21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Open source projects are simply amazing. Open source features a lot of benefits. It’s a versatile standard, it helps the community, and therefore the community can help open source projects grow. Android is one of the foremost popular and more powerful open source projects of all time.

Android variants designed by brands and also includes the multiple different strains developed by independent developers within the sort of custom Android ROMs. And a bit like the various variations of Android, there’s a spread of open source Android apps that are very purposeful although they could haven’t received the type of attention they deserve.

They not only prove bent be a valuable resource of learning but also present the chance to check your programming skills by fixing, improving, or maybe building something better. So, today we’re getting to discuss 13 amazing open source Android apps written in Java. you’ll enhance your Java learning from these apps or demonstrate your skills by contributing to them.

Each open source Android apps on the listing may be a top-rated name in its specific category. So, ready for it? Here are some great open-source Android apps:

Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

1. Amaze File Manager

Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Amaze File Manager is an easy-to-use and resourceful file manager which stands call at the long list of file managers thanks to its minimal material design interface. Besides a clean interface, Amaze File Manager’s fast animations, also because the ability to settle on from among different themes and even select colours for elements individually, are what make it more interesting in the open source android apps file manager.

Besides engaging aesthetics, the file manager amazes you with the power to backup installed apps in sort of APK files and even restore them after a fresh install. Additionally, you’ll use the inbuilt FTP option or utilize a score of cloud transfer protocols like SMB, SCP, SFTP, or maybe install other plugins to increase the utility.

2. Lawnchair 2

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Lawnchair 2 Launcher is one among the newer open source Android apps on the list. It’s a launcher with a stock Android theme. It closely resembles the Pixel Launcher, except with more features. They include Google Now integration, icon pack support, variable icon size, Notification dots a blur mode, and other customizations. However, we feel comfortable recommending it to almost anybody. It’s also free with none ads, open-source, and highly functional. It’s great for those that sort of a minimal launcher experience, but still, want some customization features.

3. Brave Browser

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Brave may be a relatively new and fast-growing open source android apps browser that’s not only available for Android but also for desktop users. the most motto of Brave is that it’s a quick , secure, and personal browser that doesn’t violate your privacy. It backs up the moto using useful features like built-in ad-blocker, battery optimization, HTTPS Everywhere, 3rd party cookie blocking, script blocking, etc. What i prefer about Brave browser is that the dashboard where it shows what percentage ads, trackers and scripts were blocked.

There’s also a built-in data optimization feature that blocks data-intensive things like images, videos, etc., to save lots of data consumption.
Another reason to use brave browser is that, unlike most apps that you simply will see during this list, Brave is that the just one which is out there on all platform. Meanwhile, you’ll use it as your primary browser and it’ll sync all of your data on mobile and desktop.

4. VLC Media Player

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

VLC may be a renowned media player which brings support for a good range of audio and video codecs. Besides playing local media files, VLC is often wont to stream videos, audios, and other sorts of files over an area network or an online directory.

Some common features that enhance media playback include the power to vary playback speed, jump to a selected time, add and pan subtitles, set a sleep timer. aside from this, users can enjoy videos in picture-in-picture mode and even tune the audio playback using the inbuilt equalizer which make it most popular open source android apps in this

5. Bitwarden

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Bitwarden is an open source Android apps software that’s user-friendly and highly secure and includes almost everything individuals, teams, and businesses require during a password manager. Bitwarden’s basic plans specialise in the meat of password management, but even the free plans include multi-device sync, optional self-hosting, and unlimited online storage. Premium plans include reports on your passwords that highlight things like weak passwords and unsecured websites.

The pad-for plans include features for managing the passwords of a bigger workforce, with password sharing, fine-grained access control, user groups, two-step login, and multi-factor authentication. Bitwarden isn’t only one of the simplest free password managers available, it’s so usable and feature-packed.

6. Telegram

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Telegram may be a popular platform for heavily encrypted conversations. Voice calls and group chats involve end-to-end encryption (if both parties have Telegram). there’s a choice to self-destruct messages, files, photos, and videos during a specific amount of your time after they need been sent and received. It even has self-destructing messages.

