a new way to make video and podcasts. A good way.
Designify Create automatic designs using your favorite photos. Pick any image to create AI-powered designs by automatically removing backgrounds, enhancing colors, adjusting smart shadows, and so much more. Save, download, or share your designs right away.
Designs AI Create logos, videos, banners, mockups with A.I. in 2 minutes. Detangle gives you AI-generated summaries of your legal docs so you can actually understand them.
Detect GPT Find out if the pages you browse contain AI-generated content.
Detect GPT scans the content of the webpage you are viewing and analyzes it to identify if any of the content has been generated using the GPT language model.
Diffusion Land Diffusion Land allows you to use various AI models to generate images. They also have several prebuilt concepts that you can use to generate certain types of images.
DiffusionBee The easiest way to generate AI art on your computer with Stable Diffusion.
Dimensions Dimensions helps you turn rough sketches, photos, or even plain text into high-detailed concepts in a few clicks. Focus on creativity, not on endless routine.
DoNotPay The World’s First Robot Lawyer.
The DoNotPay app is the home of the world’s first robot lawyer. Fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button.
Doctrina AI Built on top of the powerful GPT-3 language model from OpenAI, this product is designed to help students and children study better and adapt to the new challenges of remote and online learning.
Dost Create safe, bias-free, microaggressions-free, inclusive messages with Dost’s AI-powered Slack and MSTeams app.
DraftLab Your Gmail copilot. Write better emails faster. Reach Inbox Zero 10x faster with the DraftLab Chrome extension for Gmail.
Drayk It Make AI Drake Songs About Anything! Gives you a shareable URL and the option to download your generated song.
Dream Interpreter A dream interpreter built with GPT-3. Ask it the meaning of your dream and it will interpret it for you, allowing you to also upvote or downvote the meaning
DreamStaging.AI Unlock Endless Design Possibilities with Artificial Intelligence: AI-Generated Interiors in Minutes for Your Listings and Design Projects. Upload a photo of an empty room and get dozens of professionally designed and furnished interior variations in minutes, across various styles and room types. AI-powered virtual staging can save you a lot of time by automating the process of creating virtual staging designs and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business
Dreamhouse AI An AI interior design tool that re-designs your home, places virtual furniture, and renders beauty into your spaces. Create stunning original art in seconds with the power of AI.
Magical AI tools. Create endless original images, modify existing ones, and more.
Dreamsands Dreamsands is a creative marketplace where you can license, collect and share images of AI-generated art you find interesting.
Dubverse Easiest (and magical) way to Dub videos. Make your content multilingual at a click of a button and reach more people.
Duino Code Generator Automatically generate code for any Arduino compatible board with a single click. Let AI do the hard work so you can spend more time tinkering!
Durable Get your business online in 30 seconds. The AI-powered platform for solo business owners. Generate a website, automate your marketing, and manage your finances.
Dystr Dystr helps mechanical & electrical engineers write and run code in the cloud seamlessly without software experience. The product allows users to write and run code in cloud ready environments, nearly eliminating the need for any knowledge of Python or even how to provision cloud environments like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon’s AWS.

It includes natural language code manipulation using Generative AI, triggers and scheduled tasks, and remote cloud environments that are provisioned as needed. This enables technical, hardware & manufacturing focused engineers the ability to conduct analysis more quickly and efficiently, and to automate tasks they otherwise couldn’t.
ELI5 Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5) is a website that simplifies complex topics using AI so that even a child can understand them. Users can select a specific topic and choose how dumbed-down they want the explanation to be, ranging from “really dumb” to “really smart”. Some examples are - “How do computers work?” and “What is the meaning of life?”
Easy-Peasy.AI Get your copywriting done faster and easier with 🤖 AI tools. You can also use our AI avatar generator to generate avators.
Easy-Peasy.AI believes that everyone has a story to tell. With our AI copywriting tools, we help you tell your story in the most engaging way possible.
Ebi.Ai Reduce call volumes and improve customer experiences with an AI assistant.
Ebsynth EbSynth is a free software app that allows you to animate existing footage using just a few styled keyframes. It is perfect for hand-drawn animations that typically would take a long time to animate.
Edaly AI Powered EdTech SaaS enabling educators and learners to connect globally with remote education. Edaly brings the credibility and authenticity of online exams and test via live proctoring with smart AI algorithm. It also empower parents to explore their child potential talents and skills and uses AI to predict their optimal career path.
Editby Do you find yourself struggling to come up with interesting tweets?
Start writing like famous Twitter accounts using AI, so you don’t have to worry about writer’s block anymore.
Eightify AI summaries for YouTube. Turn any long YouTube video into a Summary with 8 key ideas. Now you can instantly decide if the video is worth watching. Perfect for 👩‍💼business education, 🎙podcasts, 📺interviews, 📰news, and 👨🏻‍🏫lectures!
Eilla AI is an AI-powered assistant that generates high-quality content for your business, blogs, ads, emails and realistic images or art. Get started for free, no credit card required!
Elektrif AI Be your best self, never run out of things to talk about, and spend more time actually getting to know someone. uses GPT3 to generate personalized conversation starters, rephrase your messages to be more engaging, etc.
Elephas The only AI writer that integrates with your Mac. Works across applications.
Elf Help Holiday gifting inspo.
Elf Help is your ultimate gift-giving assistant, offering creative and personalized suggestions for everyone on your list, all for free.
Elicit Elicit uses language models to help you automate research workflows, like parts of literature review.

Elicit can find relevant papers without perfect keyword match, summarize takeaways from the paper specific to your question, and extract key information from the papers.

Elicit can also help with other research tasks like brainstorming, summarization and text classification. EmailMagic uses AI to help users write emails 10x faster. There are two subscription plans available - Basic and Premium - and a 7-day free trial for both. The Basic plan offers 10 emails per day, medium copy originality and support for English, Spanish, and German. The Premium plan offers 100 emails per day, with high copy originality, support for all languages and early access to new features.
Embra Your personal, intelligent AI — always one second away! Embra can pull in contextual data from Chrome and other apps to speed up and unlock creativity across Q&A, brainstorming, writing, reading, and coding.
Emergent Drums Generate unique drum samples using artificial intelligence. Use our breakthrough plugin to generate endless drum samples, all royalty-free.
Endel Personalized soundscapes to help you focus, relax, and sleep. Backed by neuroscience.
EndlessVN All stories come to an end. Except this one.
Endless Visual Novel is an AI storytelling game where all assets — graphics, music, story and characters — are generated by AI as you play.
No two playthroughs will ever be the same. Save 5x time with AI-generated replies for social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Let Entario create comments tailored to each inquiry in seconds.
Customize and edit comments in different tones of voice. Works with all major social media platforms.
Enterpix AI-Generated Image Search Engine. Remove Background From Images For Free.
Remove background from images of humans, animals, or objects, and download high-resolution images for free.
EvelynAI EvelynAI is a tool that brings the power of GPT-3, the state-of-the-art language processing AI, to Telegram. It will help you create tweets, posts, blogs, and more using text prompts.
Everypixel A search engine powered by AI that indexes 50 paid and free stock image websites, and allows users to search through a massive database of stock photos in seconds.
You can also search by image and variety of search filters giving you the ability to search by color, orientation and image type. You can also compare image prices from various websites and search by author.
Evoke Evoke allows devs and businesses building AI apps to avoid expensive cloud setup by hosting AI models on the cloud that are accessible through APIs.

Our stable diffusion API allows users to create AI generated images for their AI apps without cloud setup.
Evoto AI Evoto, a next-generation photo editor that releases you from tedious work, sets you up to get thousands of photos processed at a 10x speed with remarkable quality, and helps you make your imaginations real.
ExamCram With ExamCram, students can convert any type of media, such as lectures or textbook passages, into personalized study materials, including flashcards and practice tests. The app’s AI algorithms automatically identify key concepts and create questions based on them, making it easy for students to focus on the most important information.
Excel Formula Bot Transform your text instructions into Excel formulas in seconds with the help of AI.
Stop wasting hours creating Excel formulas. Experience the full power of Excel & Google Sheets AI formula generators to solve problems in seconds.
ExperAI ExperAI generates an expert for you based on a prompt you give them and allows you to chat with them.
ExplainPaper Get an explanation of confusing text on research papers by highlighting them. You can upload a paper and save papers as well.
ExplainThis A chrome extension that can explain concepts to you in plain language. The AI assistant provides a summary of the entire page with a single click. This is useful when you don’t have much time or want a concise summary of the content.
Extrapolate Extrapolate allows users to upload a photo and see what they may look like in the future. It has already generated over 5,000 photos.
Eye for AI Save your favorite prompts as templates, and use them to quickly generate images in the future. Templates can work on uploaded images, or on text prompts.
Facial Assessment Tool A facial assessment tool by Qoves Studio that uses machine learning to analyze your face like a clinician and suggests cosmetics improvements to your routine.
FakeYou Use FakeYou to convert text to speech and say stuff with your favorite characters. Also get your own voice clone to use with music, videos, twitch rewards and whatever you want.
FashionAdvisorAI Ask Questions & Get Answers from FashionAdvisorAI. It uses artificial intelligence to help you find answers to your fashion queries. Use it to always dress your best. is your AI podcast copilot. Get amazing recommendations, share your favorite clips, search inside podcasts, read transcripts, navigate episodes using chapters, and so much more. It’s a whole new way to experience podcasts!
Felvin Felvin enables non-devs to create, discover and monetize AI apps. Our no-code tool makes it easy for you to create AI apps and put them on an SEO-optimized gallery for discovery.
Ferret Ferret’s unparalleled AI app, combined with world class information, provides you with exclusive relationship intelligence that can help you avoid high-risk individuals and spot promising opportunities.
Fig AI A seamless add-on to your existing terminal, Fig integrates with the most popular terminals, shells & IDEs.
Find Your Next Book Find Your Next Book is a book recommendation service for people struggling to decide what to read. Simply describe your desired read in terms of character, setting and/or plot and we’ll recommend the best option from our database of thousands of books.
Finding Words AI obituary maker by Empathy. Creating a meaningful tribute to your loved one can be a difficult and emotional task. With Empathy’s Finding Words, you can simply answer a series of questions and our AI will draft an obituary in their honor.
Finta Power your fundraise with just one tool that does it all.
Finta is your fundraising copilot. Automating your workflow end to end, so you can get back to growing your business.
Flair AI AI Design Tool for Branded Content. You can use it to generate great product photos for your advertisements or other content.
Fliki Create videos from scripts or blog posts using realistic voices in 2 minutes!
Transform blog articles into videos. Lifelike Text to Speech Voices. Rich stock media library.
Trusted by 30k+ content creators from companies like Google, Meta, Bytedance and Upwork.
FlowGPT FlowGPT: Share, discover, and learn about the most useful ChatGPT prompts that help you streamline your tasks and increase productivity.
Flying Dog Add DALLE 2 and Stable Diffusion to Adobe Photoshop. Has several features like Text to Image, Image to Image, Inpainting, and a new server for Outpainting.
You also get a proven workflow to preview and adjust images
Forethought Forethought’s AI platform automates and optimizes the entire support ticket lifecycle. Lowers support costs while providing top-tier service in every customer interaction.
Frase Frase offers several useful AI writing tools in categories of copywriting, summarizing, paraphrasing and advertising.
Fy! Studio Turn your ideas into unique wall art.
Just type in your ideas, and we’ll turn them into a never seen before piece of wall art.
G3DAI {Jedi} Create any 3D asset you need, simply by adding a text prompt. Powered by ground-breaking artificial intelligence.
GET3D (Nvidia) A Generative Model of High Quality 3D Textured Shapes Learned from Images.
GETitOUT GETitOUT is an AI Persona & Text Generator.
Marketing works better with personas. But creating them for every project and client? Not fun, at least until now.

