15 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can Must Try

From social networking services to instant messaging apps, to video sharing websites, there are numerous means by which information is often shared online with others.

Out of the various blogging platforms available out there, the Verizon-owned Tumblr is perhaps the foremost unique. What if you would like something else? seems like you’re in luck, as we’ve curated this listing of the simplest 15 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can Try.

Best Tumblr Alternatives List


google blogger blogging

Blogger is simple and straightforward to use and one of the best Tumblr Alternatives. Also, it’s free. you’ll use the site by just simply registering a lively email account and from there you’ll start publishing content on your site. This website is owned by Google itself so you recognize that it’s worth looking into, especially if you’re curious about the Google ecosystem.
You can get an in-depth check out where you’ll focus. But it offers many other options for its users in order that they can have access to things like options for viewing stats, traffic sources, and even monthly page views for their blogs. and there’s full integration with Google’s AdSense program also, for straightforward monetization.

Also, Blogger’s has been updated with beautiful Material Design language getting used across the platform, making it one among the foremost gorgeous looking Tumbler alternatives. But even with all of that, Blogger has its downsides, most notable of which is that it doesn’t allow you to host your blog on a web-server. So if you’ve got your own custom domain, you’ve got to use DNS functionality to redirect it to the blog.


WordPress blog

It’s impossible to speak about blogging platforms without mentioning WordPress. WordPress is undoubtedly the foremost popular Tumblr alternatives that mention in this list. WordPress is an impressive professional website creating a platform for blogs, E-Commerce, Business, News, Photography, and Music it’s a strong Tumblr alternative. WordPress comes in two variants, a free and open-source script-based content management system (CMS) which will be installed on an internet server, and a freemium blogging platform that helps you get your first blog started in seconds.

it’s extremely customizable, because of the innumerable themes and functionality enhancing plug-ins available for it. Not just that, it’s everything you’d expect from a solid blogging service, including multi-user support, social network integration, SEO, and custom tags/categories. In essence, if you would like a totally loaded blogging service, WordPress is an absolute no-brainer.


medium website

Medium Founded by the ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter, Medium has quickly risen to become one of the foremost popular blogging platforms for Serious authors looking towards writing quality content. It’s distinctly unique from the opposite blogging services, in a sense that it focuses more on factors like quality of content, and the way published stories to connect with the readers, as against statistics like page-views and traffic.

an excellent medium for people that like to write and appreciate good words, Medium sports a minimalistic text editor, and has features like keyboard shortcuts, sharing links, and therefore the ability to line visibility, tags, etc which make it one of the best Tumblr Alternatives. you’ll even import posts from other services, also as a tag, follow your favorite authors. There’s also support for fixing custom domains.


reddit platforms

When we are discussing “what are the simplest Tumblr Alternatives?” we can’t forget the name of Reddit. it’s within the marketplace for quite 12 years. Here you’ll post your thoughts like blogs, share links and audio, video, or image messages.
You can follow any community during which you’re interested, and you’ll get their shares on your feed. The policy regarding posting adult content on Reddit isn’t total abstinence, but still, it’s more liberality than other competitors.


soup micro blogging

Soup almost exactly mirrors Tumblr in both interface and features, thus making a strong case for a robust Tumblr alternative. From texts to quotes, and from images to videos, it allows you to post everything, then some more. It can directly import posts from an outsized sort of social network and allows you to automatically publish posts to Facebook too.

Also, you’ll point your custom domain to your Soup micro-blog easily. There are many Soup groups (based on topics like animals, TV shows, etc.) that users can join and post to, thus creating a collaborative stream of posts. In a nutshell, Soup may be a simple micro-blogging platform that works. it not to match up to heavyweights like other Tumblr Alternatives.


DeviantArt blogging

DeviantArt for the persons who are trying to find a Tumblr alternative for sharing artwork. Granted, DeviantArt is nowhere near as popular as its famed counterpart nor does it boast a variety of customization tools, but when it involves discovering unique art, it’s clearly a far better service. The niche community is great for exploring artistic content and also having much-needed inspiration. Another notable feature of this platform is that it’s not just limited to digital art. If you’re good at hand-drawn art, it can give enough exposure to your creativity.

What has caught my attention in DeviantArt may be a fan-fiction that I even have loved to catch up with. If you’re keen on the creative stuff, it can easily become one of your hot ingredients. As someone who has always admired literature in its true form, I even have found its poetry collection quite impressive. From emotional poems to hilarious couplets, it’s got tons to inspire you.


Pinterest photo sharing

Pinterest is a visually driven social media-website which one of the best Tumblr alternatives available in this list, meaning that you simply got to post a picture, video, or GIF with the link to pin it(post) to the web site.

When you share something on Pinterest, it’s posted on the location as a pin as a social bookmark. Sharing someone else’s pin is known as repinning. the website also provides a choice to create a gaggle of pins, called boards to gather pins associated with a subject during a place, a bit like a real-life board with pins.


mastodon blog

Mastodon may be a lot like Twitter within the way it functions with people creating posts on the web site, following interesting people, and getting followed by people that find them interesting. That’s also, however, tons like Tumblr, and Mastodon is certainly a Tumblr alternative you’ll inspect.