For a safer messaging experience, users can activate secret chats from the app’s advanced settings, which forces the app on the opposite side of the key chat to delete messages if you select to try to so. These sorts of chats are device-specific, so you’ll only access them from their device of origin. If your device is secure, your secret chats are going to because it is a open source Android apps for messaging.

7. Open Camera

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Open Camera is an open source Android apps for camera. It replaces (or augments) the most camera app for more functionality. This one includes full manual controls (device permitting), configurable hotkeys, HDR support, a widget, and support for a few external microphones for videographers. We usually recommend that folks persist with their stock camera app. It’s optimized for the camera on the device by the corporate that made the device. However, if you would like to travel open source, this is often the simplest open source camera app available.

8. ownCloud

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

ownCloud is a open source android apps for private file sync-and-share cloud service available for a tool running Android. it’s employed by individuals also as full-fledged organizations and businesses. Storing and accessing files on the ownCloud server is straightforward via the Android app.

In addition to being a top-class application, ownCloud is additionally an open source project. The service is additionally accessible via desktop or the online.


21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Another beautiful and useful open source android apps that I install instantly on a replacement Android device is QKSMS. It’s a third-party texting client for normal messages. My favourite feature of this app is the ability to customize the design and feel of the app. The app supports dual and multi-SIM devices so you’ve got no problems there. It also supports normal MMS protocol allowing you to share media files like photos and audio files. One outstanding feature of this app is the ability to make group messages. Overall, I quite like this app and always prefer it over the built-in messaging app.

10. FreeOTP Authenticator

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

FreeOTP may be a open source Android apps for two-factor authentication app. It works like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. You set it up and it provides security codes for login. It supports both TOTP and HOTP protocols and will work with all websites with support for those protocols. The app is free, open source, and maintained by Red Hat. Yes, we’re talking about the Linux distro Red Hat. It hasn’t had an update during a few years, but the ASCII text file shows activity as of a couple of months ago so it’s going to get an update sooner or later. there’s also andOTP, another decent open source android apps for authentication.

11. Kodi

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Kodi is a cross-platform and open source android apps media player which offers you almost infinite options to stream movies, music, TV shows, and even live TV. you’ll add a mess of add-ons and Kodi repositories that assist you to download or stream content or manage your library. Besides the power to observe content from a sizable amount of sources, you’ll also play retro games on Kodi, and even theme the media player to fit your mood and preferences. Besides Android, Kodi also can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and a spread of TV boxes and streaming sticks for absolutely free.

12. Musicolet Music Player

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Musicolet Music Player is a simple, but powerful music player. it’s a mixture of all essential music playing features and tools. the simplest feature of Musicolet Music Player is that it’s completely Offline, It doesn’t require any Internet access permission, So it cannot send/receive even one little bit of data to/from the web. Not even within the background. This unique ‘feature’ also allows us to enjoy music with none disturbance and interruption. If you would like to exchange the default music player apk no ads and open source android apps then Musicolet may be a perfect choice for you.

13. Joplin Notes

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Joplin may be a free and open source android apps. you do not need to buy anything. The developer accepts donations via Patreon, PayPal, and GitHub. Storage isn’t included, however, and neither is syncing. Joplin makes it easy to use Dropbox and OneDrive for storage and syncing, which are likely the foremost familiar services. you’ll also store and sync your notes with Nextcloud, WebDAV, or your filing system (for example with a network directory). An Amazon Web Services option is in beta.

Keep in mind that if you employ a third-party storage service, you’ll find yourself having to pay more for it, counting on what you set into Joplin.

14. NewPipe

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

NewPipe is an open source Android apps that allows you to browse and play YouTube videos without forcing you to check in to your Google account. While you’ll simply browse the trending content, you’ll also import your subscriptions from YouTube and SoundCloud, and cargo them onto NewPipe – without being tracked by Google.

you’ll also export and share these subscriptions with your friends. The videos are open during a new window and therefore the player gets the gestures for brightness and volume. Using NewPipe, you’ll also download videos, play them within the background, also as during a pop-up window. this is often one among my most favourite open source Android apps.