Meet GETitOUT’s Persona Generator: Extract personas from competitors. Generate professional texts. Then paste them into all your websites, emails, and marketing tools.
GGPredict Raise your CS:GO skills with the power of AI-generated training with less than 30 minutes daily.Train smarter. Rank up faster.
GPT For Me GPTForMe gives you the power of AI to interact with personal or niche content that the public GPT-3 model doesn’t know about. It’s a prototype intended to demonstrate the potential of GPT-3 for personalized use cases.
GPT for Sheets Like ChatGPT, but from Google Sheets. Get help with inspiration, categorization, translation, correction, summarization with the GPT function.
GPT-Prompter Chrome extension to get fast explanation of the selected text.
GPT3 Playground Enter an instruction or select a preset, and watch the API respond with a completion that attempts to match the context or pattern you provided.
You can control which model completes your request by changing the model.
GPTAgent GPT Agent claims to provide the easiest way to build AI apps.
GPUX.AI GPU Everything. Run anything Dockerized. Run autoscale Inference.
Save costs 50-90%.
Galactica Galactica is an AI trained on humanity’s scientific knowledge. You can use it as a new interface to access and manipulate what we know about the universe.
Galileo Galileo AI creates delightful, editable UI designs from a simple text description. It empowers you to design faster than ever. Gamma.AI developed an AI-powered cloud DLP that could connect across all cloud collaboration applications in one click, prepackaged with out-of-the-box ML-powered data classification profiles and offering the industry’s best data detection
Gemsouls Meet, befriend, and create virtual characters. On a mission to bring gem-like virtual humans to life.
Gen Z Translator A fun AI project that converts any given text to Gen Z slang. The tool would be able to identify words and phrases in the original text and then replace them with their corresponding slang words or phrases. Translated 2000+ sentences into tweets or something, idk.
Genei Automatically summarise background reading and produce blogs, articles, and reports faster.
Generated Photos Enhance your creative works with photos generated completely by AI. Find model images through our sorted and tagged app, or integrate images via API.
Generative BI Make data-driven decision faster than ever. Get valuable insights without technical knowledge in minutes.
Genie AI GenieAI is a web application that uses Artificial intelligence to generate titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnail ideas for your content.
GeniusReview 360° AI Performance Reviews. Save tons of hours by using GeniusReview to get tailored answers to your performance review questions.
Genmo AI Genmo offers fantastical video generation with AI. You can also see videos generated by the community.
GetFloorPlan Convert your 2D floor plan in to the modern and fully furnished 3D layout with 360 virtual tour with capacity up to thousands per day using AI.
Getalpaca alpaca is a Photoshop Plugin for to combine AI image generation power with human skill. Everything you need to create images with AI.
Magical AI art tools. Generate orginal images, modify existing ones, expand pictures beyond its orginal borders, and more.
Getsound Personalized soundscapes based on current weather conditions. Can be used in places like spas, hotels, resorts, and workspaces. Using 24/7 weather monitoring and physical environment parameters, the app creates soundscapes that are ever-changing and unique to the location.
Also offers 20+ soundscapes, such as sunrise, sunset, desert, jungle, ocean, wind, and rain.
Ghostwrite GhostWrite is an AI that writes your emails utilizing ChatGPT & other AI technologies. Reply, compose, and write emails instantly from just a few words. GhostWrite AI uses artificial intelligence to automate the writing process, so you can spend more time on the things that matter.
Gifts Genie Genie is an AI-powered birthday gift ideas generator.
No more struggling to come up with the perfect gift - just tell the generator a few things about the person and it’s generate gift ideas for you.
It aims to take the stress out of gift-giving.
Gimme Summary AI Gimme Summary AI is a free Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT to summarize articles on the web. It is 100% free and privacy friendly. It also has a keyboard shortcut function.
Gita GPT GitaGPT is a website that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help people get guidance from the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Indian scripture. It provides more than 71,108+ updesh (spiritual instruction) that can help people of all ages and backgrounds.
Glasp Glasp is a social web highlighter that people can use to highlight and organize quotes and ideas from the web without switching back and forth between screens, and access other like-minded people’s learning at the same time. Leave your digital legacy for humanity, while working for yourself.
They also provide a tool that summarizes Youtube videos. Effective problem representations, also known as diagnostic one-liners, include relevant demographics, pertinent history or epidemiological risk factors, duration and tempo of the illness, as well as key signs and symptoms and key data (laboratory, imaging, physical exam data). When possible, signs, symptoms, and data should be consolidated into a description of a clinical syndrome.
Glean Know what your company knows, instantly. Glean searches across all your company’s apps to help you find exactly what you need and discover the things you should know.
Gling Gling is an AI tool made for video content creators. Their AI will cut silences and bad takes for you so you can focus on your YouTube videos.
Glow AI Introducing Glow AI, your personalized skincare solution. Our web app generates custom skincare routines tailored to your skin type and budget.
Goodlookup Goodlookup is a smart function for spreadsheet users. It delivers the benefits of AI language models to regular people.
Gooey.AI A low-code platform to discover, tweak and compose AI workflows. Offers a unified billing layer to enable API access to the latest Generative AI models (e.g. OpenAI’s GPT3 + DallE, Lots of Stable Diffusion image models, Voice generators, LipSync, InstructPix2Pix, etc) plus more paid APIs such as social profile lookups and SEO APIs. Tweak a workflow and then immediately use it as an API in your own app. Prototype how AI will integrate with your own site/app.
GptDuck Question answering against any Github repository. Input a Github repository, we will download it to the server and create embeddings against the code. Repos need to be public, <200 files, and <100MB.
Graham AI Tweet like a genius tech influencer, generated by AI.
Grammarly Write confidently with Grammarly’s new AI-powered application. Go beyond grammer and spelling to style and tone with auto suggestions. Works with emails, documents, social media and almost everything.
Green Screen AI Green Screen AI lets you change the background of your pictures to whatever you can think of! Using generative AI, you can place your dog in an alien jungle or turn your cat into a space-cowboy.
GymGenie GymGenie is an AI-powered web application that provides customized workout routines based on individual gym goals. It utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate personalized exercise plans, offering a unique and convenient solution for people looking to achieve their fitness goals. With its innovative approach and growing demand for accessible fitness solutions, GymGenie presents a great opportunity for individuals looking to enter the health and wellness space.
HTTPie AI Generate API requests using plain language. HTTPie is making APIs simple
and intuitive for those building the tools of our time.
Hacker AI An AI that hacks you to secure your applications. Use for cybersecurity professionals and anyone else who writes code.
Hacker AI detects vulnerabilities in source code. Free with a freemium API releasing soon. Made by
Hair by AI We’re on a mission to empower women with hairstyle recommendations that are unique to their preferences. We want to remove the uncertainty of choosing the wrong hairstyle and give beauticians better guidance on how their clients want their hair configured.
HairstyleAI Use our powerful AI technology to generate different hairstyles. See which one suits you best. Works for male and female haircuts.
Hama - Image Editing Erase people or objects from an image in just a second.
Harmonai We are a community-driven organization releasing open-source generative audio tools to make music production more accessible and fun for everyone
Harvey The AI Sidekick that makes teams more productive
Helicone Simplify GPT-3 monitoring with one line of code. To use, replace the base url with the SDK. Add your OpenAI key to Valyr and view requests in the dashboard.
Hello History You’ll be able to have in-depth conversations with some influential and fascinating figures from history. The conversations are generated by AI, so don’t take them too seriously. Each conversation is unique and you never know where it will go.
Say Hello to 10x faster writing and brainstorming without creative blocks or wasted time. HelloScribe’s easy-to-use AI tools help PR and Marketing Professionals work smarter.
Hexagram We Make Ambient Experiences using Artificial Intelligence. Games that use chat, story, and data to blend fiction and reality.
Heyday Heyday is an AI-powered memory assistant that resurfaces content you forgot about while you browse the web. Remember more of what you learn. Automatically.
Hidden Door A new kind of social roleplaying experience, powered by narrative AI. Play to create new stories, go on a virtual adventure with friends, collect, share and remix.
Hippocratic AI Free search tool for peer-reviewed medical knowledge. It uses statpearls as the data source. It was downloaded in accordance with the usage policy via FTP.
HoppyCopy Write high-converting emails, 10x faster.
Save countless hours writing. Use AI to generate powerful copy for hundreds of different email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters and more.
Hot Reach AI Convert more strangers to customers. Sending personalized intros is great, but stop wasting time writing them! Hot Reach AI increases your reply conversion from cold emails at scale by personalizing introductions using Artificial Intelligence and LinkedIn data. Hotpot helps you create professional graphics and pictures. AI tools allow experts and consumers to spark creativity and automate drudgery. Easy-to-edit templates empower anyone to create device mockups, social media posts, marketing images, app icons, and other work graphics.
Hourone Welcome to Hour One - the world’s fastest growing AI video maker. We turn text to video to make learning & development more fun & effective. Try now!
HowToReplyTo Find a creative and unique replies to any messages using AI. Supports use cases like replying to family, friends, a tinder date and everyone!
Humata AI Upload a PDF and get answers from it.
Create Reports 100X Faster. Understand Technical Documents 100X Faster. Analyze Legal Documents 100X Faster
Hypotenuse ai Turn a few keywords into original, insightful articles, product descriptions and social media copy with AI copywriting—all in just minutes. Try it free today. Generates resignation letters for you. They have several examples on their site as well.
Iconify AI Create professional icons for your app/website in seconds. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of traditional app icon design and let AI design your brand icons.
Ideabuddy Bring your business idea to life.
All-in-one business planning software that helps you turn your great idea into a successful business.
IdeasAI Ideas on this page are 100% generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3, an artificially intelligent deep learning model, without human involvement, and trained by you and 1,457,521+ other people who liked or disliked ideas
IllostrationAI Create AI-generated illustrations. Uniqueness in seconds.
We’re currently in public beta. Sign up to get early access.
Illustroke Stunning SVG illustrations from text prompts
Create something unique with ours text to SVG AI tool.
Imagine 3D Imagine 3D is an early experiment to prototype 3D with text.
We will expand access to generation as the quality and usability improves
Imagine Me Generate stunning AI art of yourself from a text description. Use it for personalized art and avatars, virtual try-on and personalized marketing.
Imaiger AI image search tool for generated art and images. Search millions of art and images generated with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.
Img Upscaler Upscale and enhance your image by using the latest AI technology. Support batch process. Upscale multiple images as simple as TINYPNG compressing them!
Img2prompt Get an approximate text prompt, with style, matching an image. (Optimized for stable-diffusion (clip ViT-L/14))
Imgcreator Creating images with text.
Generate text-based images to help you think and create.
In3D Turn people into realistic avatars! Realistic and customizable avatars created with a phone camera within a minute for your metaverse, game, or app.
InVideo Unlock the power of video.
With InVideo, everyone can create great-looking pro videos that engage better, deliver more leads and save time. Our library of 5000+ templates, transitions, and effects is here to help you create videos easily, quickly, and efficiently.No download is required.
Industrial Data Labs Embedding A.I. in BOM workflows.
Inside Sales Teams spend countless hours manually entering data from bill of material spreadsheets to quoting systems and ERPs.

Our industry-trained A.I. automates this manual process allowing your sales team to spend more time selling.
Infranodus Generate Ideas and Insight using AI and Network Thinking.
InfraNodus combines text analysis, network visualization, and GPT-3 AI to help you study a discourse, enhance your reading, writing, and research workflows.