The service is entirely decentralized and open-source and features a pretty huge user-base already. Like Tumblr, you’ll make posts on Mastodon, and a bit like other Tumblr alternatives, people can like your posts, repost them, and make comments. The interface here isn’t tons like Tumblr to be fair, but it does have tons in common as far as features go. There are hotkeys here too, so you’ll easily create new posts, and do tons more with just the keyboard.


Ghost blogging platform

The results of a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, Ghost is an open-source blogging platform that’s intended to form writing and publishing content simple. Ghost is predicated on the Node.js run time environment, which makes it extremely fast and responsive which makes it this best Tumblr alternatives list. a bit like WordPress, Ghost is additionally available in two variants, an internet server hosted package (starting at $19/month), or a self-hosted one ($5-10/month). Ghost is in active development, with features like third-party apps, post analytics, and developer tools within the pipeline. If you would like a quick and responsive Tumblr alternative, do try the 14 day trial of Ghost.


PillowFort blogging

Pillowfort is one of the simplest Tumblr alternatives to Tumblr after the ban of its NSFW contents. it’s a user-friendly platform that emerged from the users complaining about the issues and limitations of other such sites. Pillowfort remains in beta version and may cost you a little one time $5 fee to register, but you’ll still try it as a demo user on its official website.
But thanks to its very new generation features and providing a platform to the users where they will explore their creativity, even more, Pillowfort has emerged as a replacement substitute for Tumblr.


postheaven tumblr alternative

Tumblr alternatives that are getting to stick around for good? Posthaven might just be what you’re trying to find. With an upfront selling price of $5/month for a blog account (each having up to 10 blogs), Posthaven, in its own words, maybe a service that aims to last forever. They even have a pledge that states that the service will never get sold or acquired, ever.

It’s founded by the creators of the now-defunct Posterous and includes features like password-protected blogs, email notifications for blog activity, and posts having documents and audio/video content. It should even be noted that Posthaven is sort of young and still under development. All said, Posthaven is promising, but the very fact that it doesn’t even offer an attempted account, and you can’t start using it unless the monthly fee is paid, may be a downer.


site 123 blogging

If you discover the method of making a more personalized website a posh affair, I might recommend you to see out Site123. While Site123 might not be as versatile as Tumblr, it offers all the essential tools to allow you to create reasonably good looking websites.

Which too without having to dive into a steep learning curve. one among my favorite features of this website may be a solid collection of templates which will provide tough competition to other Tumblr alternatives offerings. Being available during a big variety, they provide you the needed flexibility to style your website to your heart’s liking. So, whether you would like to make a business website, a highly interactive blog, or a photography site, it’s got you fully covered.

Not to mention, it also allows you to use your custom name for online business. meaning you’ll make the foremost of this platform to make a web store to offer a facelift to your business. And with the website builder at the disposal, it’ll always be a tad easier to offer a special look to your website. That’s not all, you don’t need to distribute one penny to urge started. In a nutshell, if you would like a Tumblr alternative for a more simplified website creation experience, Site123 is what you ought to provide a shot.


Twitter social media

Twitter isn’t alike other Tumblr alternatives sites, I might suggest you’re taking an in-depth check out for quite one reason. For starters, the micro-blogging site is loaded with a variety of features to allow you to interact together with your followers.

From conducting a poll to work out the opinion of an outsized number of individuals to speak with followers via direct message, it’s indeed hard to seek out a more agile platform than Twitter. In short, if you’re looking for a platform that will keep you in sync with the newest happenings and also allow you to share your views with millions, you’ve needed to be already on board with tweeting.


typepad blogging platform

If you’re trying to find an easy yet one of the powerful Tumblr alternatives, look no further than Typepad. Having been around for quite a while, it’s employed by major names like ABC, MSNBC, and therefore the BBC to host their blogs. Getting started is straightforward, and there are numerous built-in analytics tools to offer you the simplest idea of stats on your blog(s).

What’s more, Typepad also promotes blogs on its own network, which further increases the probabilities of garnering traffic. And in fact, regular features such CSS-based theme editing, Google Analytics support, etc. are there too. Typepad does offer a free trial, though you’re still required to supply payment details for it.


square space blogging platform

Squarespace may be a lot like Blogger – it’s hosted for you, so no hosting research and purchases are required on your part. It also provides you with a variety of prebuilt, customizable templates for a simple launch. But unlike Blogger, blogging on Squarespace isn’t free. Not only that, but the blog size is restricted in lower-tier membership plans. However, Squarespace is fairly affordable, so it’s a solid place for owners of the latest or small blogs.

Since Squarespace is paid, you’ll also expect better support than other Tumblr alternatives. Additionally, Squarespace is probably a touch more flexible and integrates with other Squarespace services seamlessly.

Try Out These Best Tumblr Alternatives

While it’s certainly one of the foremost popular and unique blogging platforms out there, Tumblr isn’t the sole one among its kind. Also, there’s little denying the very fact that it’s geared more towards teenagers and casual bloggers. But if you’re looking forward to having (some of) Tumblr alternatives features with a touch of customization afforded by advanced blogging platforms, the above alternatives are getting to serve you only fine. So try them out, and ask us within the comments below.