16 Awesome Google Meet Chrome Extensions

Google Meet is a straightforward video conference app from Google. It has many unique features, such as live captioning, joining the meeting without an internet connection, and so on. However, it lacks a few features that services like Zoom have that can improve the usability of Google Meet.

Nonetheless, the majority of these features can be added to Google Meet on chrome browser or google chrome alternative browsers via Chrome Extensions. Let’s get started.

Chrome Extensions for the Google Meet

Meet Extension

Meet Extension

Meet Extension accompanies an incredible arrangement of highlights that should assist you with completing things on Google Meet effortlessly. You can utilize the extension to jump to the full-screen arrangement when you enter a meeting, download the visit history on Meet, use push-to-talk, download the rundown of members, make an occasion on Google Schedule, use Picture in Picture, auto-join a meeting without getting the pre-meeting screen, and then some.

Google Meet Enhancement Suite


Google Meet Improvement Suite is the extension is the one-stop tool to take advantage of Google Meet. The apparatus accompanies many highlights and default settings that make Google Meet as useful as Zoom. This incorporates the capacity to naturally quiet the amplifier, turn off video when joining a meeting or empower inscriptions.

The Meet Upgrade Suite’s champion highlights, in any case, are Push to Talk – which allows clients rapidly to quiet and unmute themselves utilizing a console alternate way; and Auto Join – which allows you to skirt the holding up screen when joining a meeting. Other than that, you can begin and leave meetings rapidly, reflect recordings, eliminate all members, empower dim mode, and turn ON DND mode.

Google Meet for Teachers

 Google Meet Extensions for Teachers

Google Meet Extensions for Teachers is generally valuable for instructors and fills just one need that blocks join demands once empowered. So once the class began, instructors don’t have to sit around conceding everybody into the class.

You can simply tap on the extension symbol at the top corner of the program and empower the switch alongside Lock Google Meet and that is it, these chrome extensions shut out every one of the understudies who are going to late to the class.

MeetInOne Extension

MeetInOne Extension

MeetInOne is among the recently distributed chrome extensions made for Google Meet and a minuscule bundle, it offers a lot of in-call and outside-of-call highlights. This across-the-board extension’s feature expansion is a Dim mode that applies a dim dark-hued tone across the meeting interface and foundation.

Likewise, there’s an Image in-picture mode that can allow you to settle on video decisions while doing other stuff. A forthcoming meeting recorder will permit you to record your meeting procedures. Different highlights incorporate Push-to-talk, autojoin meetings, Auto-off sound, and video, Auto-switch subtitles, meeting clock, Meeting insights, Auto concede or reject members, and then some.

Meet Attendance

Meet Attendance

Meet Attendance is another chrome extension helpful for instructors. You should simply add the extension to your program and that is it. At whatever point you start a meet, it will make a bookkeeping page and note down every one of the names of individuals who have gone to the meeting. It likewise notes down the time they joined and the time forgot about. So you don’t have to consider anything while at the same time running the class.

You can get to the bookkeeping page whenever from the alternative in the individual’s tab. You can even flip off the robotization and make an accounting page physically directly from the Google Meet on the off chance that you need it.


TurboMeet chrome extension for Google Meet

TurboMeet is a choice to Google Meet Upgrade Suite and you can utilize it if the last disappointed you. Like the Upgrade Suite, TurboMeet allows you to empower Push-to-Talk for a continuous meeting, end meetings utilizing console alternate ways, empower auto-inscriptions, and then some.

As far as robotization, the apparatus packs an auto-join highlight to sidestep the joining screen and turns off sound and video before the beginning of meetings naturally.

Google Meet Tweak

Google Meet Grid View

Google Meet Tweak, useful for those of you who wish to see more members in a meeting, like what Zoom offers, you can utilize the Google Meet Network View extension on Chrome, you can utilize the Google Meet Lattice View extension on Chrome to see everybody in your gathering meeting. The google meet grid extension empowers a matrix format on the calling screen with equivalent measured rectangular boxes, subsequently allowing you to see as many individuals as you can during a video gathering.

Visual Effects for Google Meet

Visual Effects for Google Meet

Visual Effects for Google Meet offer an alternative to having virtual background during meetings like the Zoom meeting app. Even though you can utilize Snap Camera to change the vibe of your environmental factors, there’s still no perfect method to change your experience. With the Special visualizations for the Google Meet extension, you can apply various impacts to your experiences like Air pockets, 3D shape, Shades, Screen Text, Freeze, Difference, Opposite, Pixelate, and Green Screen.

