16 reasons why Use Linux

Linux has been intended to bring you a smooth and compelling experience. Regardless of whether you need to utilize it for business or some other home tasks, Linux offers the most solid framework to take on. Linux has gotten perhaps the most taken on frameworks by numerous clients in and all throughout the planet. The greater part of the world’s biggest server farms across the globe uses Linux. There are different reasons that answer for what reason should we use Linux, continue to peruse.

16 reasons why Use Linux

High Stability

Stable Linux

The Linux system is extremely stable and isn’t susceptible to crashes. The Linux OS runs exactly as fast because it did when first installed, even after several years. Most folks must have experienced how a freshly installed Windows system runs extremely fast and therefore the same system becomes slow after around six months to at least one year. Then, your only option most of the time is to reinstall the OS and every one of the opposite software.

The uptime for the Linux servers is extremely high and therefore the availability is around 99.9 percent. Unlike Windows, you would like not to reboot a Linux server after every update or patch. That’s the reason many Super Computers why use Linux. Thanks to this, Linux has the very best number of servers running on the web. consistent with a piece of writing on the ZDNet website, 96.3 percent of the highest 1 million Web servers are running on Linux. Twenty-three out of the highest twenty-five websites run on Linux. the 2 remaining websites within the top twenty-five are live.com and bing.com, which belong to Microsoft!

High security

Linux Security

Windows OS is susceptible to different types of attacks (or hacks). However, Linux isn’t as vulnerable as Windows. It sure isn’t invulnerable, but it’s tons safer. Although, there’s no rocket science in it.

It is just the way Linux works that creates a secure OS. Overall, the method of package management, the concept of repositories, and a few more features make it possible for Linux to be safer than Windows.

When you have Windows installed, you would like to download/purchase an Antivirus program to stay your computer safe from hackers and malware. However, Linux doesn’t require the utilization of such Anti-Virus programs. Of course, a few software tools still exist to assist you to retain your system free from threats, but it’s often unnecessary once you have a Linux system.

Being secure naturally would make things easier for you and twenty-fives well because you’ll not need to get premium Antivirus software! Security is the main reason why use Linux.

Software Updates

Microsoft pushes a software update when it receives a group of problems or if something major must be fixed. And, for this reason — your system potentially breaks with an update otherwise you find yourself expecting an update to repair your issue for a big amount of your time.

I’m sure if you’ve got a Windows-powered system for an extended time, you’ll have encountered issues with every update.

However, with Linux, you’d observe software updates to deal with every little bug and most of which isn’t system-breaking if you’re using an LTS version of a distribution.

So, with Linux, you’ll notice simpler and faster updates to repair the issues you would possibly be facing. That’s not the case with Windows.

Large Hardware Support

Pc Hardware

All folks know that with every new release of Windows OS, an enormous number of hardware systems become obsolete as their technical specifications are not any longer capable run the newest Windows OS. Linux makes very efficient use of the system’s resources. Linux installation is often customized for users and specific hardware requirements. The installation procedure is extremely flexible and allows users to settle on the modules they need to put in. this enables them to put in Linux even on old hardware, thus helping in optimal use of all the hardware resources.

Linux runs on a variety of hardware, right from supercomputers to watches. you’ll give new life to your old and slow Windows system by installing a lightweight Linux system, or maybe run a NAS or media streamer employing a particular distribution of Linux. There also are lightweight desktops like Xfce and LXDE which may run on lower-end PCs.

Open Source

The most important aspect of Linux is that its Source text file is out there because it falls under the FOSS category (Free and Open Source Software). The developer community benefits from this as its members have the liberty to look at and modify the ASCII text file, which isn’t the case with proprietary software, which they will only use. Several countries are developing their versions of Linux. this may ultimately help these countries in developing their own OSs for specialized or strategic areas like defense, communications, etc.

Using FOSS tools is critical for the safety of any country. Several countries including China, Russia, and Cuba are developing their own OSs that supported Linux. C-DAC has developed BOSS (Bharat OS Solutions), India’s PC OS.


Linux Theme

One major advantage of using Linux rather than Windows is customization. If you wish to tweak your system’s looks, Linux is simply perfect for you.

Apart from installing themes, you’ve got plenty of beautiful icon themes. additionally thereto, you’ll use extensions to display system information, Weather, etc on the desktop in the coolest way possible. If you like to customize your pc then that is the best reason why use Linux.


Linux’s requirements for running on a system are much less than that of Windows or Mac. With the proper Linux distribution, a user can have a modest setup and Linux will give the system value. disc space and memory footprint also can be lower too. Some distributions are suitable for CPUs dating back to the Pentium family, others have a requirement of as little as 128MB of RAM and round the same amount for disk space! Potato pc user does not need to tell why to use Linux on Pc.

Perfect for Programmers

Linux supports most of the main programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc.). Moreover, it offers a huge range of applications useful for programming purposes.