Get a summary overview of any text from multiple import sources, reveal the main topics and the relations between them, identify the patterns and gaps, discover the right questions to advance your thinking and research.
InstaNovel AI uses GPT-3 and Dall-E 2 to generate the contents of the book. All you need to do is enter a prompt and choose a visual style a whole mini-novel will be generated for you. It’s free to use with a limit of 1 book per person. Currently, it is only available in English, however, more languages will be added in the future. InstantArt is a revolutionary new platform for AI-generated art. Their stable diffusion technology ensures that every image generated is of the highest quality, making it the perfect tool for artists, designers, and creators of all levels. Whether you’re a professional looking for inspiration or a hobbyist looking to experiment, InstantArt has something for everyone.
Instantly Instantly helps you generate more replies & more revenue. Scale your outreach campaigns through unlimited email sending accounts, unlimited warmups, and smart AI.
Intelli Gift is an AI-powered gift advisor that uses advanced algorithms to suggest the perfect gift for any occasion. It takes into account the recipient’s preferences, interests, and personality to recommend the best options, saving time, money, and energy for the gift-giver.
Interflexion AI-powered role-play that helps professionals become better versions of themselves. Develops leadership and interpersonal skills through guided practice and personalized feedback.
InteriorAI Get interior design ideas using Artificial Intelligence and virtually stage interiors for real estate listings with different interior styles.
Inworld Lifelike AI characters that can carry on open-ended conversations. Ask them anything. Built for gaming, entertainment, and virtual worlds.
Ipso AI An AI assistant that uses your calendar to draft email responses for scheduling meetings, powered by GPT3. A comprehensive platform for all your research processing. Smart search and a wide range of smart filters, reading list analysis, auto-generated summaries, autonomous extraction and systematizing of data.
Jasper Create content 10x faster with artificial intelligence. Jasper is the highest quality AI copywriting tool with over 3,000 5-star reviews. Best for writing blog posts, social media content, and marketing copy.
Jenni You Write, Jenni Completes
Supercharge your writing with the most advanced AI writing assistant.
JibeWith Transform your social media strategy with the power of AI. Connect with your audience on social media like never before with AI-generated posts that #jibe with your brand and target demographics.
Jokelub Turn your writing into a joke at the click of your hand. Make people smile.
Journeai Hyper personalized trip recommendations with google map integration. Whether you like antique stores or skydiving, taking small kids, crossing the Sahara desert or going on a road trip… This app can build you just the right trip to any place in the world in seconds.
Jrnylist Midjourney Prompt Helper. - Browse dozens of prompts categorized as Art & Illustration or Assets & UIs
You can submit your own prompt as well.
Juice Juice allows GPUs to become fully network attached. Scale up and down your development with no setup time and no commitment to the underlying machine or stack - just connect to a GPU as if it was plugged into your PCIe slot directly. Bare-metal performance on both graphical and ML tasks over **standard networking**! Take advantage of GPU’s natural load-balancing telemetry and make GPUs sharable across multiple clients and tasks.
JustLearn You can create AI friends using Justlearn and speak to them.
Kadoa Kadoa is an LLM-powered tool that can understand the structure of any website and extract the desired data in the format you want.
Kaedim 2D image to 3D model. Automatically convert 2D to 3D online with AI.
Kafkai Kafkai is a machine-learning algorithm that can write articles from scratch. Cutting-edge technology for marketers and SEOs. is an amazing tool that allows you to animate your photos and bring your memories to life. This incredible technology uses artificial intelligence to bring your photos to life in a unique and exciting way. With just a few simple steps, you can turn your still photos into dynamic moving masterpieces. makes it easy to relive your favorite moments and keep your memories forever. Whether you’re looking to create a special video to share on social media, or just want to keep your memories in a fun and innovative way, is the perfect tool for you.
Kailua Labs Build powerful multimodal search into your app.
Use our API to easily search your images, video, audio, and more with AI.
Kaizan Kaizan is a Client Intelligence Platform for Client Success teams to retain and grow revenue
Katteb Katteb AI makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog and online store.
Kayyo AI trainer will analyze your movements and provide personalized feedback and recommendations to help you take your training to the next level. Personalized training plans and exercises tailored to your goals and abilities. Detailed video demonstrations and instructions for each exercise. Progress tracking to help you monitor your improvement. Virtual sparring partner to practice your skills in a simulated fight is a keyword research and content ideation tool utilizing GPT. Built to be able to find niche relevant keywords, as well a generate questions, topics and blog post outlines. With you can scrape the Google ‘People Also Ask’ questions and automatically generate answers for them.
Kickresume Kickresume is an all-in-one career toolbox that helps you create a beautiful resume or cover letter in seconds with the help of AI and customizable templates. It’s powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, the world’s most powerful language model, and it can automatically produce text indistinguishable from human writers. Say goodbye to writer’s block. Generate the first draft of your resume or cover letter in seconds.
Kili Craft personalised experiences without using code. Can be used by content creators, company knowledge, e-commerce and customer service.
Kinetix The no-code platform for creating 3D animations for free. Take yourself to the metaverse. No skills required.
Klaviyo SMS Assistant Write SMS campaigns in seconds with Klaviyo’s new AI-powered SMS Assistant
Kodezi ai Kodezi is the AI developer tool assistant that auto-corrects your code. Improve your code instantly using AI, get your bugs removed using Kodezi.
Komo Search Komo Search leverages generative AI to put your search journeys first, instead of a laundry list of links. [Chat] Deep dive, brainstorm or discuss topics. [Explore] See what the community is talking about. [Search] Get quick answers or links to resources.
Krea Explore millions of AI generated images and create collections of prompts. Featuring Stable Diffusion generations.
Krisp Krisp’s AI-powered solution removes background noise and echo from meetings, leaving only human voice. Has features like noise & echo cancellation, widget, insights and call summary. Community of Makers, building with state-of-the-art, modern Artificial Intelligence. hosts regular Hackathons teaching how to build and use different AI technologies.
Laion LAION, as a non-profit organization, provides datasets, tools and models to liberate machine learning research. They encourage open public education and a more environment-friendly use of resources by reusing existing datasets and models. A next-generation vocal remover and music source separation service for fast, easy and precise stem extraction. Remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks without quality loss.
Landr Create and release your music in one place. Landr has over $3000 worth of plugins, samples and essentials tools. Upload a track and let their AI-driven mastering engine do the rest.
LangoTalk Learn Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, or Italian 6x faster by chatting with AI.
LanguageTool LanguageTool corrects spelling mistakes, but it also offers a full writing analysis of all possible texts. In addition to spelling, grammar, and word choice, language style is also corrected. It masters more than 30 languages and dialects, and its main languages are English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese. In its English version, you can choose between six standard varieties. LanguageTool also offers an A.I.-based rephrasing function in addition to correction. This can help you to rewrite entire sentences to make them simpler, shorter, or more formal.
Latent Labs Generate a 3D world that you can look around in based on your text prompt. Has support for different versions of Stable Diffusion and has a Discord Community that you can join as well.
Lavender Lavender is a complete suite of tools to help you get more replies in less time. Write better emails, personalize faster, and coach your team with Email AI.
Legal Robot Legal advice requires careful analysis of the law and how it applies to a specific situation. Legal Robot provides information generated by automated analysis of your legal documents in relation to other legal documents and case law. We also provide linguistic and statistical analyses that help you understand potential issues in your legal documents.
Legalese Decoder Simplify Everyday Jargons & Legalese Instantly: Designed to take a legal document as input and output a version of the document that is written in plain language.
Lek Lek is an AI copywriting tool. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create content and copy. Lek AI helps you write anything for everything.
Lensa Lensa is a picture editor for selfies and photo retouching. The app has many filters for pictures to get a sweet selfie, remove any blur background or do any other necessary editing. With its simple features and photo-effects, you can make every photo perfect 365 days a year. Capture memorable moments and do the necessary photo editing to freeze each moment in time. You don’t need a photo lab or dark room because within seconds your peachy selfie is ready.
Leonardo.Ai Creativity, Revolutionized
Generate production-quality assets for your creative projects with AI-driven speed and style-consistency. LessonPlans is an AI-powered lesson plan generator developed by teachers to help teachers create high-quality lesson plans in a fraction of the time.
The AI-generated lesson plans include a step-by-step guide for each lesson, making it easy for teachers to follow and implement the plan in their classrooms. It also allows teachers to customize the lesson plans to fit their teaching style and students’ needs.
Let’s Enhance Image enhancer & upscaler. Automatic AI editor to increase image resolution without losing quality. Make your photos look their best in one click
Letterdrop Create 32% more content, faster, with fewer headaches. Letterdrop streamlines and automates your content operations.
Level AI Level AI is the next-level contact center intelligence platform. Our AI-first SaaS helps companies uncover customer insights and drive business outcomes. Level AI enables omnichannel optimization by analyzing customer experience, assisting agent performance, and automating contact center operations.
Lexica The Stable Diffusion search engine. is an AI search assistant that answers questions and cites sources. It is powered by GPT-3, a cutting-edge natural language processing technology. Lexii can provide you with accurate, up-to-date information on any topic.
Lightning AI Build models and full-stack AI apps, lightning fast. Build models and AI-powered cloud applications using Lightning App templates without DIY infrastructure, cost management, scaling, and other headaches. Liner is a free tool that lets you train your ML models easily. It takes your training data and gives you an easy-to-integrate ML model. No coding or expertise in machine learning required.
Linguix Linguix is an AI writing assistant and grammar checker for content creators and business professionals. Their Chrome extension offers you sentence rephrasing and checks grammar online in real time on millions of websites used by marketers, salespeople, customer support reps, and HR professionals. The writing assistant seamlessly integrates with Asana, Google Drive, Gmail, HubSpot, and other business platforms to improve your writing style stress-free.
Listnr AI Voice Generator with over 600+ voiceovers in 80+ languages, go from Text to Voice in seconds, export your voices easily in MP3 or WAV format.
LitRPG Adventures Advanced Tabletop RPG Generators + Content Library
D&D Backstory Generator? That’s not all. Get instant access to over 2 dozen fantasy RPG generators powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI. Members also get access to our growing RPG library full of tabletop RPG content
LiveAI Bot Have access to a powerful chatbot that works 24/7 to keep your community engaged and active. Whether you need help generating images, composing tweets, writing code, or even creating articles, LiveAl Bot has got you covered.
LiveReacting AI Elevate your live shows with our AI host. Save time and money while providing an interactive and engaging experience for your audience.
Lobe Lobe helps you train machine learning models with a free, easy-to-use tool. It Just show it examples of what you want it to learn, and it automatically trains a custom machine-learning model that can be shipped in your app.
Localio AI Copywriting Tool specifically designed for Digital Agencies and Small Businesses. It makes it fast & easy to create sales-driving content for business websites, Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook Linkedin, Youtube, and more.
Logomaster Trusted by over 3000 startups, professionals and small businesses to generate logos using AI
LongShot Create blogs that humans and search engines love using Artificial intelligence.
LongShot is an AI writing assistant that helps you and your team create helpful blogs that rank on Google.
Looka Looka Logo Maker combines your logo design preferences with Artificial Intelligence to help you create a custom logo you’ll love.
Lookup Get answers from your data in seconds.
Lookup is the AI-powered analytics platform that helps you get from data to insight 10X faster. Import your data, ask questions, get results instantly.
Looria Looria finds the best products that fit your needs and budget.
They gather reviews from the most trusted sources, filter out the fake ones, and summarize the findings so you can make more informed purchase decisions.
LuciaAI An advanced AI writing assistant. Lucia uses the latest and most advanced artificial intelligence technology. With Lucia, you can write faster and better than ever before.
Lumen5 Lumen5 combines powerful A.I. with a simple drag-and-drop interface to help you create professional video content in minutes.
Lunit Lunit is a public company that develops medical AI software that helps conquer cancer. With cancer, survival is often determined by how early it is caught, and Lunit’s cancer screening AI helps doctors to detect it earlier. Lunit INSIGHT can detect abnormal radiological results with up to 97-99% accuracy on chest x-rays. Many of these abnormalities are invisible to the human eye and would be missed by doctors without Lunit’s help.

Lunit SCOPE uses AI to predict treatment responses to help doctors make well-informed decisions about how to treat a patient. Unlock the full potential of GPT-3 with our intuitive Template Engine.
Quickly generate custom output tailored to your repeated needs and share them with the world. It can help you out in content management, university & work, and software development.
Mage Free, fast & unfiltered Stable Diffusion, the text-to-image AI🔥
Magic Form With Magic Form, you only need to provide the text, and we will automatically create a quiz for you right inside Google Forms.
Magic Studio Create stunning visuals in seconds with their AI image editing tools. Remove unwanted things, switch backgrounds or enlarge your pictures - all without Photoshop or Illustrator. Create pictures with words or let AI create stunning profile pictures of you - it’s magic!
Magic Type AI Magic Type AI writes greetings, poetry, and even rap lyrics! Make a few simple selections and receive personalized writing, especially for you.
MagicForm Train your very own AI salesperson in less than 3 minutes to build trust and increase your site conversions by 20% through real time conversations.
MagicSlides Create professional presentations quickly and easily with their customizable templates. You just need to choose your title and number of slides.
MagicThumbnails Enter a video title and describe what happens in it and the AI will generate YouTube thumbnails for you.
Magicreach Reach is an outreach personalization and sales enablement tool that generates hyper personalized icebreakers for cold outreach. Faster email personalization that gets replies.
Make Logo AI Designer-quality logos for less than a coffee.
HD + transparent background. Delivered in less than 24 hours. Commercial rights included.
Maket Our generative design software enables architects, builders & developers to quickly generate thousands of architectural plans instantly.
Maps GPT Helps users quickly find and explore interesting places near them using AI. Type in what you’re looking for, where you’re looking for it, and your email. The app will send you a custom map with what you’re looking for. The map is curated from aggregated data.
MarbleFlows AI-generated forms to convert more leads.
MarketingBlocks AI All-In-One AI Marketing Assistant that writes, creates & designs all your landing pages, promo videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, email swipes, voiceovers, blog posts, articles, art & more in minutes.
Marketplan The All-In-One Marketing Platform. Plan, execute, project, and optimize your entire marketing strategy all from one powerful place.
Marmof AI-powered writing tool that helps you create content in just a few seconds. With Marmof, you can create compelling and informative content 10X faster and more efficiently.
Masterpiece Studio Simplifying 3D Creation with AI. Traditional 3D creation tools are too complex.
Modern creators just want to create, not get lost in the details.
Generate. Edit. Deploy.
Maverick Build strong relationships with your customers by utilizing automated personalized videos. We at Maverick assist different businesses like e-commerce brands, online retailers, healthcare, and more with AI and Deep Tech to generate thousands of unique personalized videos. You need to record yourself once, and Maverick will produce thousands of unique customized videos in which you address each consumer by name. So what are you waiting for? Send automated personalized videos to your customers and increase your conversions.
Maya Everyone wins with AI-driven personalization:
customers, banks, and merchants.
Mechanic For A Chat The online troubleshooting mechanic chatbot provides fast, convenient, and expert assistance for car problems 24/7, offering a user-friendly solution for managing vehicle maintenance and health.
Meet Millie Meet Millie gives you the perfect pickup line, customized to your crush’s interests.
MeetGeek Meetgeek helps maximize the value of meetings by automatically recording, summarizing, and sharing key highlights with teams. It offers real-time transcription and closed-captioning during meetings, recordings, transcripts, keyword searches, tailored tips, and AI-based notes. Integrations are available with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, task management platforms, document repositories, and collaboration tools. There is support for multiple languages and it can send meeting summaries directly to users’ inboxes. Let AI organize your team’s work—from meeting notes, projects, to knowledge bases. All instantly searchable and readily discoverable.
Mental Models AI Easily understand mental models with AI.
Navigate the complexities of life with greater clarity and purpose. Upgrade your understanding with mental models.
Mentioned Influencer outreach & link building on auto-pilot.
We scan your content to identify people and companies you’ve mentioned, then, send email campaigns to let them know.
Merlin Merlin gives you the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT on all your favourite websites. Ex: Gmail, g-sheets, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Anywhere you search or write online. With Merlin you can quickly edit your emails, write twitter replies or create excel formulas. Use the phenomenal power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed and simplify some of your most onerous business-writing tasks, to help you effortlessly draft your employee performance reviews, development plans, and business letters.
Microsoft Bing Microsoft’s Bing now integrates AI in it along with a browser co-pilot. The new Bing is like having a research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner at your side whenever you search the web. With this set of AI-powered features, you can:
Ask your actual question. When you ask complex questions, Bing gives you detailed replies.