15. NetGuard

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Many apps run within the background and use the web without your information. Whether it’s to limit these certain apps from sending your data to their servers or to conserve on limited internet quota, you’ll use NetGuard, making it one among the foremost useful open source android apps.

NetGuard may be a firewall application that allows you to block internet access to certain apps. It features an easy interface with icons for Wi-Fi and mobile internet next to every app and you merely enable or disable internet access per app by simply tapping on these icons. Additionally, you’ll also choose specific instances like screen lock, roaming, or screen on/off state to use these settings if you would like to fine-tune the controls.

16. ProtonVPN

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

ProtonVPN neatly packages Swiss security into a VPN, offering an excellent free option also as a strict no-logging policy and uncommon features like multi-server connection routing and Tor over VPN. Unlike other free VPNs, there are not any catches. Proton Vpn don’t serve ads or secretly sell your browsing history and its fully Open Source Android Apps.

17. Etar

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Etar may be a lightweight and open source android apps for the calendar which shows events in daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda-wise layouts. The interface uses material design elements and allows you to choose from light, dark, and fully black themes, also as give you the choice to customize accent colours. Besides this, Etar syncs all the events you add with Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange accounts.

18. AntennaPod

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

If you’re keen on podcasts, AntennaPod is an open source android apps podcast player that allows you to subscribe to a good range of podcast sources. you’ll also manually enter the URL and begin streaming or downloading your favourite podcasts. AntennaPod is one of the foremost useful open source apps for Android. The app gives you the power to fine-tune the speed of playback, vary volume between left and right channels, convert a stereo output to mono. Additionally, you’ll also set a sleep timer with the pliability to line an alarm at the top of the timer, if you would like to limit the time you spend taking note of podcasts.

19. Frost for Facebook

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Facebook, in spite of the rising skepticism from users since the Cambridge Analytica case last year, has been the foremost popular social media, especially due to the vastness of options and features. However, the Facebook app for Android is among the foremost data-hungry and resource-seeking apps, often leading to a jittery experience on mid-range or entry-level smartphones.

Frost for Facebook may be a lightweight and open source android apps which loads your Facebook feed faster than the official app without compromising on any feature. On the opposite hand, it adds features like comprehensive options for theming the interface, also the choice to feature multiple accounts directly. Frost also allows you to play stories in PiP and even reply to messages without installing a separate Messenger app.

20. Slide for Reddit

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

The slide may be a Reddit client which is additionally an open source android apps. the primary thing Slide asks you at the start is to regulate the most interface and accent colours also because of the background colour. The navigation within the app relies tons on swipe (or slide) gestures making it more interactive than the Reddit app.

It not only loads faster than the official one but also has more sorting options for subreddits and comments. you’ll browse Reddit without signing in also as search a specific user from a fanatical “Go to Profile” option within the hamburger menu. Furthermore, the comments hierarchy is coordinated by colour which can be too overwhelming initially but adds a way of fun to the intense and somewhat intimidating demeanour. But the simplest part about Slide keeps your Reddit feed free from any advertisement.

21. Pixel Dungeon

21 Great Open Source Android Apps in 2021

Pixel Dungeon may be a challenging and addictive game falls under the umbrella of open source apps for Android. With pixel-art graphics and intuitive gameplay, Pixel Dungeon is an RPG game about fighting mega rats, bats, and some monsters. On the way, you’ve to grab something to eat and a few useful items like keys to open doors also as weapons like swords to fight monsters on your course. the sport engages your curiosity and may be an excellent time and tedium buster.

Open source Android apps not only provide an excellent chance of embracing and learning about technology, but it also can please the geek in you who might enjoy DIY solutions. If we missed any great open source apps, tell us about them within the comments!

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