Adobe launches Liquid Mode for PDFs in Phones

PDFs are often a pain to read on smaller screens, and that’s something Adobe intends to deal with now that more and more people are counting on digital services for his or her work and private lives. Today, the software company has revealed its multi-year effort to bring Adobe Sensei-powered features to its PDF reader, starting with Liquid Mode. The new mode uses Sensei, Adobe’s AI tool, to automatically reformat text, images and tables for mobile devices.

When you activate Liquid Mode at the faucet of a button in Adobe Acrobat Reader, Sensei uses AI and machine learning within the background to spot the parts of a PDF document. it’ll make headings larger, as an example , and confirm the text is readable on a smaller screen without having to concentrate . The feature can even create collapsible and expandable sections of the document you’re reading, also as make its text searchable. If you would like to form the document even more readable, you’ll customize it further by changing its font size and its line and word spacing.

Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Reader | Adobe Acrobat

According to Adobe, it conducted a study showing that 45 percent of usa citizens stopped reading or didn’t even try consuming lengthy and wordy documents on mobile. Meanwhile, 72 percent said they’d work more on phones if it were easier to read on them. Liquid Mode was the answer it came up with, though the corporate admits that it’s youth for it which it’s sure to become better within the future.

Liquid Mode is out there within the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app for iOS and Android.