Get an actual answer. Bing looks at search results across the web to offer you a summarized answer.

Be creative. When you need inspiration, Bing can help you write poems, stories, or even share ideas for a project.

In the chat experience, you can also chat and ask follow-up questions such as, “can you explain that in simpler terms,” or, “give me more options” to get different and even more detailed answers in your search.
Microsoft Designer Stunning designs in a flash with Microsoft Designer. Start with a simple text description and create images for your design!
MidJourney Prompt Helper An open-source tool that makes it easy for people to explore styles, and complex MidJourney prompts, visually.
Midjourney Splitter Use the MJSplitter to split your Midjourney Grid into single images. You can input the image either by uploading or pasting a link.
After splitting, you can download the images and save them to your computer in JPEG. You can also share your images on social networks.
Midjourney AI art generator based on Stable Diffusion.
Their website describes them as “an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.”
MightyGPT MightyGPT is an AI-driven virtual assistant that helps people tackle mundane, repetitive tasks in businesses and organizations. The platform uses natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to automate and manage processes quickly and accurately, And provides this service on WhatsaApp.
MindSmith Mindsmith is your laboratory for creating and sharing micro-courses.
The world’s changing too quickly to rely on clunky, outdated design software. Whether you’re training teams, teaching classes, or just need a clear way to share your knowledge, use a suite of AI-assisted, intuitive design tools to make your learners successful in industries and disciplines that never stand still.
Mindgrasp Mindgrasp instantly creates accurate notes and answers questions from any Document, PDF, YouTube Video, Zoom Meeting, Webinar Recording, Podcast and much more!
MindsDB Apply the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Hugging Face models to the text data in your database in just a few SQL lines. Use simple SQL commands to automatically classify & label text columns, create messages, summarize, translate & more!
Mintlify Build the documentation you’ve always wanted. Beautiful out of the box, easy to maintain, and optimized for user engagement.
Mirageml Generate 3D Design, Fast. Simply use text to describe what you want and Mirage’s AI powered platform generates 3D meshes and textures.
Missive Get more done with Missive, the email collaboration & management tool for productive teams now supercharged by AI. The OpenAI integration allows for quick drafting, replying, translating & more! Plus, use your own token & pay only for what you need.
MixPeek Mixpeek is an intelligence layer on top of your object store like S3. Using NLP, it grants you an “understanding” of your non-text files with just a GET /search API call. You can set it up with a single line of code.
Moji Writing Assistant Powered by GPT-3, Moji helps you write better content faster and with less effort.

One of the standout features of our app is the text-to-image feature. This tool allows you to turn your written words into visually stunning images, perfect for social media or to add a little extra oomph to your blog post.

Along with this, you are also able to make your own music using this app.
Monitaur Get documented, ethical AI that scales for your business.
Monitaur helps you audit, track, and record real-time outcomes of your AI and algorithms for optimal performance and compliance. Our platform is designed to integrate with every team that touches your AI.
Moonbeam Moonbeam’s AI will give you everything you need to write killer long form content. Become 2x Better at Writing in 10 Minutes. Trained with data from the most successful channels, understands exactly what it takes for going viral, while you just have to focus on creating videos Use artificial intelligence to generate stunning slides and videos for a wide range of purposes, including startup pitch decks, conference presentations, and more.
Moveworks Moveworks is the first employee experience platform that uses AI to solve issues and prevent problems at work. It automatically resolves requests, communicates changes, and shows your team what to fix next — letting you turn moments of frustration into moments of magic. And because our conversational AI (chatbot) is fluent in more than 100 languages, Moveworks delivers instant help around the world, from HQ to the home office.
MovieToEmoji A fun app that converts movie names to their corresponding emojis!
Movio Why pay a spokesperson when you can use an AI video editor to create one? MOVIO is a top-shelf synthetic media that can turn your text to video.
Mubert Mubert - The new royalty-free music ecosystem for content creators, brands and developers 🔥. Come See How Our High-Quality Music Can Elevate Your Content ⏩!
Munch Automagically Turn long-form vids into data-driven short clips for social media. Munch generates exposure and engagement by harvesting top interest from TikTok, IG, YT, and FB users and applying it to your AI-generated clips.
Murf AI Go from text to speech with a versatile AI voice generator
AI-enabled, real people’s voices
Make studio-quality voiceovers in minutes. Use Murf’s lifelike AI voices for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations
Mutable Build fast with production quality using AI.
Mutiny Mutiny is a no-code AI platform that helps marketers convert their top of funnel demand into revenue, without engineers.
Møbel Upload a photo of your room, and an AI will generate different variations of the picture, complete with different furniture arrangements, color schemes, and decor options. You can then browse through the variations and find inspiration for your next decorating project.
NSFW Checker Stable Diffusion includes a (poorly-documented) safety checker. With a few changes, it can be used with arbitrary images, not just AI-generated ones. It takes a few minutes to finish checking the image.
Namecheap Logo Maker Simply answer a handful of questions and get hundreds of logos to download for free.
Namelix Namelix will generate a short, brandable business name using artificial intelligence. Also great for discovering new domain names :)
Naming Magic Let GPT-3 brainstorm names for your company or product and find available domain names.
Namy ai Namy is a simple tool to generate some domain name ideas for your business or brand. Simply enter a few details about your product or brand and hit “Generate!“. The tool will give you a list of fitting domain names, and also tell you if they’re registered or not. Namy uses the Namecheap API to check which domains have already been registered
Nanonets Automate Manual Data Entry Using AI!
Capture data from documents, text, images, and emails instantly. Reduce turnaround times and the manual effort required. OCR (Optical Character Recognition)-based AI platform.
Natural Language Playlist AI generated mixtapes and playlists. Enter a sentence as a prompt and get back a list of songs curated by AI!
NeevaAI NeevaAI provides authentic, real-time AI search. It combines the power of AI with a search stack to give you fast, accurate, and up-to-date results. And, it provides sources where the information was pulled from.
Network AI Grow your network at the speed of AI. Connect with industry professionals with our automated AI networking tool.
Neural Canvas Neural Canvas is a digital illustration generator service able to generate unique illustrations for your comic, blogpost, e-book, story, collections, and more. Create your own AI-generated comic using it. Art Generator Free AI Art Generator that’s generated over 5 million images. Imagine: you create a stunning masterpiece by throwing 2-3 words to AI. It’s not SciFi anymore.
NeuralStudio Neural Studio is an all in one Photo & Art Studio, powered by the latest AI technologies, that empowers creators to reach their creative goals easily.
NeuroSpell NeuroSpell is a spelling and grammar auto-corrector based on Deep Learning. Available in more than 30 languages. Dictaphone (Speech-to-Text) included for all languages. May be trained for specific in-domain vocabulary and phrasing, and specific error corrections. Other features include - Human-in-the-loop charge optimization. Text-stream improvement/enrichment. Writing Aid. Proofreading RPA. Customer-workflow inputs enrichment. Speech-to-Text enhancement. OCR error correction.
Neuroflash Accelerate content creation at scale with the highest-quality AI-generated marketing texts & never stare at a blank page again. Make the best content decisions and get a quantitative measure of your content impact before publishing your next campaign. We offer over 100+ text-types, including our command feature in order to speak directly to the AI.
Neuronwriter Optimize your website content so Google adores it. Advanced content editor with semantic models (NLP), Google SERP analysis, and competition data.
NEURONwriter helps you to plan and optimize content with user intent in mind! is an AI-powered press release writing tool that helps you create compelling, eye-catching press releases in minutes. Using GPT-3 OpenAI technology, Newswriter provides two services: writing a press release from scratch, or improving an existing press release. You can also access Newsworthy’s news marketing tools to get more eyes on your news by distributing it to Google News and 500+ other websites.
NightCafe Studio AI Art Generator. Create amazing artworks using the power of Artificial Intelligence.
Nijijourney NijiJourney AI for the anime fans. The new niji model is tuned with a fine eye to produce anime and illustrative styles. It has vastly more knowledge of anime, anime styles, and anime aesthetics. It’s great at dynamic and action shots, and character-focused compositions in general.
Nolej With @nolej_app, upload anything you are trying to learn - YouTube video, web URL, document, etc. It creates various ways to learn: summaries, flashcards, and quizzes. Now learners pick the method they want rather than the method given to them.
Nostalgia Photo Nostalgia Photo brings old photos back to life with the latest cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence. Get maximum resolution in a few clicks and a few cents.
Notion AI Leverage the limitless power of AI in any Notion page. Write faster, think bigger, and augment creativity. Like magic! AI meeting assistant transforming Google Meet into actions, tasks and follow-ups. Features include: Real-time transcription and one-click highlighting. AI summaries and meeting intelligence. Automated Follow-up.
NovelAI GPT-powered AI Storyteller. Driven by AI, construct unique stories, thrilling tales, seductive romances, or just fool around. Anything goes!!
Nuclia Nuclia automatically indexes your unstructured data from any internal and external source, providing optimized search results. It can handle video and audio transcription, image content extraction, and document parsing.
Nyx Images on this website have been generated with AI and are therefore “not real”. The food, animals, landscapes, etc. that you will see do not exist!
OSS Insight Data Explorer by OSS Insight is a GPT-powered querying tool for GitHub live data exploration. Simply ask your question in natural language, and Data Explore will generate SQL, query the data, and present the results visually.
Obviously AI Turn AI into ROI by going from raw data to industry leading predictive models in minutes, not months.
Ocoya A platform to create, auto-generate and schedule content quicker. Content marketing, copywriting and social media in minutes!
Octane AI Octane AI’s all-in-one product quiz and zero-party data platform is the #1 way for Shopify brands to increase revenue through personalization.
Ogen AI Convert links into OG Image / Cover Photo using ChatGPT & Stable Diffusion. Can also view images previously generated. Olli is a company that creates tools to help teams access the power of data. Their products make data work as easy as talking to a colleague, allowing users to quickly and easily extract insights and save time. They have the vision of making data accessible to everyone and are supported by major investors.
Once Upon A Bot Create original stories with AI.
Tell OnceUponABot your story idea, and the robot will write a story from scratch using AI.
One More AI AI-Generated Stock Images
Find thousands of pictures generated by Artificial Intelligence.
Onesta Ask their AI any questions about finance, investing, budgeting, taxes, and more.
Also allows you to uncover important info about professionals who provide financial services and you can browse their advisor database too.
Open Voice OS Open Voice OS showcases the power of Open Source Voice AI for a range of devices. A community powered Linux distribution.
OpenAI Text Classifier The intended use for the AI Text Classifier is to foster conversation about the distinction between human-written and AI-generated content. The results may help, but should not be the sole piece of evidence, when deciding whether a document was generated with AI. The model is trained on human-written text from a variety of sources, which may not be representative of all kinds of human-written text.
Openart Search 10M+ of AI art and prompts generated by DALL·E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion
Operand AI Operand adds extra results to Google by searching through the apps your team uses for work. It’s purpose-built for modern, product-focused teams and integrates with software like Linear, Github, Slack, Discord, and Notion.
Opus Turn text into movies and games.
Oracle Oracle has got all your answers. Save time and effort by getting instant answers from Oracle. Ask Oracle can connect and answer questions from Slack, Docs, and Notion.
Ordinary People Prompts Designed to escape the ChatGPT Paradox of Choice. With Ordinary People Prompts, everyone can make use of Conversational Artificial Intelligence. Learn, get inspired by others, create, vote and comment your favorite AI prompts for ordinary people.
Ortto Ortto AI helps you write high performing email subject lines, engaging SMS and email content from just an outline. It’s intelligence that drives results.
Othersideai Your Personal Writing Assistant.
HyperWrite/OthersideAI provides suggestions and sentence completions to improve your writing, wherever you write.
Otter AI Capture and share insights from your meetings.
Otter records meetings, take notes in real-time, and generates an automated summary to share with everyone and to help you remember everything.
Outboundify Stop sending generic, impersonal emails that get lost in the inbox.
Our finetuned models analyze and learns from sales data, to identify the best leads and create targeted, highly-effective outreach campaigns.
Outfits AI Use AI to see what you’d look like in different outfits.
Outline Ninja An automated infographic maker using A.I. Converts a keyword into an Infographic. It requires a keyword and title to generate the rest of the information. It is a part of Outline Ninja’s suite of products.
PICLY : AI generated spot the difference Easy and Simple.
AI-generated Spot the Difference
Tap the area you want, AI makes it for you.
Paint By Text You can easily edit photos using this tool by just entering the object you want to be added or removed to the image. Colorize Black and White Pictures
Automatic, no sign-up, and Free!
PaperBrain A platform for you to access and understand research papers. With paper abstracts and direct pdf links, you’ll never have to struggle with tedious downloads again. Built with a GPT assistant to help you all along.
Paperade Paperade is the first AI-powered tool that generates commercial use cases and company ideas from over 100 million academic papers and research studies. It’s like having a PhD in startup ideas.
Papercup Papercup translates videos with expressive AI voices, allowing any video to be watched in any language. With AI dubbing, localization is faster and more affordable, allowing content owners and creators to reach large audiences in days without stretching budgets. Use AI to dub your content into multiple different languages, just like our clients Bloomberg, Insider, Jamie Oliver, BBC and Sky News.
Papers GPT Enables you to feed any scientific papers into GPT to give it deep customized knowledge. Currently a proof-of-concept UX of the end goal of connecting arbitrary data.
ParagraphAI ParagraphAI is an AI Writing App that writes clear, concise, and error-free content.
Paraphraser Paraphrase Tool uses AI to produce variations of your text in more than 100+ languages.
Parentivity Personalized advice, activities & learning modules. Integrating GPT-3 for real-time feedback. Chat feature for seamless use. Privacy-focused, secure & confidential.
PatentPal Generative AI for Intellectual Property.
Automate mechanical writing in your patent applications.
Pattern Maker AI Generate seamless vector patterns using artificial intelligence. You can also browse other generated patterns that have been made public.
Patterned AI AI-generated seamless patterns. Generate customised designs for your product or service using our AI model. You can also search thousands of royalty-free stock images to use immediately for your own designs.
Pebblely Pebblely is an AI tool that turns boring product images into beautiful marketing assets in just seconds. The AI creates backgrounds based on your uploaded images and adds shadows and reflections accordingly.
Peech Turn Your Content Team Into Unstoppable Creators.
Automatically transcribe, edit, repurpose, and brand your video content - all in one place and produce video content at scale.
Penelope AI A sophisticated AI writing assistant. Speed up your writing effortlessly - Paraphrase, Summarize, Generate a story or AI autocomplete. Your virtual content assistant that helps you generate quality content within seconds.
Perfectly Clear Video Perfectly Clear Video offers instant, automatic photo corrections & video enhancement. It is the world’s leading provider of automatic image correction and AI video enhancement.
Perplexity AI Perplexity AI is an AI search engine. It is a demo inspired by OpenAI WebGPT, not a commercial product. They use large language models (OpenAI API) and search engines. Also answers Twitter graph queries by translating natural language to SQL code.
Petals Open source tool for running large language models like BLOOM-176B collaboratively — you load a small part of the model, then team up with people serving the other parts to run inference or fine-tuning.
Pheeds Prompt Silo Massive collection of prompts and tools for AI art and ChatGPT for easy prompt crafting.
Phind Search any development related query using natural language and get relevant results. You can customize your search based on time and can toggle display links.
Photo AI Use this tool to either copycat a photo, create a photoshoot or train a new model.
PhotoAI Create AI photos of yourself. Generate 30 photos of yourself in our best artistic styles.
Photor AI Photor AI is a tool that uses advanced image recognition and machine learning technology to analyze and select the best images for professional or personal use on platforms like Linkedin, social media and dating apps. It helps you present the best version of yourself.
Phraser Phraser is a collaborative creative AI tool. Use it to easily create a wide range of creations, including photos, gadgets, clothing, art, designs, and render-style images.
PicSo Text to AI art maker. Turn your words into incredible and high-quality artwork.
Pickaxe Pickaxe allows anyone to create tools powered by AI, in minutes, no code required. You can discover AI tools made by the pickaxe community, make your own AI tool and share it and collaborate with the community.
Pictorial The first application of Generative AI that’s actually useful for your business.
Struggling with your site’s visuals? Let the AI take care of it.
Pictory Pictory is a video marketing tool that automatically creates short, highly sharable branded videos from long form content. Turn your scripts and blog posts into engaging videos on auto-pilot.
Piggy To Create an engaging and shareable webpage in seconds. By entering a prompt, the tool generates 7-10 slides in a mobile-friendly format, saving time and ensuring visually appealing content. Ideal for businesses and individuals, Piggy Magic offers a user-friendly, time-saving solution for creating impactful content. You can also mention their twitter bot with a topic to get a beautiful piggy about that topic within a minute (for example - “@makeapiggy most popular books”)
Pinegraph Become an artist with Pinegraph. Bring your imaginations to life with the power of the Pinecasso AI. Just describe what you want, and Pinecasso will do the rest.
Pipeline AI Serverless GPU inference for ML models
Pay-per-millisecond API to run ML in production.
Pixela AI AI Generated Game Textures. All of these images were generated with a Stable Diffusion Algorithm. Upload your generated texture to share with the community!
Pixelhunter Cropping each and every image by hand can be tiresome. Pixelhunter utilizes amazing Uploadcare Intelligence API to recognize objects and crop pictures automatically, in a smarter way.
Pixelz AI Create incredible avatars, unique images from text, paint or modify your existing images using AI. Get new credits daily. AI-powered text to voice generator. Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices. Instantly convert text in to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.
PlayArti Create art easily by just clicking three buttons - selecting the character, location and activity.
Playground AI Playground AI is a free-to-use online AI image creator. Use it to create art, social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.
PlaylistAI PlaylistAI is an app that helps people create their own playlists. It can generate playlists from AI prompts, images, videos, and music they already like. It’s features include turning any music festival poster into a playlist, identifying songs in TikToks and other videos, and creating your own music festival lineup. It has been featured in various publications like FastCompany, TechCrunch, and MusicRadar. It was previously known as LineupSupply.
PlaylistAI Create playlists from AI prompts, images, videos, and your most-listened-to music.
Playstrict Let’s make your game more successful!
You have a great game but don’t have the marketing power to scale it up?
Take your promotion strategy to the next level with the Playstrict Gaming Growth platform.
Are you ready?
Pliny Pliny provides a lightweight interface to turn your prompt into a shareable app. Anyone can run your app for free on their own inputs, or remix it to create a new version.
Podcast The AI-generated podcast. There are 2 podcasts on it - Lex Fridman interviews Richard Feynman and Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs.
Podium Easily generate transcripts, chapters, shownotes, clips, and more with a drag-n-drop interface. Podcast transcripts, highlights, and chapters aren’t just for the big podcasts—now, they’re for everybody.
Poe Poe lets you ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with AI. Powered by Quora.
PolitePost PolitePost rewrites your emails to be courteous, polite and safe for work. Perfect for when you are feeling frustrated writing emails and need an AI to keep you polite!
Pollinations Pollinations wants to diversify creativity and spread it through digital ecosystems. Whether in image, video or audio, we invite people to imagine new worlds with the help of AI.