The Linux terminal is superior to use over Window’s instruction for developers. you’d find many libraries developed natively for Linux. Also, tons of programmers mean that the package manager on Linux helps them get things done easily.

Interestingly, the power of bash scripting is additionally one of the foremost compelling reasons programmers why use Linux OS.

Linux also brings in native support for SSH, which might assist you to manage your servers quickly. you’ll include things like apt commands which further makes Linux one of the foremost popular choices of the programmers.

Variety Of Distros

All Linux Distros

There are not any flavors of Windows. Yes, you’ll have different plans & packages which differ in licensing terms, the amount of activation, packaged features, and price.

In contrast, you’ll find plenty of Linux distributions catered for a special set of needs. So, you’ll prefer to install any of the available Linux distros consistent with your requirements.

For example, there are Linux distributions for hackers, there are Linux distributions for programmers, there are Linux distributions for very old computers, and therefore the list goes on. there’s a Linux for everybody.


Windows, as we all know it, becomes sluggish day after day. you’ll want to re-install Windows after a short time once you encounter crashes or slowdowns on your system.

If you’re using Linux, you’ll not need to worry about re-installing it just to experience a faster and smoother system. Linux helps your system run smoothly for an extended period.

Ease of Use for Beginners

Contrary to the overall belief that Linux is merely for geeks, it’s now become user-friendly and features a good graphical interface (GUI). it’s mostly the functionality that Windows has. The GUI has developed to the extent that the majority of what typical users want are often done on Linux, as easily because it is completed in Windows, without knowing any commands.

In case you’re using some applications which run only on Windows, you’ll install Wine (Windows Emulator), using which you’ll run those applications on a Linux system.

Though the perception is that Linux isn’t gamer-friendly, several games are now available on Linux. If a specific game isn’t available on Linux, you’ll install PlayOnLinux to run Windows games. In recent time Linux game is so much better and smoother that’s why to use Linux one time if you are a gamer.



Microsoft certainly tries to anonymize the info collected from every user. However, it doesn’t look convincing with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10. it’s already received a huge amount of criticism of how it collects data, what it should collect and what it shouldn’t.

If you’ve got ever used Windows 10, you’ll only head into the privacy settings to understand that everything is enabled by default. albeit you decide bent send Microsoft information about your data, it’s still being collected. Of course, Microsoft won’t bother revealing it officially with a press statement, but it surely does. So, you’d need a group of tools to disable the spying modules of Windows.

In contrast, Linux would be the right solution for a privacy buff. First of all, Linux distributions don’t collect much data or none. That is the reason every security farm why uses Linux.

Maintenance Free

Maintaining the Linux OS is straightforward because the user can centrally update the OS and every software installed very easily. All the variants of Linux have their central software repository, which is employed to update the system and keep it safe. they provide regular updates and therefore the system is often updated without rebooting it. The updating is often done periodically, with just a couple of clicks, or users can even automate the updating process. Updating a Windows system isn’t very easy compared to a Linux system. Also, in Windows, all the third-party software like Acrobat Reader and Movies app need to be updated individually.

Better Support

You do not get to hire an expert to unravel a drag you’re facing on your Linux system. you only got to look for an identical thread online for an answer or post a thread to let others solve the matter.

Within minutes of posting a thread on any of the Linux forums, you’ll expect a reply alongside an in-depth solution that might finally help resolve your problem at no cost! to not forget, you ought to find solutions to most of the common problems within the forums properly explained without having to try tons of research.

Tons of active Linux users are always able to answer a relevant thread one may need to be created. the amount of community users active on such forums is quite the amount of active members on any Windows-focused forum.

Operate with other Operating Systems

Linux has driver support for NTFS and HFS+ filesystems used by Windows and Macs and also Samba for file/print service support on Windows machines.

It’s Free

Linux is accessible to everyone for free! However, that’s not the case with Windows! This is the main reason why use Linux in everyday work life.

You will not need to pay 100-250 USD to buy your hands on a real copy of a Linux distro (such as Ubuntu, Fedora). So, it’s entirely free. Hard to beat that!

  1. What is Linux?

    Just like Windows, iOS, and Mac OS, Linux is an OS. In fact, one of the foremost popular platforms on the earth, Android, is powered by the Linux OS.

  2. Is Linux illegal?

    Linux distros as an entire are legal, and downloading them is additionally legal. tons of individuals think that Linux is against the law because most people like better to download them via torrent, and people automatically associate torrenting with criminality.

  3. Why do hackers use Linux?

    Linux was designed around a strongly integrated command-line interface. this provides hackers and Linux more control over their system.

  4. Why is Linux better than Windows?

    Linux is usually safer than Windows. albeit attack vectors are still discovered in Linux, thanks to its open-source technology, anyone can review the vulnerabilities, which makes the identification and resolving process faster and easier.

  5. What are the disadvantages of Linux?

    A disadvantage to employing a Linux OS is that the bulk of your favorite programs won’t run on that. If you’re wont to certain software, you’ll need to find a comparable Linux option.