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8 Free Heroku Alternatives

Heroku is best SaaS cloud platforms with a free hosting service. Heroku runs on fast Linux sub-containers called “dynos”.

The Free plan gave generous 550-1,000 dyno hours per month. Which contained 512Mb ram, 2 simultaneous processes, deployment with git and docker, custom domains, automatic OS patching, etc.

But, as you know every free thing does not last forever. So some days ago Heroku announced that they would shut down the free service on November 28th, 2022. That’s why we make a sophisticated list of free Heroku alternatives. Which gave every user what they need at absolutely free of cost.


Vercel is the best free cloud platform for frontend frameworks and static sites or apps. Vercel gave the seamless Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket integration for fast deployment. Vercel uses the fastest global edge network with 99.99% uptime for better reliability. It also offers a free SSL certificate, asset compression, and cache invalidation. Vercel is the best for Next.js developers.

vercel best free heroku alternative

In free Vercel cloud hosting plan which they called the Hobby plan offers free 100GB bandwidth/month, 100GB-Hours serverless function execution, 6000 minutes of build time, 1000 source image optimization, 50 domains per project, free analytics, and many more which you see on their website.

They also offer Pro which cost $20 per user/month and a Custom Enterprise plan.

In the Vercel Hobby plan, the only major drawback that I phase is for Personal use not for Commercial use purpose. For a personal blog or testing, it’s so good but for commercial purposes, I recommended its pro plan.

Develop. Preview. Ship. For the best frontend teams - Vercel


Netlify is one of the best free Heroku alternatives that I prefer for static sites. By that, you easily combine your tools and APIs for creating the fastest Web Apps. It also provides free Cloud CDN for every deployed site which makes the website the fastest in real-world usage. It also provides team workflow for sharing, reviewing, and managing your git push. It supports almost any Jamstack static site generators like Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, Next, Astro, etc. You also used their Open Source CMS for your Git workflow.

netlify best free heroku alternative

It offers absolutely sophisticated free plans for its users. In the Netlify starter plan, they offer free 100GB bandwidth/month, 125K per site-Month serverless function invocations, 300 minutes of build time, 2.5K per site/month large media transformation, 100 forms submissions per site, free analytics, and many more which you see on their website.

Netlify also offers Pro $19/month, Business $99/month, and Custom Enterprise plan.

Netlify: Develop & deploy the best web experiences in record time

Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare is one of the free CDN and security platforms for websites. Recently they launch their Cloudflare Page service for any user absolutely free of cost. It is mainly used to make Static Web pages. It is so efficient and fast. It supports almost any Jamstack static site generators like Nuxt, Docusarus, Hexo, Eleventy Etc.

cloudflare pages free heroku alternative

It provides the most generous free plan. It also supports the latest web standards with HTTP/3, QUIC, image compression out of the box, and free secure web analytics. In a free plan, they offer Unlimited Sites, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Requests, 500 builds per month, and 1 build at a time.

Cloudflare Pages also offers Pro for $20/month and Business for $200/month.

Cloudflare Pages


This is your one-stop solution for Node.JS, Django, Laravel, Kotlin, Spring, and Ruby… project out of the box. It is one of the fastest and most simple user interface PaaS services. If you like the way Heroku works then Railway will be the best choice for you. It also supports Automatic Builds, Multiple Environments, Team Collaborations, Rollback Deployment, Auto Scaling Etc. You easily use a custom cron job, a database, and other microservices. You also use that for self-host open source Airtable like project management services also.

railway heroku alternative

It offers a Starter unlimited Trial version without credit card details. Its free plan offers 512 MB ram, 1GB Disk Space, 100Gb outbound bandwidth, Github public/private deployment, multiple custom domains,500 hours of deployment usage, and Community support.

They also offer premium Developer usage and a $20/seat Team plan. Railway one of the major drawback is its limited free offerings compared to other services.

Check Railway


deta free heroku option

Easily deploy your Python & Node.js apps / APIs on the internet in seconds. It is absolutely mind-blowing service. This service is absolutely free forever without any catch. It is heaven for a developer because it offers Unlimited apps & APIs with built-in API-key auth and Cron. You get 10Gb free cloud drives per account absolutely free. Delta said this service is for developers, not enterprise users.

Deta - The cloud for makers and dreamers.


It is absolutely new provider but it offers the fastest servers and free Redis cache. Render is an all-in-one cloud platform to build and run all web apps with free SSL. It also provides the fastest CDN and auto-deployment from Git.

render best heroku alternative

Its free plan offers 100Gb/month of bandwidth, custom domains, Cloud CDN, and also Unlimited Collaborators. You also get custom docker container support, background workers, managed PostgreSQL, and fully managed Redis service absolutely free.

The major drawback I phase in this platform is that its pricing is not clear for new users. So it is likely to change you get a bill for over usage in the free plan also. So I recommended checking your usage regularly to not get unwanted bills.

Check Render


It’s a Web3 service that stores all data in IPFS, and forever stores data on the Internet. It supports S3 & Minio compatibility with Image compression & resizing. You can easily your project on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. You also simply add your Domain with HNS & ENS. It is like a centralized gatekeeper that fully decentralizes the backup of your site.

fleek alternatives of heroku

Its basic plan offers 3GB storage, 250 build minutes, 50GB bandwidth, and Unlimited projects. It also has a $40 Pro, a $200 Business, and a Custom Enterprise plan. You buy a pro plan with Crypto coins also.

Fleek: Build on the New Internet


Koyeb is developer friendly free Heroku alternative. You easily deploy your web project. It offers APIs, Serverless Functions, background workers, and corn jobs also. It also has a High-Performance edge network, service mash discovery, and Automatic OS patching also. You easily migrate all your projects from Heroku to Koyeb.

koyeb best free alternative of heroku

Its free plan offers 2GB ram and 100GB bandwidth which is equivalent to 1388 hours of nano usage. They also offer $79/month and Customize plans.

The fastest way to deploy applications globally


This service is tested by me. Every service has its pros and cons. Not any of them is a perfect alternative solution for Heroku but they will give near-perfect user satisfaction. So I suggest you use any of those which suit you better. Every service is good in their area of use. So good luck for find the best free Heroku alternative that suits your need.

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