For companies, our developers write code on top of the latest AI models, providing customized outcomes and specific aesthetics.
With the API , AI creation can be integrated directly within websites and social media platforms.
Creating gets easy, fast, and fun.
Poly Generate Textures in Seconds with AI. Create unlimited high-resolution, fully-custom, commercially-licensed textures with just a text prompt.
Polymath Polymath uses machine learning to convert any music library (e.g from Hard-Drive or YouTube) into a music production sample-library. The tool automatically separates songs into stems (beats, bass, etc.), quantizes them to the same tempo and beat-grid (e.g. 120bpm) and analyzes musical structure (e.g. verse, chorus, etc.), key (e.g C4, E3, etc.) and other infos (timbre, loudness, etc.). The result is a searchable sample library that streamlines the workflow for music producers, DJs, and ML audio developers.
Ponzu Seasoning 3D assets with AI-generated textures.
Pop2Piano Plays pop audio based piano cover from any song you want. Change the song and style of piano cover by selecting items from list.
Post AI Transform the way you create content with our AI platform. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to endless possibilities. Experience a new level of efficiency and creativity. Let’s bring your ideas to life!
Postaga Send Cold Email Easier Than Ever Before.
Postwise AI Twitter tool to help users go viral on Twitter. Features tools to write, schedule and grow on Twitter with ease. Also provides helpdesk and tutorials to help users write better tweets threads using AI.
PowerMode AI PowerMode is your AI co-founder that will help you ideate and pitch your startup.
Predict AI Predict is an AI tool that predicts customer responses on creative assets such as attention and cognition with 95% accuracy. It is built on an industry-leading eye-tracking database and validated through neuroscientific methods.
Predis is an AI-powered content generator that helps create stunning social media posts in seconds. It offers a variety of features such as idea generation, engagement prediction, content recommendation, hashtag recommendation, and creatives suggestion.
PrepAI PrepAI will generate question-and-answer sets and categorize them based on an uploaded PDF, DocX, or a video URL. You can edit questions and add more when needed.
Present AI Create amazing presentations quickly with AI. Offers a variety of visuals to choose from, including Low Poly, Cyberpunk, Surrealism, Anime, Realism, Memphis Design, Fantasy, and Cartoon. Also allows users to enter their own text to create presentations.
Prisms AI Prisms is a no-code platform for building AI-powered apps. By harnessing the power of large language models such as GPT3, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion, you can connect data sources and user inputs to create their app. You can then deploy your app directly from Prisms with a pre-built UI, or use Prisms as a backend to build their own frontend. Prisms is launching in 2023, and those interested can get on the waitlist. They can also check out what the Prisms community has built.
Procys Extract data from your invoices automatically using Procys. Save time spent processing documents manually through our smart, automated processes.
Prodigy AI A GPT Career Coach for devs.
Get immediate personalized career advice and guidance based on your unique skills, experience, and goals. By AI.
Profile Picture AI Create your perfect profile picture with AI.
Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they look at your profile. We use artificial intelligence to generate an image of you that looks perfect and captures who you are. You can be anything, anywhere, or anyone!
Programminghelper Code faster with the help of AI.
Generate code just by typing a text description. AI will create the code for you. Test it now.
PrometheanAI Promethean AI is world’s first Artificial Intelligence that works together with Artists, assists them in the process of building virtual worlds and helps creative problem solving by suggesting ideas.
PromptBase Find top prompts, produce better results, save on API costs, sell your own prompts. DALL·E, GPT-3, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion Prompt Marketplace.
PromptBox Organise, edit, and save your AI prompts across different AI tools. Offers features like saving to prompt using right click.
PromptExtend Extend/Generate better AI Art Prompts for MidJourney and others to elaborate the base starting prompt into more detailed one for better AI arts.
PromptHero Search millions of art images by AI models like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney…
PromptLayer PromptLayer is the first platform that allows you to track, and manage your GPT prompt engineering. PromptLayer acts a middleware between your code and OpenAI’s python library.
PromptLayer records all your OpenAI API requests, allowing you to search and explore request history in the PromptLayer dashboard.
PromptStacks They offer a suite of free vetted prompts curated for large language models such as ChatGPT and delivered through prompt engineering so that you can spend your time on important things. There’s also a community associated with it where you can see the top voted prompts, submit prompts or join their discord.
Promptable Streamline your GPT-3 prompt engineering workflow with Promptable’s advanced tools and features. You can also organize your prompts, track changes, evaluate and deploy your prompts. There is also a community associated with it.
Promptist Promptist is a prompt interface for Stable Diffusion v1-4 that optimizes user input into model-preferred prompts. The online demo at Hugging Face Spaces is using CPU, so slow generation speed would be expected. Please load the model locally with GPUs for faster generation.
Promptly Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write next? Do you want to save time and increase your productivity without sacrificing quality in your writing? Look no further, because the answer to your problems is here - Promptly, the super chrome plugin that offers predefined prompts for AI writing software.