Google Meet Chat Transcribe

Google Meet Transcribe

Google Meet chat Transcribe utilizes the usefulness of transcribe feature and takes it to an unheard-of level by taking notes of each one of those subtitles. It consequently saves them as a Google Doc record in your Google Drive.

In any case, It doesn’t give an alternative to you to arrange and you can’t stop interpreting for any meeting. You can just erase it later.


Otter ai chrome extension

Otter.ai Chrome extensions is a generally more current contribution in the market that furnishes clients with the capacity to translate and catch meetings on Google Meet continuously. The extension has a programmed live record instrument that saves every one of your notes in English and stores sound records of a meeting on your Otter account. The help is accessible with the expectation of complimentary when utilizing Google Meet yet additionally works for Zoom calls, though on a paid arrangement.

Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Google Meet Breakout Rooms by Robert Hudek

Google Meet Breakout Rooms permit hosts of meetings to part the essential meeting bunch into numerous subgroups. Even though Google Meet doesn’t locally accompany such a component as Zoom, you can in any case utilize the usefulness by introducing the Google Meet Breakout Rooms extension on Google Chrome.

The extension allows you to move consistently among rooms and view them in tiled or tab design, add members to various rooms, close rooms, quiet all, or eliminate all members. One added highlight is having the option to communicate both sound and video to all breakout rooms on the double which is convenient for when hosts need to have a similar message to a whole association.

Call Timer for Meet

Google Meet Call Timer chrome extension

Call Timer for Meet assists you with following how long you are spending on a video call. Simply introduce the extension and go to Google Meet. You can set the clock inside the Meet window and it looks spotless, insignificant, and consummately mixes into the Google Meet plan style.

In any case, this clock can be just seen by you, and it doesn’t naturally close the call. It makes a little blare sound and shows the clock in red, demonstrating that your time is finished. On the off chance that you are on a tight timetable or have some work, you can utilize this extension as a leftover portion.

In any case, simply knowing how long you have been on the call is only a fundamental element for each video-gathering application.


React chrome extension for google meet

React is another fun-based extension to utilize Emoticons and Gifs on Google Meet. Rather than simply sending them like a talk message or spring-up warning, Respond sticks the emoticon or Gif on your video feed. So to utilize this component, you need to consistently empower the video choice.

Among all the Emoticon extensions on Google Meet, Respond can be considered as the best alternatives as different gatherings don’t have to introduce the extension.

Meeting notes by Meetric

Meeting notes for Google Calendar - Meetric

Meeting notes for Google Calendar is for those of you who don’t wish to utilize any of the live record devices from a higher place yet need to stay with the manual method of taking notes during a meeting. Utilizing this, you can see the entirety of your notes from past meetings inside a similar window and team up notes live with anybody present in the meeting. The utility’s sideboard can be resized, made straightforward, and can be gotten to from any program tab.

Google Meet Dice Roller

Google Meet Dice Roller extension

Google Meet Dice Roller is an RPG gamer on the web, quite possibly’s you may need to move dice when participating in a game and talking about things with others in Google Meet. Utilizing this extension, you can roll a bite of the dust with quite a few sides to get your arbitrary result and rehash it a different number of times.

Tactiq for Google Meet Transcription

Tactiq Pins for Google Meet

Tactiq for Google Meet Transcription use for Save Captions and Transcription From Google Meet. Save Live Captions From Google Meet. Stay engaged, Tactiq pins take care of the notes Capture important conversations without losing your focus writing notes, using Tactiq’s Chrome Extensions for Google Meet. Simple to share & save live transcriptions from Google Meet with Tactiq: Record the text of the conversation with timestamps and identified Speakers.

Read the full history of the conversation in real-time * Automatically save the transcription to Google Doc during the meeting. Automatically enable captions on calls, Highlight any key points during Google Meet meeting and get them in Google Drive, Export transcript in Tactiq Meeting, TXT, Clipboard, or securely store it in your Google Drive, Team Drive, Review highlight summary, See timestamps, and speakers names to Google Drive. Send meeting highlights and link to transcription directly to Slack.


There are a few more chrome extensions like free VPNs, games, party button which gives cool features but is only used by the one who installed the extension. Anyhow, my favorite is the enhancement suite, what’s yours? Let me know in the comments section below.

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