With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, Promptly is changing the game for writers everywhere. Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, or content creator, this plugin will make your life easier and help you produce exceptional writing in a fraction of the time.
Proposal Genie AI-powered tool that helps create professional proposals on Upwork. Easy to use and allows you to create proposals from any device, build a reusable profile, and add optional fields like keywords and tone.
Public Prompts Collection of ‎ High Quality and Open Source Prompts for Image generation
Puzzle The AI-powered glossary for your community and customers. Bring clarity to your product, service, and community with a superpowered glossary.
Pyttipanna Pyttipanna is an interface for Pytti 5. It allows you to structure, narrate and experiment with prompts for video creation. Pytti is a framework for creating and rendering videos using Machine Learning models.
Qatalog A Bespoke Operating System for Work. Qatalog is a project management/collaboration AI tool allowing seamless management of people, operations, and knowledge.
Quick Reply QuickReply uses advanced algorithms to create and analyze incoming messages and generate relevant, personalized responses in seconds, saving you time and effort.
QuickTools by Picsart With Picsart Quicktools, you have access to a wide range of tools that make it easy to convert file types, create custom calendars, enhance images, and more. All of these tools are conveniently located in one place.
Quickchat Quickchat automates processes such as sales, customer support, onboarding or online booking.
Quicklines Quicklines automatically creates personalized ice breakers to inject inside cold emails. Upload a CSV, wait 3 minutes, and receive the sheet with lines written. Put those lines into the first sentence of cold emails, and watch your responses increase 3x-7x.
Quillbot Paraphraser Quillbot will rewrite your text. Start for free by writing or pasting something and then clicking Paraphrase.
QuizGrowth Turn your content into engaging quizzes instantly. With just a few clicks, automatically generate quizzes from your existing content to increase user engagement and drive sales!
RTutor RTutor is an AI-based app that can quickly generate and test R code. Powered by API calls to OpenAI’s Davinci (ChatGPT’s sibling), RTutor translates natural languages into R scripts, which are then executed within the Shiny platform. An R Markdown source file and HTML report can be generated.
Check out the github repo here:
Radiant Photo Your photos deserve to be radiant.
Get superior quality finished photos with perfect color rendition, delivered to you in record time. Your photos — simply RADIANT. The way they are meant to be.
Rationale Rationale is an app that helps entrepreneurs and managers in making tough decisions. Simply enter your pending decision and their AI powered app will list pros and cons or generate a SWOT analysis to help you weigh your options
RealFake Generate high-quality images for your Dating App using only 10 casual photos of yourself. Try for free and you can pay to remove watermarks.
Recipes By AI Enter a list of ingredients (with or without quantities) and your personal AI chef will come up with a tailor-made recipe using just those ingredients
Reclaim AI AI for task management and scheduling for Google calendar. Reclaim creates the perfect schedule for your team’s priorities, and saves up to 40% of the workweek with intelligent, flexible and adaptive time orchestration. Your virtual Community Manager. Create original Spanish text with Artificial Intelligence quickly, easily, and economically.
We have trained the artificial intelligence specifically to write good texts in Spanish.
Reface AI An AI app to face-swap in GIFs and videos. Their AI Avatar feature allows the creation of high-quality artwork-like portraits (available on iOS & Android). Upload 10 photos, and wait for an hour. Get 48 unique artworks with yourself as the main character in various art styles — from superheroes to cyberpunk.
Reflect AI Mirror the way your mind works by associating notes through backlinks. Reflect builds you a second brain that you can reference anytime. Can now use Artificial Intelligence directly within Reflect to drastically improve your note-taking and writing.
Compose Ai Compose AI is a Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion & text generation.
Regie Regie helps sales, marketing, and success teams write engaging content faster using AI
ReleaseNote.AI Release Notes Simplified with GPT-3. Just list down your features & updates, and let the AI write your first draft. It even lets you write your release notes in the speech style of Yoda, Sherlock holmes, Eminem and more
Remini Remini uses innovative, state-of-the-art AI technology to transform your old photos and videos into HD masterpieces. The technology detects all the facial details and reconstructs them with a stunning degree of sharpness and accuracy. With Remini you can make all types of images up to 2x bigger. From photos to drawings, paintings to digital art, logos to product images. Remini can handle it. Available on mobile as well as web. Remove backgrounds 100% automatically in 5 seconds with one click. Thanks to’s clever AI, you can slash editing time - and have more fun!
Rephrase AI’s deep tech generative AI technology creates a professional-quality video with real human avatars for content generation and business communications. Innumerable video variants can be rendered with single live-action footage of a person with just the text script as input.
Rephraser AI Rephrase text using AI, with multiple options for the tone and style of the text. Also offers users the ability to get revisions to improve their text.
Repl AI Chrome extension to create meaningful Twitter replies with AI. is the easiest way to connect with the community, look clever, funny, professional on social media, appear smarter and grow your audience with 10x less effort. You can find it on the chrome webstore.
Replicastudios Synthesize AI voice for your creative projects. Create naturally expressive voice performances with a Replica Voice.
Replika The AI companion who cares.
Always here to listen and talk.
Always on your side.
Replit Replit recently added a feature called Ghostwriter that uses AI to complete code. Write and run code in 50+ languages in your browser with Replit, a powerful IDE, compiler, & interpreter. Generate human-like sales emails in seconds at scale with Reply’s AI Sales Email Assistant. Powered by the GPT-3 language prediction model, your cold and follow-up emails will always be hyper-relevant and personalized, boosting your open & reply rates!
Resemble AI voice generator with voice cloning for text to speech.
RestorePhotos Restoring old photos using AI for everyone.
Have old and blurry face photos? Let our AI restore them so those memories can live on. 100% free – restore your photos today.
Retune The ultimate tool for creating and monetizing fine-tuned language models using GPT-3. With re:tune, you can easily train and customize your own AI assistant for any industry or use case, and generate an API to integrate it into your own applications.
Revive A platform where you can generate business ideas with AI, share them with the world and validate before you build. Just type in your idea, let the AI visualise it for you, share it with the community and get your business plan all under a minute!
Rewind AI Rewind is the search engine for your life. It’s a macOS app that’s private by design and allows you to find anything you’ve seen, said, or heard.
Rezi Rezi is a new generation resume builder that completely eliminates the need to write your own resume. Using text generation AI, Rezi will write the perfect resume for you.
Riffusion Riffusion generates music from text prompts. Try your favorite styles, instruments like saxophone or violin, modifiers like arabic or jamaican, genres like jazz or gospel, sounds like church bells or rain, or any combination Empowering you to build AI models without code. Use AI through integrations, API, or public share links. Accessible AI for everyone.
Roast Dating ROAST helps people 10x their matches on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. It provides people with real feedback, boosts their profile, and helps them find the best pics to use. Also offers data-driven dating insights and expert advice to increase the quantity and quality of their matches.
Robin Automated cold email outreach, written by GPT. With Robin AI, you can easily and effectively reach out to leads, conduct research, and handle initial outreach - all without the need for a human sales associate.
Roboflow Give your software a sense of sight.
With a few images, you can train a working computer vision model in the afternoon.
RocketAI The future of design is programmable.
Rocket AI is a SaaS platform to create and edit product images and improve e-commerce sales and advertising performances using AI. We empower e-commerce businesses with AI solutions to improve their product images as well as to generate new ideas and design concepts from a simple text prompt.
Roll Art Die StableDiffusion on your Apple Silicon Devices.
Generate AI Artworks using only text. Make your dream artworks into reality.
No cloud subscription required.
Rose AI A cloud data platform designed to help users find, engage, visualize and share data. Enables integration of external and internal data. Also provides infrastructure tools to clean, analyze, and visualize data in their web application and a data marketplace to preview, buy, and sell data
Rosebud AI Generated Visuals
We make it easy for you to get the exact visual you need.
Roshi AI Pick any Youtube video or article online and instantly generate summaries, vocabulary lists, questions, and activities for your students.
Runwayml Discover advanced video editing capabilities to take your creations to the next level.
Rytr Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!
SEO GPT SEO GPT is a new way to create your SEO on-page and off-page optimizations. Some features include Google-friendly titles and descriptions, pass AI detection, natural language content and analysis of page content.
SEOmatic AI SEOmatic helps you automate and scale your content marketing with Programmatic SEO and AI. Set up a website for SEO in 10 minutes. No coding or design skills required.
Sagify A command-line tool to train and deploy Machine Learning/Deep Learning models on AWS SageMaker in a few simple steps!
Sales Stack SalesStack enables you to train your own A.I. to communicate with your clients across all channels.
Sana Labs Sana’s AI-powered learning platform helps pioneering companies share knowledge, learn fast, automate admin and perform 10x faster.
Santa AI Wanna add some extra magic to the holiday season? Check out the world’s first customizable talking Santa - For the first time you can create your own unique Santa video greeting and sharing it with your loved ones!
Scene One The Best Book Writing Software.
Write more stories with our intuitive writing app and spend less time learning complicated features.
Scholarcy Save hundreds of hours by reading summaries of large articles powered by AI. Extracts the key facts, figures and references in seconds.
Scispace Your AI Copilot to decode any research paper.
The quickest way to read and understand scientific literature. Highlight confusing text, math, and tables to get a simple explanation.
Ask follow-up questions and get instant answers.
A new way to search and find relevant papers without specifying keywords.
Seek The intelligent data layer.
Ask your data anything and get answers, instantly
Seenapse Seenapse helps creative teams at marketing and advertising agencies to come up with more, better ideas faster. It generates hundreds of interesting ideas in minutes, through a unique combination of human lateral thinking and AI. lets you harness the superpowers of world-leading generative artificial intelligence for generating high-quality SEO keyword research and AI copywriting.
SermonGPT SermonGPT writes a sermon for you based on a prompt and other details like event and the style of the sermon.
Shakespeare Shakespeare is an AI copywriting software, able to create almost any type of copy you could need in your personal or professional life.
Shaped With Shaped, you can build powerful ranking models that understand the content your users are most likely to engage with or buy. You can use this understanding to create personalized discovery pages, feeds, recommendations and marketing communication that your users will love.
Sheet+ Generate Google Sheets & Excel formulas from text, convert formulas into simple explanations, debug formulas, and more. Available for Google Sheets. Use AI to transform your text instructions into a Google Sheet formula quickly. Has use cases in generating programmatic SEO content, personalized emails and many more.
SheetGod Create complex Excel formulas using plain English with SheetGod. Our AI-powered tool also allows you to create macros, regular expressions, and basic tasks, as well as Google Appscript code snippets to automate your daily manual work. Try it now and experience the power of SheetGod.
Shuffll Shuffll is a cutting-edge video production platform that uses AI technology to streamline the creation process. Our platform allows businesses to easily create high-quality, personalized video content in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.
Shufti Pro Award-winning customer onboarding solutions that go beyond standard KYC & AML checks to help your organisation boost conversions, reduce fraud, and stay compliant globally.
Simplified Simplified AI Writer is a free ai copywriting assistant that generates high-quality content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, websites & social media.
Sitekick Sitekick is an AI landing page builder. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages without the need for coding, design or copywriting skills.
SketchPro AI Upload an image, enter the description for the image and enter tags of the image to get your sketches.
Sketch Sketch is an AI code-writing assistant for pandas users that understands the context of your data, greatly improving the relevance of suggestions. Sketch is usable in seconds and doesn’t require adding a plugin to your IDE.
Skim It Get an ai summary of any article delivered to your inbox. You just need to email them at and they email back a summary within ~10 minutes. They also send you drafts of shareable tweets and a LinkedIn post.
Sku Fetch List products from wholesale and retail suppliers to multiple marketplaces, such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Walmart, Newegg, Facebook etc. and harness the power of AI to rewrite/expand/change/summarize title and/or description and update images. Sku Fetch also uses AI to fetch hard to get product pages from retailers.
SlidesAI Create Presentation Slides with AI in seconds
Say goodbye to tedious, manual slides creation. Let the AI write the outline and presentation content for you. With their tool, you can easily create professional, engaging slides from any text in no time. Works with Google Slides. Coming soon for Microsoft Powerpoint.
SmartScout AI Listing Architect (Powered by SmartScout) is an AI-powered tool that helps Amazon sellers optimize their product listings for search engine optimization (SEO) by using data and keywords that are already ranking well on Amazon. Additionally, it provides recommendations to make the listing more engaging. The tool generates optimized listings by analyzing this data and incorporating relevant keywords into the listing.
Smartwriter Use AI to create highly personalised cold emails or Linkedin messages that convert readers to customers. No experience needed. Find leads, create tailored personalised copy and make sales. AI Cold Emails
SocialBu SocialBu is the perfect solution to improve your social media presence and maximize your results.
Publish, Respond, Analyze, and Automate - all from within SocialBu.
Socratic by Google Get unstuck in your academic problems like Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies and more with help from Google’s AI and also get visual explanations of important concepts in each subject.
Softr Studio Build custom apps for your business, as easy as lego.
Generate images and copy within Softr with just one click using their AI.
Turn your Airtable or Google Sheets into client portals, partner apps or internal tools.
SolidGrids SolidGrids is an AI-powered platform that offers a solution to slow and costly image post-production processes in e-commerce. With SolidGrids, you can generate marketable images in seconds, saving time and resources. The fully automated platform offers seamless integration options to suit your specific needs. It is faster and more cost effective than traditional image post-production methods, providing e-commerce businesses with an efficient and affordable solution. Start using SolidGrids for free today and experience the benefits of AI-powered automation for yourself.
Sonify Sonify innovates at the intersection of audio, data and emerging technologies. We design and develop audio-first products and data-driven solutions.
Soofy Soofy is an AI language-learning app that offers an innovative approach to mastering a new language. With a focus on practice and real-life scenarios, Soofy provides users with features to improve pronunciation, writing, and conversation skills. From writing essays and describing images to making debates and role-playing scenarios with an AI, Soofy offers a wide range of language options and engaging features to help you practice and improve your language skills.
Soreal.AI Studio The easiest way to get started with AI image generation
Soundful Soundful empowers creators to generate royalty free tracks at the click of a button. The quality of Soundful music is so rich, you won’t believe it was made with AI.
Soundraw Simply choose the mood, the genre and the length. Their AI will generate beautiful songs for you.
Spatial Predict and influence customer behavior with a real-time social media segmentation system. It provides segmentation of people based on their social, mobile and web activity and also of places describing the type and velocity of social activity in proximity to a location.
Speechify Get your text spoken by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Snoop Dogg.
Text to speech for Chrome, iOS, Android, & Mac.
Spellbook Draft contracts 3x faster with AI. Spellbook uses GPT-3 to review and suggest language for your contracts in Microsoft Word.
Trained on billions of lines of legalese, Spellbook suggests language for your contracts instantly.
Spellbox AI coding assistant for busy programmers. Solve any programming or engineering problem with A.I in seconds
Spinrewriter Need unique content? Watch how to rewrite a single article into 500 articles in 45 seconds.
With ENL technology, Spin Rewriter is the perfect tool for SEO specialists that need unique, human-quality content to rank higher on Google.
Splashmusic Bringing the joy of music making to everyone
Spread Positivity Today Let someone know you appreciate them with a custom note using the magic of AI and see how far the impact of your thoughtfulness can spread.
Stable Attribution When an A.I. model is trained to create images from text, it uses a huge dataset of images and their corresponding captions. The model is trained by showing it the captions, and having it try to recreate the images associated with each one, as closely as possible.
The model learns both general concepts present in millions of images, like what humans look like, as well as more specific details like textures, environments, poses and compositions which are more uniquely identifiable.
Stable Diffusion Stable Diffusion is a deep learning, text-to-image model released in 2022. It is primarily used to generate detailed images conditioned on text descriptions, though it can also be applied to other tasks such as inpainting, outpainting, and generating image-to-image translations guided by a text prompt.
Stable Horde A crowdsourced distributed cluster of Stable Diffusion workers.
Also provides a client interface requiring no installation and no technical expertise
Stableboost Upload a few photos of yourself, a loved one, a pet, a product, or a style you like, and we will automatically train an AI model to generate portraits of you in hundreds of different styles.
Steamship Steamship is a low-code library that allows you to build and deploy AI Prompt APIs quickly. You can install the Python library, customize their API with a few lines of code, and deploy and share it with a single command. They offer free plans with a limit of 500 API calls and 200,000 characters / 40 MB of plugin (LLM) usage, as well as support and debugging help.
Steno Your favorite podcasts, fully transcribed
Discover, reference, and read along as you listen.
Steve AI Steve AI is an AI video maker for social media and content marketers for creating Live and Animated videos. With Steve AI’s assistance, you can turn blog posts, script, or text content into bite-sized videos for social media. It’s features include Creative AI, Search AI and Fully Automated Solution.
Stock AI Get the perfect image. Everytime.
Find exactly the image you need. And if it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it for you instantly.
StockGPT StockGPT is an AI-powered search engine that was trained on all of Tesla’s quarterly earnings call transcripts dating back to Q2 2011.
StockImg AI Text to design service with AI.
Generate logos, stock images, posters, book covers, and more designs using AI.
Stocknews AI Stock News curated by AI. Can search from 100+ sources.
StoriesForKids Read & Create Together.
Turn real-life situations into fun stories & illustrations in seconds on your phone.
Story Path Book Planning App Powered by AI
Plan your story or cure your writer’s block in minutes
Stuck on where your plot will go next, or have a story idea you need to flesh out?

From only a brief description, Story Path will generate branching options for your plot. Expand and explore your favourite paths and customize the details to your liking.
StoryWizard Create incredible children’s stories by using AI to help you generate unique and beautiful children’s stories with vivid images and enjoyable plots.
Studio Studio’s first release is an AI-augmented design app for creating modern websites. It comes with a powerful experience unlike any other: Highlight an area you are stuck on. Marvel as design suggestions appear before your eyes. Speak to it. Watch as multi-step tasks autocomplete themselves. Press one button. Observe as your design adapts to fit all screen sizes.
Stylized Professional product photos in seconds.
Stylized uses artificial intelligence to create stunning product photos and editorials - no studio required
Sudowrite Bust writer’s block with our magical writing AI.
Your always-available brainstorm buddy.
Beta feedback without having to find beta readers.
“Show, not tell”? We’ve got a button for that.
Suggest Gift Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one? Look no further! Our tool uses the latest AI technology to help you discover the perfect present. Say goodbye to the stress of gift-giving and let our technology do the work for you.
Summari Improve the reading experience on your site. Upgrade links into short, informative previews using our world-class AI summarization technology.
Summarize Tech AI-powered video summaries. Get a summary of any long YouTube video, like a lecture, live event or a government meeting.
Summate Experimental AI tool that summarizes web articles. The site uses Full-Text RSS for article extraction and OpenAI for article summarization.
SummerEyes Summarize any text on the internet in one click. Supercharge your productivity.
Get to the point in a fraction of the time.
Super Prompt Create a beautiful gallery for your AI art without leaving Twitter.
SuperReply Superreply handles all the hard work for writing email responses with its AI powered email response tool. Easily match the tone of voice and choose among best matching emails.
Supercreator Create an original video script from an article you wrote online. Use existing scripts that are relevant to your audience. Easily customize scripts to better match your desired style
Superhuman AI powered email inbox. Claims to automatically sort important email based on behavioral patterns, allows you to set reminders and holds you to them. Adds open rate tracker + undo send feature. Generate original memes powered by AI in 110+ languages.
Step up your meme marketing game with our AI meme generator.
Supernormal SuperNormal is a platform that enables teammates to send asynchronous video updates throughout the day. Quick video updates with AI-powered summaries help keep teams updated and connected without scheduling meetings or cross time zone syncs.
Supertranslate Add accurate English subtitles to any language video in one click. You can upload videos in 100+ languages and Supertranslate automatically generates English subtitles. Supertranslate is powered by OpenAI’s Whisper, which is the most accurate speech-to-text system in the world. It is robust to background noise, language mixing, and accents.
SwagAI SwagAI is an AI tool that helps you come up with ridiculous company swag. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and our algorithms will recommend crazy (but sometimes practical) options.
Sybill Sybill generates accurate, human-like sales call summaries based on the conversation and the buyer’s emotional reactions. Follow up effectively, hit on the precise areas of interest, and say goodbye to taking notes for CRM.
Symanto Text Insights Market Leading NLP API. Leverage text data for better business insights with real-time analysis and simple system integration. Integrate real-time speech-to-text and context understanding. Powered by advanced deep learning models. Enable live captioning, track user intents, generate summaries and more from unstructured conversation data.
Synthesia Create AI videos by simply typing in text. Easy to use, cheap and scalable. Make engaging videos with human presenters — directly from your browser. Free demo.
SyntheticAIdata Accelerate Your Vision AI Model Creation.
Synthetic data is an inexpensive alternative to real world data that is used to train and improve AI models. In order to train accurate AI models, a large amount of data is needed. With use of realistic 3D models you can easily create synthetic data for AI classification and object detection.
TTSLabs TTSLabs gives twitch streamers the ability to customize their Text to Speech donations, enable custom voices, add unique sound clips and more! All with the power of AI TTS and seamless integration with Twitch, Streamlabs and Streamelements.
TableTalk Utilize artificial intelligence to better map out your database in a way that feels like you’re talking to a human. It’s a natural language interface that allows you to ask questions about your database and get answers back in a way that feels familiar.
Tabnine Whether you’re part of a team, or a developer working on your own, Tabnine will help you write code faster – all in your favorite IDE.
Talk To Books A new way to explore ideas and discover books. Make a statement or ask a question to browse passages from books using experimental AI.
Taskade A magical list to break down complexities and map out your collective mind. Unlock your collaborative brain and connect tasks, notes, and teams, in one unified workspace.
Tattoos AI Create the perfect tattoo design with your personal
AI-powered tattoo artist
If you have an idea for a tattoo but can’t find the right design, let our AI generate one within seconds. It lets you create the perfect design based on what you like, and it will give you unlimited options so that there’s something for everyone.
Teach Anything Quickly find answers to questions about any topic. You have to write their questions, choose a language, and the difficulty level. After that, they will get the answer.
Teachable Machine Teachable Machine is a web-based tool that makes creating machine learning models fast, easy, and accessible to everyone. It’s meant to be used by educators, artists, students, innovators, makers of all kinds – really, anyone who has an idea they want to explore. No prerequisite machine learning knowledge required.
TechCrunch Summary News summarizer with GPT-3 – specifically for TechCrunch articles.
This project uses the OpenAI GPT-3 API (specifically, text-davinci-003) and Vercel Edge functions with streaming. It fetches the content on a Techcrunch article, sends it in a prompt to the GPT-3 API to summarize it via a Vercel Edge function, then streams the response back to the application.
TextCortex AI Hyper charge your writing wherever you need it in your browser. Write better, faster, from everywhere with TextCortex. Available in 25+ languages.

TextCortex is an AI companion that is designed to understand you and your writing needs: it actively presents options on how to make your content more authentic, and assists you in your creative process, from start to finish, like never before.
TextGPT With TextGPT you can easily access OpenAI’s GPT and Dall-E 2 through text messaging, receiving quick and accurate answers to any question you may have and generating realistic images with a simple text. After signing up, you can text your questions/prompts to a specific number
Textomap Textomap is a web app and browser extension that enables users to generate interactive maps from any text containing locations in seconds. No code, spreadsheets, or complex tools - your words are enough.
Texture Lab Generate 3D textures for your game in seconds, thanks to AI. Also provides a database of ready-to-use, free textures generated on the site.
The Simulation The Simulation is an artificial intelligence-focused metaverse. Powered by sophisticated machine learning, game design, NFTs, and the ERC20 token,
Thekeys You know what you want to say, you just aren’t sure how to say it. Keys helps you say things the right way without changing your intent, or sounding like a bot.
TheoAssist Bible Companion, Sermon From Bullet Points, Bible Teaching, Bible Q & A, Prayer Assist
Theoasis Create a photorealistic avatar that you can use on every video platform.
This Model Does Not Exist Ailice is an AI-generated influencer! A new photo of her gets posted every 15 minutes. Vote for your favorite and help decide which one she posts on Instagram each day.
This Resume Does Not Exist Stand out among the competition with over 1000 AI-inspired resume examples. See what works for the resumes of the world’s most successful people, and create a resume that’s just as good.
Thundercontent Generate Content with AI.
Thundercontent uses artificial intelligence to help you write unique articles on any topic at the speed of light. Scale your content strategy. Overcome writer’s block. You can also generate audio using Thundercontent.
Tiledesk Combine Free Live Chat with Open-Source Chatbots to boost ROI. Integrate Chatbots with WhatsApp or other channels to have one inbox for all communications. - NLP API A set of easy-to-use & cutting-edge NLP APIs.
Popular APIs: Text Generation - Rewriter/Paraphraser Summarizer
Integrate text analysis that is quick and strong into your apps. From topic categorization to sentiment analysis and entity extraction, we’ve got you covered. Make it happen in a matter of days, not months!
Text analysis: Plagiarism Checker; Custom classifiers; Sentiment Analysis; Named-entity Recognition
Tiny storie Personalized audio storytelling for children build using AI. The aim of TinyStorie is to help parents in their daily lives by providing them with a tool that allows them to customize the context of something as wonderful as a story, once we saw that the idea could make sense and having tested it with more than a thousand real registered users in just two weeks that have given us feedback, we want to continue helping and for that we are working to present the app to organisations that support children’s causes, because this type of causes “are not a story”, we want TinyStorie to serve as a tool to raise awareness and funds for such causes, so that when someone buys the subscription or a pack of stories a part of it goes to one of these charitable causes.
TinyWow AI powered utility tools to make your life easier. Most common tools include, PDF, video, image, AI write and converter tools.
To Teach AI With the help of artificial intelligence, create personalized learning experiences for you and your class in seconds.
Tome The future of generative storytelling is here.
Unlock your best work with Tome’s AI-powered storytelling format.
Topaz Photo AI Maximize your image quality, on autopilot. Sharpen, remove noise, and increase the resolution of your photos with tomorrow’s technology. Topaz Photo Al supercharges your image quality so you can focus on the creative part of photography.
Topaz Video AI Unlimited access to the world’s leading production-grade neural networks for video upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization - all optimized for your local workstation.
Topicmojo Topic mojo is an AI tool for content research.
Get analysis features that will help you grow your online business.
TradeUI TradeUI provides an array of powerful A.I data-driven tools to help traders find better trades, improve win rate and profit, including options flow, technical analysis, trading signals and more. TradeUI also provides real-time alerts as notable events take place on the markets.
TutorAI Tutor AI is an AI-powered learning platform. You can enter any topic and it will provide you with various options you can use to learn about that topic.
Tweet Hunter Build and monetize your twitter audience.
Get sales, growth, and new networks. Faster than what you’re currently trying.
Tweet Monk AI-powered Twitter thread editor that makes writing threads for Twitter fun and easy. They’ve made it easy to automate and grow your twitter accounts with Tweetmonk. All the tools you need are accessible at your fingertips.
TweetEmote AI powered tweet assistant that helps users write expressive and engaging tweets. Also create smart replies to any tweet you want by writing a prompt and picking an emotion.
TweetMe The AI Tweet writer that writes like you. Their AI is trained on your own tweets (as well as GPT-3). You need to connect to Twitter & OpenAI, Generate your tweets and then just push it straight to Twitter.
TwitterBio Generate your next Twitter bio in seconds. You can use your current bio as an inspiration for the AI to use or just write a few sentences about yourself. You can select a vibe from professional, casual and funny.
Typewise Boosting customer service and sales productivity. Our powerful AI solutions save time & improve communication for both users and companies. Book a demo today!
Typli The most intuitive A.I Content tool which combines AI Writing and an SEO Assistant.
Uberduck It provides users with tools to create voice-over audio with over 5,000 expressive voices, as well as custom voice clones. It also has APIs to build audio applications and AI-generated raps. There is a case study to demonstrate how it can be used to create personalized media and a waitlist to join the upcoming Uberbots platform.
UltraBrainstomer UltraBrainstomer is a cutting-edge brainstorming tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help you unlock your creativity and elevate your work. Whether you’re in need of business ideas, writing a speech, composing social media posts, or crafting emails,
Unbound Automate content creation for your small business.
Leverage all the best AI generation tools in one place designed to automate content creation for small business, online shops and creators.
Unreal Meal A collection of AI-generated images of meals that don’t exist. You can use these images for a variety of purposes, such as in the development of new recipes or as part of a creative project.
Unrealme Get AI generated images of you. Remove Video Background, 100% Automatically and Free. With Unscreen you can record your footage anywhere, then simply get rid of the background.
Upcat UpCat is a browser extension that can help Upwork users write A.I-generated cover letters for job applications.
Use it to enhance your job search on Upwork with personalized proposals and real-time alerts.
Usetwain World-class selling skills at your fingertips. Use Twain for free to see what your sales pitch is missing.
Vacation & Travel Chat (GPT) This AI-Assistant can design a custom trip, give you inspiration on where to go, and even generate local recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and attractions.
Validator AI AI business validator for any idea. Validate and receive constructive feedback on any startup idea, powered by AI.
It first lists out potential struggles you may encounter when running the business and then gives it’s overall feedback about your business idea.
Valideo Get the best Amazon Product review with ChatGPT. It has a user-friendly interface, saves hours of your time, and is cost-effective.
Vee An intelligent consultant people enjoy talking to.
Vee has already spoken with 5 million Poles, effectively implementing business processes for dozens of companies from various industries.
Venngage Enter your valentine’s name, their relationship with you, their likes and the type of card you want to generate and let the product do the work! Make sure to select all fields or else it won’t work.
You can also generate random cards using it.
VidIq VidIQ is a SaaS product designed to help YouTube creators find topics and keywords for their videos. VidIQ’s AI features include personalized prompts for your next video, view prediction count, and predictive analytics.
Vidyo Make short videos from long ones instantly.
Use powerful AI to create short clips from your existing videos ✨ Save 90% time and effort.
Vieutopia Tested with thousands of different images and text combinations, this app allows you to transform your wildest ideas into creative works of art with no subscription costs or usage limitations.
Viral Post Generator Generate Viral Posts for LinkedIn. Has settings for event, inspirational quote and cringe level.
Visily AI Visily enables teams with diverse design backgrounds to create stunning wireframes and prototypes at light speed. Boasting a wide range of AI-powered features, Visily also has pre-designed templates, prototyping, and collaborative features to make designing an easy & intuitive experience.
Visio Studio Advanced background removal tool, powered by computer vision technology. Visio Studio allows you to edit and optimise your pictures directly from your phone.
VisualHound Prototype your fashion design ideas with AI.
Create an infinity of realistic-looking product images to feed your moodboards and boost your design process. Easily visualize your product designs before going to production.
Vizcom See your drawings come to life in seconds, not hours.
VocAI Shulex is an AI-powered reviews and feedback analysis platform that helps Amazon sellers and product managers gain product and customer insights from e-commerce reviews and feedback.
VoicePen AI Convert audio content into blog posts, using AI.
Use VoicePen to easily turn podcasts, webinars, or tutorials into blog posts for wider reach and accessibility.
Voicemaker Create audio files for commercial use. Offers features such as voice effects, pauses, speed, pitch, and volume settings, as well as industry-leading features and a developer API. Has 1.1 million users in over 120 countries and has converted over 100 million characters into voiceovers so far.
Voicemod Download now - Voicemod a funny & scary voice changer app. A voice transformer and modifier with effects that makes you sound like a girl or a robot
Vowel AI Automated meeting summaries. Use the power of AI to save time and keep everyone on the same page — minus the manual work. They also have additional features where you can react with emojis, send text messages or bookmark a moment.
WTF Does This Company Do? Explains landing pages by just entering the domain. This world needs better copywriters for landing pages but till then we have good ol’ gpt-3 to help us out.
Wand AI Wand enables everyone, regardless of their technical skills, to solve complex business problems and create AI-driven business impact quickly and intuitively.

Wand delivers the simplest approach to designing, building, and managing AI-based business solutions, streamlining the full AI solutions’ lifecycle, thus reducing time-to-value, spending, and the needed workforce.

Using Wand, organizations can extend their AI powers from the technical departments to the business units and bring advanced data science capabilities to the business teams. Sky rocket your cold emails with unique personalizations generated by AI.
WatchNow Get personalized movie and show recommendations. Enter the titles of movies or shows you have watched and enjoyed to get better recommendations
Water It allows you customize everything about ChatGPT. Integrates with nocode platforms like Airtable and Zapier. is an AI-powered tool that automatically removes translucent watermarks from images in a matter of seconds. We allow people from all over the world to benefit from the strength of our product for both personal and professional purposes.
Wave AI Wave Grow is a coaching website that provides infinite coaching and growth opportunities to professionals, executives, and managers. It is powered by an automated coaching intelligence and provides personalized coaching experiences. It has been used by over 500 professionals and provides 24/7 listening and support. Additionally, it provides flexible prices and a safe space that protects confidentiality.
Waverly Waverly helps you focus on the content you need without distraction. Our AI understands what you care about and surfaces only relevant content that won’t waste your time. Get a customized feed that lets you track industries, trends and markets
Waymark Waymark’s AI video creator makes it easy to create spec creative for any prospect. Now, you can walk into every meeting with fully customized sample commercials.
We Write Cards The easiest way to create your custom message for any occasion (Birthdays, Weddings, Condolences).
WebChatGPT This extension adds relevant web results to your prompts to ChatGPT for more accurate and up-to-date conversations.
Welma Welma uses AI to simplify complex sentences and paragraphs, making them easy to understand. Whether you’re reading an academic paper, a news article, or even a novel, Welma will help you make sense of the text and retain the information.
What on earth? A fun way to learn something new. Generate stories with just an one-word prompt.
Whelp Whelp is an AI-powered omnichannel customer service automation tool that serves a wide range of features to cover all sides of customer service processes for SMEs. You can serve your customers 24/7 without any human interaction. ChatGPT, Google AI and Amazon Lex are also integrated for better results.
Whisper AI It’s an AI-powered hearing aid. With AI, it learns and adjusts to different hearing situations, like a noisy shopping market or family gathering. It provides regular software upgrades from new features to sound processing.
Whisper Memos Whisper Memos is an app that records your voice and sends you an email with the transcription a few minutes later. Use it to record quick thoughts, reminders and daily journal entries.
Whisper Whisper is a general-purpose speech recognition model. It is trained on a large dataset of diverse audio and is also a multi-task model that can perform multilingual speech recognition as well as speech translation and language identification.
Windsor Send a personal video to every single customer so they never forget your brand
Record one video, and Windsor’s AI sends out millions of personalized copies to your customers.
Wisecut Wisecut is an online automatic video editing software that leverages AI and voice recognition to edit videos for you.
Harness the power of AI to create engaging videos at lightning speed!
WiziShop Use WiziShop’s Artificial Intelligence to write your e-commerce product descriptions, find inspiration for your future articles, easily go international, and generate more traffic to your store!
Woebot Health Woebot is your personal mental health ally that helps you get back to feeling like yourself. Backed by clinical research, powered by AI.
WolframAlpha Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase, and AI technology. Geared towards the subjects of Mathematics, Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life.
Wombo Create beautiful artwork using the power of AI. Enter a prompt, pick an art style and watch WOMBO Dream turn your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds.
Wonder Dynamics At Wonder Dynamics, we combine AI technology with first-class storytelling.
WordAI 10x Your Content Output With AI. Use artificial intelligence to cut turnaround time, extend your budget, and create more high-quality content that Google and readers will love.
WordfixerBot WordfixerBot is a paraphraser, grammar checker, text summarizer, and text comparison tool.
Wordtune Wordtune is the ultimate AI writing tool that rewrites, rephrases, and rewords your writing! Trusted by over 1,000,000 users, Wordtune strengthens articles, academic papers, essays, emails and any other online content.
WowTo Create how-to videos and host an engaging video knowledge base in minutes. Build Video Knowledge Base.
Write Me A Cover Letter Generate a cover letter in seconds using AI. Just upload your CV, share a link to the job you want, and we’ll do the rest.
Writely Making the art of writing accessible to all. Whether you need to cut down on your words, elaborate further or simply rephrase a sentence, Writely can help!
Writer Discover Writer, the AI writing platform for teams. Craft clear, consistent, and on-brand content everywhere. Try it free today.
Writers Brew One AI writing assistant that works across all browsers, native apps & electron apps.
Cost effective - 10x-100x cheaper than any other service (by using your own OpenAI key).
Writeseed Write SEO-optimized marketing copy for blogs, Facebook ads, Google Ads and more to increase clicks, conversions and sales.
Writesonic Writesonic is an AI writer that creates SEO-friendly content for blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Shopify for free. Our paraphrasing tool lets you rephrase entire articles instantly.
Writey AI Changing the way content is created. Create content faster with artificial intelligence. Most advanced language A.I. First true free plagiarism A.I with original and researched content, check Writey A.I in action
Xembly An automated chief of staff to handle the tasks that slow you down. Work through the mundane. Focus on the meaning. Explore 19 top text to image AIs with 39 GPUs.
Xpression Camera Xpression Camera is an award-winning virtual camera app that allows users to instantly transform into anyone or anything with a face with a single photo without any processing time. xpression camera enables users to redefine their onscreen persona in real-time while chatting on apps like Zoom, live streaming on Twitch, or creating a YouTube video.
YOUS Audio/Video meetings, phone calls, chats, and messages with a built-in AI-based translator.
Yaara Yaara AI will help you generate creative content from a given prompt with improved grammer and flow of existing content. It will help summarize long documents into shorter pieces. Write long-form pieces such as articles, blog posts, or even books.
Yip Enter your Notes and Yip will generate questions automatically from them.
Yoodli AI Improve your communication skills with personalized and private feedback from their AI speech coach.
YouTube Summarized This Chrome extension enables you to summarize YouTube videos of any length using your OpenAI key. It is very useful for creating notes or finding the main points of a video without having to watch it.
You The search engine you can control. Improve business outcomes with an AI-driven search and discovery solution
Guide your prospects from discovery to conversions with an intent-focused, easy-to-integrate website search engine that helps boost engagement and sales Build interactive AI-driven chatbots on top of your content and give your audience a taste of interactive learning. blubi helps you to increase engagement, make the content interactive and showcase value in a immersive way.
echowin Automate Incoming Calls With AI.
Get a new phone number or bring your existing one. Your customers will call our AI-powered system that will help them get the answers they need, perform business tasks or connect them to the right person if needed. You can focus on running your business while we handle the calls! is a non-profit research group focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence. They have several useful courses on their website. AI assistant for your meetings
Record, transcribe, and search across your voice conversations.
getaiway Instantly create your personalised travel plan, using AI. Curates some premade travel plans as well.
growthbar Write perfect SEO-friendly content for blog posts, website pages, and articles… with AI. Capture high-quality motion data from video in any environment using mobile phones. Their patented software extracts natural human motion from video using advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics, automatically retargeting the data to your character rig. Capture motion anywhere and export directly into any game engine or digital environment.
texti AI that lives in your browser! It will cooperate with you to boost your content quality!
theGist Summarize any Slack channel or thread in one click.
theGist algorithm goes over the conversation, and instantly creates a short summary for you.
typly Answer all your messages with a single click using our keyboard! Typly automatically generates sentences that match the context of the conversation. Allows you to answer questions or continue the thread with a single click.
unbounce Ideate, iterate, and write custom, high-quality, engaging professional copy. Between the web app, handy desktop app and Chrome extension, bring Smart Copy with you across your favorite tools.
viable Automate your qualitative data analysis without compromising quality.

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